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EdgeConnector is a converged physical and logical access management solution that adds location-aware access validation to Microsoft Active Directory, delivering compliance and cyber security benefits as well as streamlining physical access control management through an IP network.

Data security and identity management

Compliance and data security requirements for the restriction of access to sensitive data and applications within secure areas are supported through EdgeConnector, by enabling a user’s security group membership to be dynamically changed based on their location. Role-based security models, administered by existing Active Directory based identity management platforms, are extended to include physical door access privileges with EdgeConnector. This avoids security gaps and user information duplication between separate physical and logical access control systems to provide security by default.

While hybrid and cloud-based operation has been possible with previous versions of EdgeConnector, the latest release now enables the solution to scale seamlessly across multiple domains within a ‘domain forest’, covering any number of sites and users. This caters for organisations that have expanded through mergers and acquisitions but kept separate constituent domains within their IT network.

Scalability and compliance support

"The latest release of EdgeConnector software makes it fully scalable"

“The latest release of EdgeConnector software makes it fully scalable, straight out of the box; from a server rack to whole buildings, across multiple sites worldwide and for any number of users, without the costs and complexity encountered when trying to extend traditional physical access control systems,” said Dan Isaaman, CTO and Co-founder of Dot Origin Ltd.

Customers who have beta tested EdgeConnector V3.5.0 have responded enthusiastically. “Its scalability and compliance support through direct integration with our IT access controls makes EdgeConnector a brilliant product,” states Michael French, CISO for Stonehage Fleming Wealth Management.

EdgeConnector is compatible with a range of physical access control hardware, including HID Global’s Edge wired door controllers and ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio wireless IP controlled door and server cabinet locks.

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