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HID Global®, a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions, continues to strengthen its position as the leading independent supplier of complete secure contactless polycarbonate datapages. The company’s solution is the most robust in the industry, supports the highest levels of customisation to meet unique needs, and has been recognised for its valuable benefits in the award-winning Irish e-passport programme. As industry consolidation in the polycarbonate datapage segment steadily reduces e-passport system integration options for governments, HID Global has emerged as the leading choice for those that want maximum datapage configuration flexibility and industry leading design services.

“Governments want travel documents that deliver optimum security while creating a satisfying experience for passport holders, and this requires broad integration options and datapage design capability,” said Robert Haslam, Vice President of Government ID Solutions with HID Global. “Our datapage delivers the key elements of durability, flexibility and security, is proven in the field, and incorporates our latest innovative technologies.”

Full compliance with ICAO standards

HID Global offers contactless polycarbonate datapages in full compliance with ICAO standards, and is the only supplier to create a complete solution in-house, including inlays. Key elements include a durable and counterfeit-resistant hinge technology, and a patented crack prevention feature that has been proven to enhance the longevity and durability of datapages with embedded RFID chips. HID Global also helps customers create secure datapage artwork to reflect their specific needs, and provides additional design customisation options to support other local, regional and national design requirements.

The polycarbonate datapage HID Global created for the Irish e-passport programme combines the latest security technology with selected imagery that represents the culture, history and people of the nation. The e-passport was also named the Regional ID Document of the Year in 2014 at the High Security Printing Conference. HID Global also managed the changes to the personalisation software for Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs.

Future datapage offerings will also include HID Global’s innovative direct-bonded ultra-thin inlay, which enables either a thinner datapage or additional layers of security on both sides of the datapage.

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