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Geutebruck develops and produces intelligent video security solutions which deliver the right information to the right place at the right time.  Whether analogue, hybrid or digital, our systems focus on user needs not on the latest fashion.  This ensures that you can concentrate fully on the task in hand, confident that your video security system is doing its job.

Our systems are scaleable and flexible with high levels of innovation, continuity and stability.  All our product generations are fully compatible with one another and today's hardware platforms already support tomorrow's features.

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Security & Safety Things partners with Link Analytix, SAIMOS and CVEDIA to provide video analytics solutions for retailers

Security & Safety Things GmbH (S&ST), together with its partners, is offering packages of smart security cameras and video analytic solutions designed to provide retailers with immediate solutions to practical challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. AI tech on cameras in retail stores In an effort to assist retailers operating their shops in compliance with COVID-19 regulations, these packages will include test cameras running the S&ST operating system. Integrators and end-customers can choose and deploy AI applications on these cameras to address operational challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. These apps are offered by S&ST’s development partners. Uses for applications include: Occupancy management Face mask detection Social distancing monitoring Real-time occupancy and face mask detection solutions A face mask detection app, offered by Geutebrück, enables efficient monitoring of people Security & Safety Things’ developer partners include Link Analytix, which is offering Retail Flux, a real-time occupancy solution designed to limit risk of infection for both shoppers and employees. SAIMOS has developed the SAIMOS Counting app, which can be used to monitor multiple entrances and exits to track occupancy in real-time and manage visitor access through automated displays at entry points. A face mask detection app, offered by Geutebrück, enables efficient monitoring of people to ensure compliance with prescribed hygiene concepts. This solution is able to recognise if an individual is wearing a protective mask and instantly notifies unprotected persons to onsite staff or remote operators via a connected Video Management System. SAIMOS also offers a feature for face mask detection in their counting app. Talos Social Distancing app CVEDIA’s Talos Social Distancing app features a foot traffic algorithm designed to detect and analyse at-risk areas for physical distancing in corporate or public spaces. This app detects people and the distances between them, while providing additional visual analytics that allow companies to improve current COVID-19 practices.

Geutebrück brings contactless real-time face-mask detection, body temperature video security solution

Body temperature measurement, detection of face masks and the counting of visitor flows - Geutebrück has expanded its portfolio to enable the retail trade, public authorities and operators of public transport and industry to adjust their protective measures to the current situation. Without having to resort to biometric data, the intelligent and highly available video security systems process images in real time. This way, both customers and personnel are being protected, and compliance with official regulations or prescribed hygiene measures is being controlled and documented. Contactless measurement of body temperature When measuring body temperature people are automatically screened. Fields of application are where many people come together, e.g. in companies, manufacturing plants, train stations, at airports, in public or private institutions. The automated face mask detection verifies compliance with such precautions and can - when connected to an access control system - allow or block entry to a building. Suitable for any facility with public access. Visitor management for restricting number of visitors Visitor counting and routing is of particular interest to shop owners, who need to ensure that the number of customers in their premises is kept below the maximum. As with all Geutebrück solutions, the most recent developments are GDPR-compliant and protect the privacy and personal rights of all those involved. "Our clients are facing unknown challenges in the current situation. Our solutions can help in many fields to overcome such challenges by means of visualisation and automatisation - yet without reaching capacity limits", says Christine Heger-Essig, Chief Technology Officer.

Image-based security solutions expert Geutebrück to participate in Intersec Dubai 2020

From 19 to 21 January 2020, Geutebrück will take part in the INTERSEC in Dubai. Geutebrück is an international expert for image-based security solutions Made in Germany, offering high-performance software and hardware. It can be versatilely used to guarantee security, maintain transparency and optimise processes, always in accordance with the stringent rules of the European Directive on the Protection of Personal Data (DS-GVO). Geutebrück will be introducing their partner Comtegra, with whom they share their stand with. Comtegra is a rising Technology Distribution Company with four core areas of business i.e. Digital Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, IoT and Physical Security and SaaS Applications. They carry years of Physical Security solutions experience, and are excited to launch and extend the benefits of Geutebrück products and solutions to partners and customers across the Middle East region. In the Trade Centre Arena, SA-N19, the solutions for facial recognition and object recognition will be presented. The experts from Germany are available for their guests at any time.