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There are several key reasons DSX's software and hardware is the security professional’s first choice for total access control.  One is because of DSX's coveted reputation for quality, reliability and integrity.  Secondly, DSX's uncompromising dedication to engineering, manufacturing and product support is unsurpassed.  Thirdly, DSX products for small to enterprise-wide systems are sold worldwide.

Request a free WinDSX software demo CD at sales@dsxinc.com.  Also, check out the latest DSX product and software developments and review design and technical information at http://www.dsxinc.com/

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DSX Access Systems, Inc. news

OnSSI’s Ocularis 5.0 and C2P integration enhances security systems

On the heels of the release of Ocularis 5.0, OnSSI has now announced the introduction of several new technology integrations for its recently released VMS with C2P’s software solution. Ocularis 5.0, which is based on a new recorder, maximises HDD storage effectiveness with dynamic data management for automatic storage load balancing, End-to-End 256 bit AES Encryption and edge recording support. The newly certified integrations with Ocularis 5.0, provide security professionals with valuable situational information across a wide range of applications including banking, access control, asset tracking, license plate recognition and point-of-sale. “The correlation of video and data creates an extremely effective and intelligent security solution,” said Ken LaMarca, VP of Sales and Marketing, OnSSI. “Ocularis’ open architecture not only makes this integration possible, it results in a powerful tool that meets a variety of demanding applications and delivers comprehensive intelligence across multiple platforms. Most important, beyond the power of these integrations, the systems provide vital information, better enabling the operators to assess emerging situations and provide them with information to choose an appropriate course of action.” Details on these integrations are as follows: Banking Integrations with Diebold and Fiserv for teller terminals and ATM deployments allow for TCP/IP text and/or events to be streamed live directly to Ocularis in the form of JPEG images. The TCP/IP data is also stored as texts for forensic searches afterwards. All banking transactions are time synchronised with area video surveillance in real-time and includes real-time charting of specific events. Access control These integrations with Axis, DMP, DSX, FST21, Hirsch, ISONAS, Keri Systems, Keyscan, and RBH provide for real-time access control activity and user defined, real-time on-screen event annotation. The seamless integration with OnSSI provides real-time analytics which enables users to define rules based on the text received from the access control system. These rules are then used to engage the full power of the Ocularis Event Fusion engine to push video of the event to predefined client screens, lock/unlock doors, blow horns, turn PTZs, send email and SMS alerts, etc. The C2P framework also includes a powerful text search tool, linking all texts received from the access control system with stored surveillance video. Reports are available for export as CSV files and also as video evidence. Asset tracking Traditional asset tracking is enhanced by this integration, allowing users of Visonic RFID or generic bar code readers to see real-time onscreen notifications of asset activity, as well as email and SMS alerts. The information can be exported for video evidence or as a CSV file for reporting purposes. License plate recognition This LPR integration with ELSAG, HTS, Inex/Zamir, Mango, PlateSmart and Vigilant Solutions provides users with real-time onscreen confirmation of LPR activities, the ability to graph specific events, and time synchronisation of all license plate reads with area surveillance video. Onscreen event connotation, email and SMS alerts, a powerful search tool for all LPR text, and stored video are included. Exports include reports as a CSV file or video evidence. Point-of-sale Integrations with IBM RMS, LOC, Micros, NCR Radiant, and POSitouch provide for all POS transactions to be time-synchronised with all Ocularis surveillance video. Real-time features include onscreen POS terminal activity, time graphing of specific events and POS transaction analytics enabling users to quickly find activities of interest. User-defined event annotation via onscreen messaging and push video, email and SMS alerts are also included. Video evidence can easily be exported as CSV files or displayed onscreen as a camera view. “Working with OnSSI to accomplish this integration has been a smooth and positive experience thanks to the open architecture of Ocularis 5.0,” said Paul Eaton, President and CTO, C2P. “The solution efficiently addresses the complexities of bringing together video and data for highly effective use in security applications.”

DSX and Integrated Biometrics partner to provide access control solutions

Integrated Biometrics' TRU650 biometric fingerprint readerDSX and Integrated Biometrics have partnered to seamlessly integrate the TRU650 biometric fingerprint reader with the DSX enterprise access control system. Scott Bennett, DSX National Sales Manager said: "DSX Access Systems has selected Integrated Biometrics' TRU650 as our biometric reader of choice." "The ease of use, easy installation and enrolment, virtually non-existent rejection rate, clean aesthetics and great product support, we believe, will provide our dealers with the biometric device that they have been searching for."DSX dealer Arthur Van Zant said: "This is the only biometric solution we will offer to our customers. It does what it is designed to do, it does it well, and it does it every time. The authentication is fast and accurate, and we are very pleased with the equipment, the software, and the company that stands behind it." These endorsements illustrate the unparalleled usability and security of Integrated Biometrics' Light Emitting Sensor fingerprint imaging technology. LES has enabled the TRU650 to overcome problems common with competing products, satisfy customers and deliver profits for DSX dealers.

Avigilon's Control Center software integrates with other security management systems

Avigilon's surveillance software, Control Center's open architecture enables effective interoperabilityAvigilon, the performance and value leader in high definition (HD) and megapixel video surveillance systems, announced at IFSEC 2010 that its award-winning Avigilon Control Center software has been integrated successfully with the industry's leading access control, critical communication, alarm monitoring, intrusion detection, and visitor management systems. Avigilon Control Center now combines the powerful engine of the leading high definition video platform with third party access control and intrusion detection capabilities for improved security management.Expanded partnerships ensure interoperabilityAvigilon Control Center includes a number of integration options that enable the exchange of high definition, IP-based and analogue surveillance video with events between Avigilon Control Center and other physical security systems. Avigilon Control Center integrations associate HD and other video information with relevant security events such as forced doors, ID badge swipes, and intercom activation to deliver immediate verification and improved security management.Avigilon Control Center capabilities have now been expanded to integrate with Cardax FT Command Center security management system; GE Facility Commander security management system; RS2 Technologies access management solution; and DSX WinDSX access control software. With the next release, scheduled to be available in Q2 2010, Avigilon Control Center will also integrate with the Stentofon IP intercom management system. As an existing member of the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Programme, Avigilon is certified to integrate with the OnGuard solution. Avigilon Control Center combines high definition video platform with third party access control and intrusion detection capabilitiesAvigilon Control Center Alarm MonitoringIntegration with third party access control platforms is enhanced by Avigilon Control Center's alarm monitoring feature, which allows the creation of complete end-to-end workflows for the monitoring, assignment, and acknowledgement of alarms. Alarms can be triggered by any internal system event as well as external triggers from third party access control and building management systems. Alarms can be assigned to specific individuals, ranked by priority, and automatically trigger actions on acknowledgement. The Avigilon Control Center Rules Engine presents an effective alternative to hardware switches passing alarms and event notices to third-party devices."The extended flexibility and openness of Avigilon Control Center will enable security professionals to manage integrated security and facility management systems that leverage existing infrastructure and personnel investments," said Dave Tynan, Vice President of global sales and marketing at Avigilon. "These integrations facilitate the association of HD video for immediate confirmation of indisputable details from video to manage alarms effectively, dramatically improve decision making, and effectively deploy resources."Avigilon Control Center Network Video ManagementThe award-winning, enterprise-class Network Video Management platform, Avigilon Control Center was engineered from the ground up to intelligently manage HD video, delivering both situational awareness and complete image detail. Avigilon Control Center captures, transmits, manages, stores, archives, plays back, and exports HD video while efficiently handling bandwidth and storage. Control Center's modular, open architecture allows system designers to integrate Avigilon solutions with existing assets including analogue and IP cameras, access control and other intrusion systems. In 2010, Avigilon Control Center won the Frost & Sullivan Surveillance New Product Innovation of the Year award.