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Hanwha Techwin America Overview:

Hanwha Techwin is at the forefront of Hanwha's digital accomplishments and rapidly becoming a world-class brand.

Based on optical and image processing technologies accumulated over 30 years, Hanwha Techwin has solidified its leadershop position in the field of security solutions by developing and manufacturing cutting-edge security systems, including the world's best-performing security cameras, digital video recorders, and network control systems.

Hanwha Techwin America's management team brings a wealth of experience and is redefining what you'd expect in a digital video security provider which is committed to acquiring thr world's best technology to expand its product portfolio.

Hanwha Techwin's world-leading imaging technology plays an important role in protecting the safety of people by providing a comprehensive range of products and complete solutions ranging from city surveillance to the protection of streets, airports, ports, industrial facilities and military installations.

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Hanwha Techwin America news

Hanwha Techwin America hires Jordan Rivchun to drive retail solutions and strategy

Hanwha Techwin America, a global supplier of IP and analogue video surveillance solutions, has announced that Jordan Rivchun has joined the company to drive its most important retail projects and to lead solutions and strategy in the retail vertical and other related customer segments. In his business development role, Rivchun will be instrumental in increasing retail end users’ awareness of Hanwha’s leading security products. Security and loss prevention expert “Jordan is a dynamic leader and is well respected within the loss prevention industry. His extensive experience as a loss prevention executive and practitioner fully supports Hanwha’s mission to engage and listen to our end users to envision the solutions our customers trust us to build,” said Ray Cooke, Vice President of Business Development, Hanwha Techwin America. “He will be influential in making an even stronger connection between our end users and product development team. We are thrilled to have him on board.” Rivchun brings more than 15 years of security and loss prevention experience. Most recently, Rivchun was director of loss prevention with DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse), where he was responsible for all facets of the Loss Prevention program including physical security, internal investigations, loss prevention systems and data analytics, as well as the field organisation. Rivchun was also an active member of RILA’s Asset Protection Leaders Council (APLC). Prior to his 8-year career at DSW, he worked for Security Risk Management Consultants, Target, and Nordstrom in both security and loss prevention capacities.

Hanwha Techwin safeguards Strandudden Gated Community with Wisenet camera series

Located in the middle of the deep forests of Småland in the south of Sweden, the Strandudden Gated Community has been designed to provide a safe environment for homeowners who wish to enjoy a high quality of life. The first phase of the development has seen the construction of 18 apartments which have stunning lake views. The materials and features of each apartment have been carefully selected to ensure sustainable energy consumption. When the development is completed, over 100 Wisenet cameras manufactured by Hanwha Techwin, will enable security personnel to closely monitor the movements of people and vehicles as they enter and move around the public areas of the gated community. Ensure strict compliance Equally important, the massive processing power of the chipsets of the open platform cameras means that our client is able to run specialist applications" 6 Wisenet cameras were initially installed during the construction of the apartments. These have been used to ensure strict compliance with the site’s healthy & safety regulations and to keep a close eye on valuable plant and machinery. “We evaluated products from a number of different manufacturers, but the superb quality of the images captured by the Wisenet cameras made it a very easy decision for us to recommend that they should be deployed throughout the Community,” said Henrik Carlsson, CCTV Product Manager for Elajo, one of Sweden’s electrical, mechanical, engineering and energy installation companies who were awarded the contract to manage the project. “Equally important, the massive processing power of the chipsets of the open platform cameras means that our client is able to run specialist applications, such as licence plate recognition (ANPR), in order to control vehicle access to the Community.” High quality images The Hanwha Techwin Europe pre-sales and technical teams have worked closely with Elajo to ensure the best camera types have been specified for each of the carefully chosen camera locations. 6 different Wisenet models have been selected to ensure high quality images can be captured day or night and that there are no blind spots. Among these is the Wisenet IP network PNP-9200RH 4K PTZ dome which has built-in IR illumination. The PNP-9200RH, which is IP66 and IK10 rated for vandal-resistance and outdoor use in the harshest environments, utilises Progressive Scan technology to provide sharp edges on moving subjects and vehicles. The PNP-9200RHs which have been installed at the entrance to the Community are equipped with the Wisenet Group ANPR solution which provides the opportunity to automatically control the movement of white listed cars through barriers via camera relay outputs. Drag and drop tool Images from all 100 cameras will be displayed in the Community’s control room via Wisenet WAVE video management software (VMS) Developed by Hanwha Techwin in partnership with analytics experts, FF Group, the solution uses camera-to-camera IP communication technology to enable up to 4 Wisenet Group ANPR cameras to work together, with data from each simultaneously transmitted to a single web based display. Images from all 100 cameras will be displayed in the Community’s control room via Wisenet WAVE video management software (VMS). An intuitive ‘drag & drop’ tool makes it extremely easy for operators to set up a display of live and recorded images on a single screen or video wall, with customisable layouts and sizes. Other key features include a virtual PTZ which, with just simple clicks of a mouse, enables operators to zoom in to see close up detail of any suspicious activity, whilst motion detection and video analytics support can be configured to generate alerts when user defined incidents occur. Auto-discover feature “Wisenet WAVE has proved to be extremely easy to use and it is a significant bonus that, with minimal training, operators are able to take maximum advantage of its wide range of innovative features,” said Henrik Carlsson. “It has also helped reduce installation costs as it has an auto-discover feature which means connected cameras can be addressed and set up within just minutes.” In addition to the images being displayed in the Community’s control room, should an incident occur that needs a rapid response, security personnel on patrol will be able to remotely view any activity via a smartphone or tablet with the help of the secure Wisenet Mobile App. PNP-9200RH: Wisenet P 4K PTZ IR dome camera PNM-9020V: Wisenet P 7.3 megapixel multi-sensor 180˚ Panoramic camera PNV-9080R: Wisenet P 4K Vandal-Resistant IR dome camera PNO-9080R: Wisenet P 4K IR Bullet Camera QND-7080R: Wisenet Q 4 megapixel IR dome camera XNO-6120R/FNP: Wisenet X ANPR camera

Hanwha Techwin installs dome cameras at Ambergate rail site to monitor progress of work

Network Rail is keeping a close eye on work being carried out at its Ambergate rail site with the help of the advanced technology built into the latest generation of video surveillance dome cameras. Images captured by Wisenet XNP-6040H PTZ domes manufactured by Hanwha Techwin are being streamed to a Network Rail control room, enabling operators to monitor the progress of work being carried out at various locations throughout the Ambergate site in order to minimise walkouts and ensure compliance with its health & safety regulations. Reduce site walkouts Network Rail required several site monitoring systems to provide them with live video streams of their Ambergate rail site. These live streams would be used by Network Rail to attain a better oversight of progress, asses safety on site, and reduce site walkouts. Inside Out Group were awarded the contract to provide four separate monitoring systems for the Ambergate site, after being invited to participate in a tender process. With the rail improvement work being carried out in remote locations, the camera systems also required standalone power sources" “This was an interesting, as well as a challenging project to work on in that the monitoring systems needed to be sufficiently robust to be able to work in tough track side conditions,” said Jay Dale, Head of Time Lapse for Inside Out Group. “With the rail improvement work being carried out in remote locations, the camera systems also required standalone power sources without any reliance on generators. We met with staff from Network Rail to establish their exact site monitoring needs. This helped us give detailed advice and recommend specific CCTV products that fit Network Rail’s needs.” Accurate image stabilisation Although the CCTV installation tender was a national one, the first site highlighted was Network Rail’s Ambergate work site. After evaluating cameras from a number of different manufacturers, Inside Out Group decided to specify the 2 megapixel Wisenet XNP-6040H PTZ domes for all the required camera locations. Image quality was a major factor in the decision, as was the Wisenet XNP-6040H’s relatively low operating power requirements.  The vandal-resistant and weatherproof H.265 Wisenet XNP-6040H domes have an auto-tracking PTZ feature which enables operators to monitor close up detail of any site activity. This ensures that Network Rail can remotely control the systems and focus on different areas of site that they need to see. The Wisenet XNP-6040H dome’s are also equipped with gyro sensors for more accurate image stabilisation if they are disturbed by wind or vibration, whilst built-in SD memory card slots enable the short term storage of video in the event that there is any network disruption.  Minimise installation time Working closely with Network Rail’s S&C North Alliance Doncaster team and with the help of distributors Norbain, Inside Out Group were able to have all the cameras delivered to site and working within 48 hours of the commencement of the project. Each of the four systems are battery powered, negating the need for any costly cabling and the cameras have been attached to existing site structures which helped minimise installation time. H.265 compressed live video streams captured by the Wisenet XNP-6040H domes are being transmitted over fast 4G mobile network to the control room H.265 compressed live video streams captured by the Wisenet XNP-6040H domes are being transmitted over fast 4G mobile network to the control room, with secure logins also enabling authorised personnel to remotely access the video via their smartphones, tablets and laptops. Additionally, Inside Out Group also installed one of their durable time lapse systems on site. This system was primarily used for film production purposes, as Network Rail were also keen to visually showcase Ambergate’s rail works as a production. Monitoring solutions Inside Out Group have received positive feedback from senior staff within Network Rail in respect of the quality of the systems installed and for organising the installations within the required tight timescales. In particular, high praise has come from members of the S&C North Alliance Doncaster team, with Alliance Director, Neil Johnson noting that the captured images ‘are crystal clear’ and Project Manager, Rachel Cox stating that the systems are ‘working brilliantly’. “Following on from the installation of the four systems, we have continued to work closely with Network Rail so that we can obtain feedback from staff on their experiences of using the live video, said Jay Dale. “This will help us going forward to optimise benefits we can offer Network Rail from these type of monitoring solutions.”