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Access control, perimeter security and intruder alarms: '5 Minutes With' Video Interview with Richard Huison from Gallagher

Access control, perimeter security and intruder alarms: '5 Minutes With' Video Interview with Richard Huison from Gallagher (SSc): Tell us about the history of the company and how it's developed innovative solutions?

Richard Huison (RH): So we celebrated 75 obviously a few years ago and back in 2018 we celebrated our 80th. Gallagher started back in 1938 and there's a story on the internet - and I urge people to read it about; Joe the horse and that's where the origins of our electric fencing started. So I won't spoil it but just have a look for the story of Joe the horse; from there through innovation, Bill Gallagher senior, Sir Williams son, pioneered animal management electric fencing. From there it's progressed throughout all of those 80 years, through to other technologies such as the fuel pump systems that we manufacture. Security systems started in 1995 and that's how it progressed now.

As a company split, security is on par with animal management, so it's actually one of our strongest growing verticals. It is exciting, it never stops innovating; you know one of our four pillars is we are relentless innovators, so it's never a dull moment at Gallagher. It's always lots of energy. Fast-paced is another phrase that we hear a lot and boredom is a word never heard at Gallagher!

SSC: How long have you been at Gallagher and what security solutions do you think make the most impact?

RH: I joined Gallagher in 2018, early February and within two weeks I was in New Zealand. So what Gallagher like to do is give you a sense of being part of that family; we all typically fly over there every few years. This year was going to be one of those years that we get the entire organization together and in part of that, that's how we innovate and share knowledge, and we understand what market trends are doing and look at how we provide solutions to our clients. It's very
much that we solve business problems, it just so happens we make security systems. So when we actually engage with our clients, we typically have more of an advantage because we understand what keeps those business owners awake at night. So as far as innovation concerns, like I say, we never stop. As problems evolve and change, so does Gallagher. 

SSC: What would you say is Gallagher's future role within the security industry?

RH: A good question; Gallagher has always been, even since the mid-90s, very much about cybersecurity. We were talking about end-to-end encryption in the mid-90s even before it was a common phrase today, and that's very much where our headspace is at. You know as industries evolve when we look at the Internet of Things, we have to understand that our security systems have to be protected against external vulnerabilities and attack - that's very much front and center with Gallagher. 

SSC: Have you ever visited New Zealand?

RH: New Zealand is a beautiful place to visit; the people are super friendly, it's just a long way!

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