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HID Global is focused on creating customer value worldwide with technology-based access solutions, issuance solutions, embedded technology solutions and logistics technology solutions. HID is selected more than any other brand in the convergence of physical and logical access control.

In addition, the company develops, manufactures and markets ID components, products and services typically deployed with national ID and e-passport programs, corporate access control, supply chain management, animal tagging, financial transactions, transport and various industrial or manufacturing solutions.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, HID Global has over 1,900 employees worldwide and operates international offices that support more than 100 countries. HID Global is an ASSA ABLOY Group brand.

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HID Global news

HID Global combats counterfeiting with its IoT-based brand protection solution

Protecting major brands against counterfeiting and grey market activities is a global challenge, which yields the same result regardless of the industry: lost sales and a poor customer experience that are damaging to the brand. HID Global, a worldwide provider of trusted identity solutions, has responded to this escalating issue by increasing its investments in HID’s IoT-based brand protection services and expanding its community of partners who develop and deliver seamless front-end experiences to global brands and consumers. Securely authenticating products with mobile HID leverages Apple’s NFC read capabilities to drive mass adoption and help the average consumer avoid being duped by counterfeit products" These initiatives are bringing peace of mind to both manufacturers seeking to safeguard their brands and consumers who want to verify the authenticity of their purchases in a trusted IoT environment. HID Trusted Tag Services make this possible by securely authenticating products from the time of production, through every step of the distribution process, and at the point of consumer sale–all with a simple tap of an Android or iOS phone.  “As a pioneer of brand protection, HID is able to quickly leverage Apple’s NFC read capabilities to drive mass adoption and help the average consumer avoid being duped by counterfeit products,” said Mark Robinton, Director Business Development and Strategic Innovation at HID Global. “Our solution goes beyond adding trust to the global supply chain; it also opens a secure channel for brands to engage directly with consumers as part of their brand loyalty strategy.” Authentication solutions to prevent counterfeiting  In the United States, New York City based partner Blue Bite has launched an authentication suite, which uses HID Trusted Tag Services for major European brands, in partnership with Italy based Temera. “Brands are adopting product authentication to help protect against the negative effects of counterfeiting," said Mikhail Damiani, Blue Bite CEO. "We've developed a highly secure and scalable authentication solution that uses the power of NFC to empower both brands and customers alike in their fight against this growing issue." In Canada, Toronto based partner Authentic or Not is working with HID to provide a secure brand authentication experience to major brands. Ahmer Beg, Founder and CEO of Authentic or Not, added, “With our patented technology, we are in the business of adding intelligence to products and unlocking real-world engagement with consumers. HID Trusted Tag Services provide the secure bridge between products and the digital world to make this possible. We see a future where counterfeit goods can be easily rooted out and brands can provide customers with VIP experiences through our platform.” Using HID Trusted Tag Services In the United Kingdom, London based partner Skute is using HID Trusted Tag Services to unlock real-time, hyper-personalised experiences for a new wave of fan engagement. “Our platform is shifting the paradigm in fan engagement by giving consumers secure, authentic and direct access to their favourite musical artist, athletes, teams and brands, all via a variety of creative form factors so organisations can facilitate exclusive direct marketing experiences. This exclusivity translates to the younger market too–in industries such as gaming, toys and music–where Skute gives parents peace of mind that their children can safely engage with various channels in a ‘ring fenced’ IoT ecosystem,” said Dan Lewis, CEO of Skute.  In Australia, Tasmanian based partner AusNFC uses HID Trusted Tag Services with their web application Old Kimpton Distillery and McHenry Distillery. “We believe that HID Trusted Tag Services are changing the game for securely authenticating brands. Being able to stay connected and engage with their consumers as part of building brand loyalty was a deciding factor when Old Kimpton Distillery and McHenry Distillery chose HID for brand protection,” said Larry Hower, CEO of AusNFC. Combining cloud authentication with NFC tags HID Trusted Tag Services combine HID’s cloud authentication services with its trusted NFC tags that come in many form factors for variety of product shapes and sizes requiring brand authentication. HID’s trusted NFC tags are embedded into each product during the manufacturing process, and are easily read using NFC-enabled smartphones (both Android and iOS v11 and newer). The advanced cryptographic capabilities of the embedded tags make them virtually impossible to be cloned or copied, and the extended security features in HID’s cloud authentication service provide privacy-preserving brand authentication and consumer engagement in a closed and trusted environment.  

LEGIC technology platform offers secure identification and connectivity for ID and IoT applications

The five LEGIC components Connect, Mobile SDK, reader IC, smartcard IC as well as key and authorisation management are seamlessly working together to provide a powerful technology platform for secure ID and IoT applications. For example, for BLE mobile ID, use Connect to deploy ID rights onto mobile devices running an app which is built on LEGIC’s mobile SDK (Android or iOS). The mobile ID rights can then be easily accessed by a reader incorporating a LEGIC reader IC. All three of these LEGIC platform components, Connect, mobile SDK and Reader IC, are easily integrated into the organisation’s solution via powerful APIs. LEGIC’s key and authorisation management allows organisations to easily build a secure ID solution Key and authorisation management Finally, LEGIC’s key and authorisation management allows organisations to easily build a secure ID solution without diving into the complex matter of cryptology. As the LEGIC reader ICs support RFID and the proven Master-Token System-Control security concept, one can easily combine a mobile solution with LEGIC advant or prime smartcards. Furthermore, the LEGIC reader ICs also support 3rd-party RFID technologies, such as MIFARE Classic, DESFire, Sony Felica or HID iClass. Features and Benefits Secure communication from management system to offline and online devices Tried and proven Easy to integrate and easy to use All components from one supplier Secure ID and IoT applications LEGIC Connect - LEGIC Connect is a trusted service for the creation and instant deployment of ID rights on mobile phones. With its straightforward API, LEGIC Connect can be integrated in all management systems and connects the latter to an organisation’s mobile users. Its high scalability makes it usable for small to large installations. A modern HSMbased security architecture makes LEGIC Connect the ideal system for secure identification solutions. LEGIC Mobile SDK - LEGIC Mobile SDK is an easy to integrate building block enabling one to quickly build a mobile app for secure ID and IoT solutions. It secures and encapsulates the communication between LEGIC Connect and LEGIC ICs, completing the path from the management system to a LEGIC enabled device. The LEGIC Mobile SDK is currently available for iOS and Android and is already used in a variety of mobile applications. LEGIC’s 4000 and 6000 series reader ICs are the perfect choice for innovative and secure ID solutions LEGIC Reader ICs - LEGIC’s 4000 and 6000 series reader ICs are the perfect choice for innovative and secure ID solutions. They are compatible with all common RFID standards, NFC and Bluetooth Smart. Thanks to their compact design and low power consumption, reader ICs from LEGIC qualify for use in compact battery powered devices. LEGIC Smartcard ICs - For all kind of identification media, LEGIC provides smartcard ICs. Thanks to the flexible multi-application function, up to 127 applications can be combined. LEGIC advant smartcard ICs are available with different memory sizes and for various ISO standards. LEGIC Key and authorisation management - LEGIC provides powerful solutions for the security of ID and IoT projects. The Master-Token System-Control is a proven platform for an easy and secure management of contactless smartcard applications. The well-known security concept is based on a physical token, the Master-Token. The key and authorisation management for mobile solutions includes the storage of keys in the certified High Security Module of LEGIC Connect, and employs state-of-the-art cryptographic concepts, including key derivation, end-to-end encryption or mutual authentication. ID consulting service LEGIC is committed to providing optimal support to its partners and customers. Its engineering services offer know-how and help for customer specific developments. The support helpdesk staffed by experienced Field Application Engineers provide technical support for the development of products as well as the design-in with LEGIC’s technology platform. Furthermore, LEGIC provides a comprehensive technical documentation for all products and services. LEGIC’s Evaluation Kits include readers, smartcards and development kit software to simplify the first step with LEGIC technology. LEGIC’s ID Consulting service helps find tailored solution depending on user requirements.

Essex Electronics’ iRox-T reader utilises HID technology for high-security turnstile applications

Professional grade access control technology developer and manufacturer Essex Electronics recently announced the release of the revolutionary iRox-T Turnstile Reader. The iROX-T is a multi-technology reader designed for high-security turnstile systems. It provides streamlined migration for upgrading to the most secure credential technologies by closing the gap to growing security threats with powerful, cost-effective embedded HID iCLASS SE technology that supports a wide range of credentials. The solution meets the increased demand for the highest security in busy lobbies and other environments, without sacrificing functionality or speed. Secure credential reading technology “Lobby security is an increasing concern for organisations that want to close security gaps, especially in smarter and more connected environments,” said Michael Chaudoin, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, Extended Access Technologies business unit with HID Global. “The New Essex solution with proven HID credential reading technology underscores our shared commitment to helping customers step up their access control systems with a turnstile solution that increases security while also providing efficient access for users.” The Essex Electronics dual-frequency iROX-T turnstile reader supports low frequency proximity cards The Essex Electronics dual-frequency iROX-T turnstile reader supports low frequency proximity cards, HID’s breakthrough 13.56MHz Seos credentials for advanced security, iCLASS SE, iCLASS and other high frequency formats. The reader enables easy upgrades from existing low frequency (and low security) readers to the latest flexible, most secure technology--solving the issues facing many turnstile applications by maximising the read range necessary for high security credentials and maintaining the highest levels of turnstile throughput. Certified high-security turnstile solution “The iROX-T is already tested & certified with eight of the leading global turnstile manufacturers who have embraced the value of the solution, which features a rugged design, and encapsulated electronics for streamlined upgrades that meets the higher security requirements for turnstiles,” shared Garrett Kaufman, President of Essex Electronics. “Additionally, the iRox-T is designed with the lowest possible profile to retrofit and conceal for various turnstile manufacturers and models.” Attendees can see the iRox-T in action by visiting one of the 9 global security manufacturers at GSX 2018. HID Global - Booth # 1737 Alvarado - Booth # 1023 Automatic Systems- Booth # 2535 Boon Edam- Booth # 1715 Com Infosec- Booth # 3529 Delta- Booth # 711 Gunnebo- Booth # 1431 Orion - Booth # 521 Smarter Security - Booth # 1043