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Infrared Training Center (ITC), is the world leader in the field of thermal imaging training
Advanced training course for integrating FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras into a network
FLIR Systems is the world's largest supplier of thermal imaging cameras that are being used for a wide variety of night vision applications. As a market-leading enterprise, we would like to share our specialist product knowledge and technology expertise with our partners and other interested parties. Our training organisation, the Infrared Training Center (ITC), is the world leader in the field of thermal imaging training. All of our instructors are themselves certified, and they contribute their experience in a wide range of thermal imaging fields to the seminars.

Thermal imaging cameras are valuable instruments for night vision applications.  FLIR thermal imaging systems are often integrated with other third-party security devices in Security and Surveillance applications. FLIR thermal imagers typically provide an important complement to ordinary daylight cameras in overall video security solutions.

Modern security systems are becoming more and more complex. A security network consists of various types of sensors that need to work together in order to offer maximum coverage. Radar, perimeter and ground sensors, CCTV cameras, thermal imaging cameras and other sensors need to be geo-referenced and interconnected in "slew to cue" configurations.

Flir thermal imaging cameras are valuable instruments for night vision applications
Training courses will help distributors, end-users and system integrators to deploy Nexus
Although there are numerous third-party solutions to integrate thermal imaging cameras into a new or existing security network, FLIR Systems has developed its own powerful technology to help to integrate thermal imaging cameras in large, existing or new, security networks: Nexus.

Nexus is a suite of products that includes both software and hardware tools and components. All these components can easily be integrated with each other.

To help distributors, end-users and system integrators to deploy Nexus, we are organising three-day training courses.


In order to avoid long travelling, training courses are being organised at various locations in EMEA and Asia-Pacific. At the moment, courses are being organised at the following locations:

- Frankfurt, Germany, October 6 - 8, 2009 
- Madrid, Spain, October 20 - 22, 2009
- Shenzhen, China, November 5 - 7, 2009
- Reading, United Kingdom, November 24-26, 2009
- Singapore, Singapore, December 8 - 10, 2009
- Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 20 - 22, 2010
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FLIR Systems case studies

FLIR surveillance cameras and United VMS solution secure Harland and Wolff’s critical sites

As prominent in Belfast’s history as its cranes are on the city’s skyline, it’s hard to imagine Belfast without Harland and Wolff. Once the world’s greatest shipbuilder, Harland and Wolff today has evolved into a company that provides over 150 years of engineering excellence to the maritime, offshore, and renewable energy sectors. The Harland and Wolff facilities on Queen’s Island are now used to maintain some of the world’s largest ocean-going vessels, rangi...

FLIR secures New Covent Garden Market with its IP cameras and VMS solution

New Covent Garden Market is the largest wholesale fruit, vegetable, and flower market in the United Kingdom. Redevelopment work launched in 2015 included a new security monitoring system, as well as a migration from analogue security equipment to an IP solution from FLIR Systems. New Covent Garden Market is a phenomenon in London, to say the least. The world-famous wholesale market provides 40 percent of London’s fresh fruit and vegetables eaten outside the home and serves 75 percent of L...

FLIR Systems United VMS provides surveillance for Abu Dhabi’s safe city initiative

Abu Dhabi is a major cultural and commercial centre in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), accounting for roughly two-thirds of the UAE’s economy. While oil and natural gas make up a large portion of its GDP, Abu Dhabi has positioned itself as a premiere tourist destination, with major investments in luxury resorts and business hotels. Consequently, public safety is a top priority — and FLIR Systems is playing a critical role in the city’s long-term safe city initiative. Recently,...

FLIR Systems news

What are the mainstream uses for thermal cameras?

The high cost of thermal imaging cameras historically made their use more likely in specialised law enforcement and military applications. However, lower pricing of thermal imaging technologies has opened up a new and expanding market for thermal cameras in the mainstream. We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: What are the new opportunities for thermal cameras in mainstream physical security?

FLIR unveils K1 thermal imaging camera for first responders and fire safety personnel

FLIR Systems, Inc. has announced the releases of the new FLIR K1 handheld thermal imaging camera, available for purchase in the EMEA region. Touted to be FLIR’s most affordable camera for first responder officers and fire investigators, the FLIR K1 detects heat and provides visibility through smoke and in total darkness. It provides enhanced situational awareness for use in wildland fire control, search and rescue missions, structure damage evaluation, and investigative work. K1 thermal i...

FLIR launches Brickstream 3D Gen 2 people counting sensor with Employee Filtering technology

FLIR Systems, Inc. announced the latest generation of the FLIR Brickstream 3D Gen 2 people counting sensor. This new version includes a unique employee filtering feature designed to provide retail and shopping businesses with more accurate customer traffic data and sales conversion metrics. The employee filtering feature uses a combination of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and employee-worn tags to automatically identify and remove staff from customer counts, a process that can otherwise...