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Geutebruck develops and produces intelligent video security solutions which deliver the right information to the right place at the right time.  Whether analogue, hybrid or digital, our systems focus on user needs not on the latest fashion.  This ensures that you can concentrate fully on the task in hand, confident that your video security system is doing its job.

Our systems are scaleable and flexible with high levels of innovation, continuity and stability.  All our product generations are fully compatible with one another and today's hardware platforms already support tomorrow's features.

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Geutebruck G-Scope+ recorder series now consists of 5 different models

The new G-Scope+ recorder series now consists of 5 different recorder models instead of 12, with the new Geutebruck design. This slimming down of the recorder portfolio makes it easy for the user to select the perfect device for specific requirements. All five recorder models have the latest generation of motherboards and processors as well as the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Embedded or Windows Server 2016 operating systems. With this further development of the recorder portfolio of the G-Scope to G-Scope+, Geutebruck is able to achieve a noticeable increase in the performance for processing video images. Further advantages are greater simplicity and flexibility in all application scenarios, associated savings in time, and cost for installers and operators. Of course, the well-known, highly versatile functionality of the G-Core video management software, such as the high-end video engine with GPU acceleration in 64 bit architecture and the fulfillment of the most stringent data privacy requirements (privacy masking, manipulation-proof database architecture, watermark etc.), are retained.

Geutebruck develops camera portfolio by integrating Video Content Analysis features

Geutebruck is expanding its portfolio with camera-based Video Content Analysis (VCA). VCA reliably detects people, cars, trucks, animals, colours or behaviour patterns in moving images - by day or night. Items such as containers, pallets or packages can be accurately identified. The video motion detection in the camera is activated by the customer. Video Content Analysis abilities The main features are Abandoned Object (loitering items), Removed Object (missing items), Counting (item counting), Intrusion Detection (perimeter security) and a Dwell Filter (loitering/evaluation of dwell time). Further filters are the Speed Filter (velocity), Enter & Exit filter (intrusion and leaving), Stopping Filter (immobility for too long) and Tailgating Filter (distance detection). Many of the filters can be logically sequenced together. Tamper Detection (detection of tampering) and Shake Cancellation (image stabilizer) are also included. With item counting, the VCA camera automatically identifies in a direction-dependent way how many people, vehicles or objects cross over a counting line, which can be positioned anywhere in the image. To safeguard fenced outside areas, the intrusion detection detects any attempts to get through the barriers by means of determined perimeters and provides secure protection for goods which are stored outside and parked vehicles. The Dwell Filter identifies when people remain for an unusually long time in a defined area, for example outside a factory entrance/exit or a financial institution. Further examples of applications are: counting goods and vehicles in the logistics area, people behaving/loitering suspiciously, fence protection and identification of abandoned packages.

MSS and Geutebrücks new screening vehicle reinforces security in public places against terrorism

With the increasing threat of acts of terror and violence, it becomes ever more important to protect crowds of people Oktoberfest, Carnival, Christmas markets, sporting events – protecting public spaces, events and facilities has an entirely new level of urgency due to the global threat of terrorism. MSS (Mobile Screening Solutions) is a newly established security consortium that addresses this challenge by developing a unique, fully equipped screening vehicle as a mobile checkpoint (prevention tool). Geutebrück is a premium partner of MSS and equips it with video solutions. The vehicle will be presented to the public for the first time at IDEX in Abu Dhabi 19-23 February. Security against terrorism With the increasing threat of acts of terror and violence, it becomes ever more important to protect crowds of people. The greatest risk emanates from bomb attacks, positioned either on the attacker’s body or placed in a vehicle, and from hidden weapons. They need to be tracked down before they can reach critical areas with large numbers of people. With the MSS screening vehicle, the vision of a fully integrated mobile security concept becomes reality: As a mobile security centre, it carries innovative detection and screening equipment, including metal and liquid explosive detectors. People and baggage are scanned in the vehicle through walk-through slots and they can also be connected with mobile scanners outside the vehicle. This all happens in real-time! All activities, whether inside or outside the MSS sprinter, are visualised using video security solutions delivered by Geutebrück specifically to meet these requirements. "We can integrate powerful video and alarm management solutions, which are components of a mobile screen vehicle for the first time" “As an MSS premium partner, we provide high-quality video solutions that are tailored exactly to these mobile challenges. This means more than just surveillance: With our management system, all recordings and live images are displayed clearly, providing an overview that makes it possible to react instantly in case of an alarm. With our video analysis, suspicious persons and situations can be identified and alarms triggered,” explains Christoph Hoffmann, Managing Director of Geutebrück. MSS | SIOS.ONE – newly formed security consortium The challenge of protecting critical infrastructure and public facilities is becoming increasingly difficult for security forces. The growing level of complexity makes fully integrated, networked security systems necessary. This can only be achieved by a combination and connection of both mobile and stationary security applications. Leading German security companies have come together to work towards this goal. They have equipped the MSS vehicle with the highest quality security solutions and developed it into a unique mobile security platform based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Enhanced video and alarm solutions “With this alliance, we tackle modern security challenges with a unique solution. The participation of Geutebrück is an important milestone for the MSS project. We can integrate powerful video and alarm management solutions, which are components of a mobile screen vehicle for the first time,” explains Steffen Heinicke, Managing Director of Hartmann Spezialkarosserien GmbH. “The cooperation with Geutebrück allows us to use the MSS vehicle as a variable expansion of building or event security and provide it as an additional just-in-time resource, even at airports if necessary. MSS stands for mobile solutions; with SIOS.ONE (Smart Integrated Object Security) we offer fully integrated high-security solutions for the protection of buildings and properties. All components, both mobile and stationary, are interlinked and we can represent the information that we collect from them at an extraordinary depth, making early identification and detection of dangerous persons and baggage possible,” says unival group Managing Director David Vollmar. These companies are part of the MSS | SIOS.ONE consortium: Daimler, Hartmann Spezialkarosserien, unival group, Geutebrück, Bruker Detection, XRIS, THIEM Security Solutions, CProjekt, Elettronica and the Austrian Institute of Technology AIT.