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ELATEC USA Overview:


ELATEC ‘s remotely updateable, universal RFID and mobile ID readers help OEMs, Integrators and VARs provide “future proof” user authentication for access control for their customers

By providing a virtual single-part number solution that ensures worldwide compatibility and obsolescence protection, ELATEC readers reduce organisational procurement, IT and touch labor costs. This is unlike competitor products which may work with fewer transponder technologies, require on-site programming for each device, and which may significantly increase total product costs when technology or security updates are required.

ELATEC's powerful, flexible reader technology gives OEMs and VARs a real competitive advantage, both now and in the future.

  • Expand internationally: ELATEC readers are certified for sale in as many as 110 countries around the world. 
  • Maximize market opportunities: ELATEC readers support nearly every card technology available, including both HF and LF, as well as emerging smartphone mobile access control solutions via BLE and NFC. 
  • Reduce total lifecycle costs: ELATEC readers simplify inventory management with a single part number solution and can be easily updated or reconfigured without replacing inventory. 
  • Deliver customer advantage: ELATEC readers reduce configuration expenses, extend product life, and support advanced functionality and security requirements, providing meaningful product differentiation for OEMs.  
  • Prepare for the future: With ELATEC, you'll be ready for whatever comes next. Our readers can be reconfigured and updated remotely to address emerging opportunities and customer requirements. 

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Sharp Electronics of Canada and ELATEC Inc. enter into partnership to offer RFID readers as core component of touchless solutions

Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd., a subsidiary of Japan's Sharp Corporation, is pleased to announce a technology partnership with ELATEC Inc. of Palm City, Florida, to provide radio frequency identification and mobile device readers as a core component of Sharp's touchless secure print solutions offerings. Touchless solutions  High-touch surfaces such as door entrances, vending machines and multifunction printers can be vectors for spreading viral infections, such as the COVID-19 virus. According to The CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), viruses can live on surfaces for hours to days. As conscientious organisations anticipate the workforce return to their office environments, touchless solutions to mitigate such threats are in demand. Contactless RFID reader One component of such solutions is the contactless RFID reader. Among their many and varied uses, on Sharp multifunction printers, RFID readers enable users to release their print jobs without the need to touch a keypad or a display screen to enter their required password or personal identification number. Instead, the user simply presents their RFID card or smartphone for print release Instead, the user simply presents their RFID card or smartphone for print release. “Not only is the use of contactless RFID hygienic, but it provides users with the valued convenience of not having to enter a password or PIN every time they need to print,” said Paul Massey, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ELATEC Inc. Touchless multifunction printer solutions Paul adds, “And it provides Sharp customers with an additional element of security as passwords and PINs are often shared or could be hacked, leading to potential data security breaches.” “As our customers assess their return to the office once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, they want to ensure they do so with increased employee productivity and personal safety,” said Christina LeBlanc, Manager, Tech Wizards of Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd. Christina adds, “Our touchless multifunction printer solutions are another example of the simply smarter experiences for our customers that are the hallmarks of Sharp business products.”

ELATEC Inc. announces shipments of RFID readers manufactured at its Palm City, Florida facilities

ELATEC Inc. is pleased to announce that shipments of its RFID readers produced at the company’s new Palm City, Florida facilities have now begun. ELATEC Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Paul Massey and Business Operations Manager, Yecica Gonzalez have led the efforts to stand up the production capabilities planned to more than double in volume by early 2021. ELATEC RFID readers While the COVID-19 virus has been disruptive throughout most of 2020, it has not slowed ELATEC’s global plans, including the opening of the new office and production facility in Palm City this past August and the hiring of additional staff for these expanded capabilities. “Producing readers in the US enables us to provide additional flexibility and increase our overall value to our customers. And being closer to customers shortens delivery and further enhances our responsiveness,” said Paul Massey, ELATEC Inc. Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Stable supply chain Paul adds, “This additional production capacity will also enable us to ensure a stable supply chain for customers in the Americas as demand increases.” Until now, ELATEC readers have been produced solely at the company’s Puchheim, Germany global headquarters.

ELATEC to introduce the TWN4 Palon Compact Panel Reader at ISC West 2020

From buildings to vehicle fleets and enterprise networks to perimeter gates, having access control to let the right people in—while keeping everyone else out—is a security necessity. ELATEC, a global specialist in radio frequency identification (RFID) readers enabling user authentication for these and other access control applications, will introduce its latest new product the TWN4 Palon Compact Panel Reader at the ISC West Conference and Exhibition, to be held March 17-20, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Physical access control applications The Palon is a powerful, multi-function reader optimised for physical access control applications. Unlike traditional RFID readers, Palon’s unique capabilities include: Flexible architecture and a robust, open API to support custom applications and unique functionality Supports encryption for security applications Quick and easy updating to support emerging market requirements, and done so either remotely or via a contactless configuration card Reads and writes all major transponder technologies globally—60+, including HID Global, LEGIC and NXP, and NFC and BLE mobile device technologies for use with smartphones. Highly customisable panel mount Palon’s compact OEM PCB module is designed for integration into third-party products and devices. And its attractive, highly customisable panel mount is ideal for use in PAC panels, elevators, parking systems, EV chargers, kiosks and more. To see Palon and ELATEC’s suite of offerings, visit ELATEC booth #23006. Visitors can also see Palon in the new product showcase at ISC West.