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Software House, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, in conjunction with HID Global, announced that their combined end-to-end physical access control system with high assurance readers and validation software has been approved as a fully compliant FICAM Solution by the U.S. General Services Administration.

The approval means that C•CURE 9000 from Software House, along with HID Global pivCLASS readers and validation software, are the first such products to meet the rigorous testing requirements and comply with the FICAM roadmap and the realignment of the GSA’s Approved Product List (APL). Products were subjected to numerous tests to ensure that the system is not prone to denial of service, credential spoofing, or other types of unauthorised access that could comprise the security of the system.

“Many U.S. Government agencies and commercial companies rely on the GSA Approved Product List to identify products that are FIPS-201-1 compliant,” said Stafford Mahfouz, Manager of Government programs for Tyco Security Products. “This stamp of approval by the GSA assures that when government agencies purchase this solution, it will meet all of the FIPS-201-1 processing standards.”

The foundation of the end-to-end system is Software House’s C•CURE 9000 security and event management system, a robust and scalable enterprise level access control system widely used by government agencies, healthcare facilities, universities and corporations. It features credential deactivation, custom clearances, and activating events based on activity. With it users can create custom clearances for individualised access to specific doors, elevators, or groups of both.

The end-to-end FICAM approved solution includes several HID Global pivCLASS products, including pivCLASS Registration Engine, pivCLASS Certificate Manager, pivCLASS Reader Services, pivCLASS Authentication Modules (PAM), pivCLASS IDPublisher, as well as pivCLASS RP40 and RPKCL40 readers. The entire end-to-end system can be procured through Software House.

“The GSA Approved Products List team spent the past twelve months revamping every part of the testing program for physical access systems. In its present form, it is arguably the most robust and rigorous information technology centric physical access testing in the world,” said Chi Hickey, Program Manager for FICAM Testing Program, GSA Information Assurance and Trusted Access Division. “Only rigorous testing provides a reasonable basis for confidence in the access control of the federal governments’ buildings and other assets. I am very pleased to announce Software House, in concert with HID, as the first new GSA APL certified end-to-end system.”

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