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FLIR Commercial Vision System B.V. Overview:

FLIR’s line-up of video security cameras, recorders, and software is more complete than ever, for the total solution you need. Now combining industry-leading CCTV security cameras and DVR/NVRs along with cutting edge thermal security cameras, FLIR gives you rock-solid video security coverage with cameras that see in visible, near-IR, and thermal.

Thermal security cameras complement and complete your network of CCTV security cameras by turning night into day, giving you the power to see threats invisible to the naked eye. Flir's complete range of affordable IP and analogue thermal security cameras let you see more, and see farther, than any other video surveillance technology around.

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FLIR Commercial Vision System B.V. news

FLIR releases Saros dome outdoor perimeter security cameras at IFSEC 2018

FLIR Systems, Inc. has announced six FLIR Saros dome cameras at the 2018 IFSEC International in London. The FLIR Saros dome cameras are the first group of products introduced to the FLIR Saros family of outdoor security cameras that include patented and patent pending technologies that can deliver accurate, actionable alerts, and verified alarm data for outdoor commercial perimeters. Saros dome cameras Saros dome cameras integrate multiple technologies in one device, including two low-cost FLIR Lepton thermal sensors supported by advanced onboard analytics, IR and visible LED illuminators, 2-way audio and digital input/outputs, and the choice of a 1080p or 4K video camera. These technologies enable business owners to benefit from the detection advantages of thermal imaging for perimeter and wide area protection. Integration with central alarm monitoring stations will expand the outdoor perimeter protection opportunities for security dealersThe FLIR Saros dome camera not only reduces the cost of initial deployment by minimising equipment requirements, but also reduces false alarms with built-in advanced analytics. Integration with central alarm monitoring stations will expand the outdoor perimeter protection opportunities for security dealers. The first six models offer 1080p or 4K options, and various thermal resolutions: FLIR Saros DH-390 2MP (1080p camera) and FLIR Saros DH-390 8MP (4K camera) offer a thermal resolution of 320x120 with a 90-degree field-of-view. FLIR Saros MH-6180 4MP (dual 1080P cameras) and FLIR Saros MH-6180 16MP (dual 4K cameras) include a thermal resolution of 640x120 with a 180-degree field-of-view. FLIR Saros MH-9270 6MP (triple 1080P cameras) and FLIR Saros MH-9270 24MP (triple 4K cameras) provide a thermal resolution of 960x120 with a 270-degree field-of-view. FLIR will begin shipping the Saros dome cameras in North America and Europe in the third quarter of 2018 through FLIR’s established network of dealers and integrators.

Video analytics will be key to security ROI in 2018

The security industry was strong and healthy in 2017. High-end security markets, such as the power distribution and critical infrastructure sectors, saw continued growth and opportunity for perimeter security technologies like thermal imaging, video analytics and radar. For the low-end security markets, there was significant competition from Chinese manufacturers. Despite this challenge, we saw continued growth from premium Western security manufacturers in 2017 in which many introduced cost-effective security solutions for the small to medium enterprise markets. Increased adoption of AI  In 2018, the increased adoption of artificial intelligence in the video surveillance sector will play an important role. As the demand for an ROI beyond the traditional security system increases, developing camera hardware that can support edge analytics will be essential. The brands that will succeed will be the ones that can provide end users with video solutions that not only provide intrusion detection with low false alarm rates, but also offer features such as equipment condition monitoring. As the demand for an ROI beyond the traditional security system increases, developing camera hardware that can support edge analytics will be essential Other technologies that will see continued performance enhancements and greater adoption in 2018 are cloud storage, advanced video management systems and physical security information management (PSIM) solutions. Demand for thermal imaging In 2017, we continued to see strong interest and demand for thermal as it remains the industry standard for 24/7 perimeter monitoring and protection. As the leader in thermal imaging, FLIR introduced several noteworthy solutions this year such as the FB-Series line of premier thermal security cameras for any size perimeter. The FB-Series brings state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology to small to medium enterprises where perimeter size is no longer a barrier for adoption. FLIR United VMS For our enterprise business, there was great success with new FLIR United VMS platform, which received praise and recognition across the marketplace. FLIR United VMS is an enterprise level video management solution scalable for any size deployment. At ISC West, it received the Security Industry Association New Product Showcase 2017 Award in the VMS category, which is one of the highest accolades in the industry. Receiving the award was a significant milestone for our enterprise business, validating the hard work the FLIR team has put into delivering exceptional solutions for video operations management.

FLIR’s Quasar 4x2K panoramic security dome camera enables wide area surveillance

FLIR Systems has introduced the Quasar 4x2K panoramic camera featuring four, full-high-definition visible sensors. The latest security camera in the FLIR Quasar family, the 4x2K produces 4K resolution for highly detailed scenes. The mini-dome camera offers wide area surveillance to monitor cities, critical infrastructure, and other high-profile security areas. Adjustable field of view Offering interchangeable field-of-view options of 180- and 360-degrees, the Quasar 4x2K can replace multiple individual cameras, allowing security operators to reduce the number of security cameras required for monitoring wide areas. With automatic stitching that combines the four sensors into a 180-degree view, the camera generates a highly detailed, seamless image that eliminates blind spots and scene duplication. Built-in infrared illumination automatically adjusts to the 180- or 360-degree viewing mode and monitors without the need to illuminate the scene. IP67-rated dome enclosure The Quasar 4x2K integrates with FLIR’s video management systems (VMS) and major third-party VMS. Using a one-step configuration process that guarantees quick and efficient mounting, the Quasar 4x2K easily adjusts to either 180- or 360-degree viewing mode in the field. With an IP67 environmentally-rated dome enclosure to withstand mist, rain, and accidental submersion, the Quasar 4x2K provides 24/7 video surveillance either indoors or outdoors. The Quasar 4x2K camera is available to purchase through established FLIR dealers and integrators.