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HID Global, a global provider of trusted identity solutions, opens this week’s RFID Journal Live! conference and exhibition with the industry’s first tamper-evident beacon for IoT applications, HID’s award-winning solutions for fire & safety compliance, and its location services and condition monitoring solutions for smarter operations.

The company is showcasing its broad portfolio of identification and sensing technologies in HID booth #1007 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from April 10-12, 2018:

  • Protect sensitive items and equipment with HID’s Mini Tamper-Evident Beacon, enabled by Bluvision, the industry’s first Bluetooth beacon that provides anti-theft protection for IoT-based location services and conditioning monitoring applications. HID will also showcase its Seal Tag edTamper UHF that quickly verifies the seal status integrity on sensitive and high-value items requiring frequent safety and security checks and compliance audits.
  • Enable smarter operations in the IoT with real-time and zone-based location services to easily monitor and track critical items with HID Location Services for Item Management. HID Conditioning Monitoring help determine the performance and health to assist in machine learning for vending machines, conveyor belts, bearings, HVAC systems, medical equipment and motorised machinery for a more data-driven method to managing equipment maintenance.
  • Improve fire and safety processes and facilitate compliance with HID Trusted Tag Services that simplifies inspections by enabling secure transactions between fire & safety equipment and online maintenance systems. A technician simply taps their smartphone or other NFC device to a trusted tag placed water valves, sprinklers and other equipment. The tap verifies proof of presence and allows technicians to digitally record inspections for compliance with city mandates.
  • Ensure brand protection and combat anti-counterfeiting with HID Trusted Tag Services that verifies the authenticity of products from the time of production to consumer sale and enable post-sale consumer engagement to build brand loyalty. The services also facilitate faster sales feedback, more efficient warranty management, and global supply chain management, and better product control over grey market activities.
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HID Global case studies

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