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Geutebruck develops and produces intelligent video security solutions which deliver the right information to the right place at the right time.  Whether analogue, hybrid or digital, our systems focus on user needs not on the latest fashion.  This ensures that you can concentrate fully on the task in hand, confident that your video security system is doing its job.

Our systems are scaleable and flexible with high levels of innovation, continuity and stability.  All our product generations are fully compatible with one another and today's hardware platforms already support tomorrow's features.

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Geutebrück's G-SIM VTT; a track & trace solution, aids businesses’ in improving quality & increasing output

When there is a need to search for a package, this involves a certain amount of work for the responsible person. The route must be traced meter for meter. Every camera that may have picked up the package must first be found in the tracking plan and then the user must manually switch between these cameras one by one to check for the package. With G-SIM VTT, a track & trace solution from Geutebrück, this manual camera switching process is no longer necessary. This function alone significantly reduces the time taken to locate a single package. Further time savings are brought about thanks to the fact that packages are captured and then displayed in the viewers with a time delay. The cameras and backdrops are linked in such a way that facilitates seamless, quick tracking of the processes, which take place at different camera angles. What’s more, this entire process can be performed with a single click. There is no longer any need to wade through the entire video – the process of tracking the package is focused on key details. Small couriers, express and package service providers can reduce the time spent tracing packages by more than 50 percent Improved threat detection G-SIM VTT offers even more advantages: Thanks to the clear video evidence – which is also admissible in court – VTT has made a significant contribution to resolving issues relating to liability. Unjustified goodwill payments are avoided, fewer cases are taken to court, and any instances of theft can be immediately detected. Internal processes are improved, delays and complaints are reduced and overtime hours are decreased. Employees have more time for their core activities, suffer from less stress and call in sick less frequently. The privacy rights are always protected through the pixelation of people or areas. This pixelation can only be decrypted using dual control. With a throughput of 16,000 packages per day, even a small courier, express and package service provider can reduce the time spent tracing packages by more than 50 percent. Using a practical example, Geutebrück has worked out that the amount of time spent tracing each package can be reduced from 5.75 minutes to 2.25 minutes. Over the course of a month, 98 working hours (approx. 2.5 weeks) are saved, while simultaneously improving output and quality.

Geutebrück uses image-based management systems and software providing clarity in liability issues and damage claims

Highly complex, image-based systems considerably contribute to the clarification of liability issues by providing clear image proof also serving as evidence in court. This is made possible by the simple connection of data and images. Geutebrück solutions have the software function of connecting to existing in-house systems through open interfaces: barcode, RFID, temperature or weight - the linking areas to the merchandise management system are manifold. Automatic number plate recognition As soon as a truck enters the premises, cameras document the condition of the truck, the sealing or the load securing. The automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) helps clarify accidents or damages on the company yard. During the on-off loading, the condition of the packaging is documented at every point. Misloads and un-announced re-placements are also traceable in a few seconds. Since time is money, Geutebrück stores metadata and video images in two databases. In this way, terabytes of material can be searched within seconds and relevant information can also be retrieved weeks or even months later. At the touch of a button, exactly that image is presented that indicates when, where and by whom the damage was caused - or not.

G-Scope 500+ NVR video management solution facilitates vehicle tracking and monitoring

The network video recorder (NVR) G-Scope 500+ is mobile, lightweight, compact, powerful, can see everything and has an enormous memory of up to 4 TByte. It visualises and stores logistics processes, such as in or on trucks, forklifts, micro-hubs/micro-depots, ocean containers and rail freight transport. The mobile video management solution is also suitable for monitoring cash transports, police vehicles, trains and buses. The device is officially certified for mobile use in and on vehicles (EN50155 and EN50121-3-2). The GPS module of the G-Scope 500+ detects the coordinates of the vehicle, stores them and transmits them to the control centre via the LTE connection Load monitoring It is recommended wherever images are used for monitoring and process optimisation. In forklifts, loading processes can be documented, stored and retrieved in combination with a scanner. It provides similar benefits in the micro-hub, the innovative transshipment point for last mile delivery. There, it keeps track of package movements, times and access rights. In the truck cargo space, the G-Scope 500+ can monitor the load even while driving. To determine the position of the vehicle, the GPS module of the G-Scope 500+ detects the coordinates of the vehicle, stores them and, together with the image information, transmits them to the control centre via the LTE connection. The staff in the central control room has live access to the video of the cargo space at all times. The seamless documentation of risk and liability transfers provides valuable cost savings. With the help of the recorder, thefts and the causes of damage can be resolved quickly. Thanks to passive cooling technology, G-Scope 500+ is reliable at temperatures between -25°C and +70°C and air humidity of 10 to 90 percent Passive cooling technology Weighing a mere 3.3 kg and with slim dimensions of 240 x 225 x 79 mm, the G-Scope 500+ is easy to install. The small power package is particularly hard-wearing (ruggedised hardware). Thanks to its passive cooling technology, it is reliable at temperatures between -25°C and +70°C and air humidity of 10 to 90 percent. Windows 10 and GPU acceleration ensure that the video images are processed optimally. There can be up to a maximum of 32 video sources. Depending on the device version, up to 4 cameras with M12 x-coded connectors or up to 8 cameras with RJ45 connectors can be connected to PoE ports (Power over Ethernet). The Power Ignition Control defines for how long the device continues to run/when it shuts down once the ignition is switched off.