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HID Global®, a provider of trusted identity solutions, announces that it was the top-selling Temenos MarketPlace provider in 2018. HID Global’s authentication solution is made readily available through the MarketPlace to banks using the Temenos T24 Core Banking solution.

Offering HID Global security solutions on the Temenos MarketPlace brings a new level of trust to banks around the world at a lower cost and with a faster deployment time. Threats against banks are evolving. With a shift to open banking and customers desiring mobile banking options, there are new avenues for cyber attacks.

Identity and access management

HID Global and Temenos have worked together for over a decade to take on the biggest cyber threats to banks. HID’s status as the top-selling MarketPlace provider showcases the dynamic nature of this collaboration. “Being the top-selling Temenos MarketPlace provider shows how HID is leading the way on identity and access management in the banking industry,” said Brad Jarvis, Vice President and Managing Director, IAM Solutions, with HID Global.

Banks around the world benefit from HID’s authentication, threat detection and biometric solutions

Together, HID Global and Temenos are making it easier for banks to stay secure in an ever-changing digital landscape.” Banks around the world benefit from HID’s authentication, threat detection and biometric solutions. HID’s solution allows banks using Temenos software to launch pre-configured identity management solutions to create user credentials, manage password lock/unlock processes, track authentication events, and provide multi-factor authentication and transaction signing for customers.

Time-consuming research

Operating on the Temenos MarketPlace means that banks know HID’s authentication solution will seamlessly integrate with their software. Costly and time-consuming research and testing are eliminated.

Ben Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer at Temenos, added: “The value proposition of the MarketPlace is to find the best complementary solutions and to pre-integrate them with our software. By doing so, we enable our customers to select, test and deploy applications much faster, speeding up their innovation cycles. In 2018, our customers bought more solutions from HID than any other provider, underlining the strength of its security offering.”

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