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HID Global is introducing a new “flagship” line of access control readers as successors to the iCLASS line. The new HID Signo readers will support 15 different credentialing formats and communicate using the latest NFC (near field communication), BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) standards. HID Global says the new readers will simplify integration to more secure and mobile credentials. 

HID Global has invested in a “future-proof” approach that both accommodates a variety of current market needs and can adapt to embrace new technologies as they come onto the market. The new line incorporates “all the hardware you need,” combining the capabilities of older generations of readers into a single product.

Simplifying the choice of readers

The new reader line seeks to simplify the choice of readers in a time when a variety of trends is complicating the access control market, from cloud systems to mobile access to identity management.

“We are simplifying the way we bring our products to market, and baking it all into our readers,” says Harm Radstaak, HID Global Vice President and Managing Director. “If an installer takes a reader out of the box and mounts it on the wall, it just works.”

We are simplifying the way we bring our products to market"

In designing the product, HID sought feedback from channel partners, installers, consultants and end users on how the new readers would function. In addition, the company sought advice from architects on the design of the product. Aesthetics and industrial design elements were a priority because they ideally reflect the quality and “promise” of how the product will perform.


Cybersecurity is another emphasis. The readers store cryptographic keys and process cryptographic operations on certified EAL6+ secure element hardware, and custom authentication keys can be used for organisations who prefer that level of control. EAL6+ certification is a designation of the Evaluation Assurance Level of an IT product or system (the highest score is EAL7). Signo also includes a velocity checking feature designed to mitigate and thwart brute force attacks.

“The new Signo line is a continuation of the journey we have been on,” says Radstaak. “It is the natural succession of what we have been doing for years, and it underlines our position in the market.”  By natively supporting mobile credentials, the new product line reinforces HID’s commitment to mobile systems, which the company first brought to market in 2014. Signo readers also include Enhanced Contactless polling to support mobile credentials in Apple Wallet.

Addressing standards

Embracing the OSDP standard, which was created in 2008, also addresses the growing customer need for bi-directional, secure communications. There is built-in support for OSDP Secure Channel as well as legacy Wiegand communication for organisations seeking to transition.

Signo incorporates support for most credential technologies globally, including Seos, credentials with HID’s Secure Identity Object, and a variety of 125kHz legacy technologies such as Indala and Prox.

The flexibility and openness of Signo is a response to the acceleration of new technologies entering the access control market. “If you look at new technologies in general, our market has been slow in adopting them,” says Radstaak. “However, with new entrants in the market, new technologies, new device manufacturers and artificial intelligence (AI), I believe the market is adopting new technologies much faster than before. Users are much savvier.”

The consumer

Administrators will be able to remotely configure and diagnose readers

Radstaak says he expects market adoption of the new readers will be fast. “Customers have been waiting for this platform,” he says. “This has been a tremendous investment for HID Global, and it underlines our position in the market with its open platform, simplicity and future-proofing. We are prepared for whatever comes next technology-wise.”

With Signo readers, administrators will be able to remotely configure and diagnose readers as well as monitor status through a centrally managed and connected reader ecosystem.

As a member of the FiRA Consortium, HID Global has advocated bringing new technology to market based on the “fine ranging” capabilities of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which has applications in detection of the precise location or presence of a connected device or object. It’s the kind of technology that Signo platform’s “future-proofing” approach is geared to accommodate. “As the capability unfolds, we will be there to adapt,” says Radstaak.

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