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Delta Scientific, the leading manufacturer of counter-terrorist vehicle control systems used in the United States and internationally, announced that Keith Bobrosky, who has been a project manager with the company for eleven years, has been awarded with a new title, senior vice president.

Delta East Coast sales team

Bobrosky started with Delta Scientific as a barrier applications engineer, tasked with completing the installation of dozens of systems for the U.S. Air Force. Soon thereafter, he began managing Delta's East Coast sales team and directing barrier programmes for the FBI, CarMax and the State Department's Overseas Building Operations. In 2016, Bobrosky was promoted to vice president of sales, taking a more active role in production management, helping Delta Scientific exceed clients' ever increasingly strict deadlines.

"I look forward to continued efforts promoting the Delta brand and legendary name by furthering our clients' requirements for secure perimeter safety and eliminating the concerns for vehicles used as weapons", emphasises Bobrosky. "I plan on cultivating opportunities with our clients and showing the industry just how customer driven Delta is."

Mechanical knowledge

Bobrosky graduated with honours from California State University, Northridge in 2007 with a business degree in marketing. Prior to Delta Scientific, Bobrosky comes from a strong sales and customer service background, helping operate a heavy equipment logistics firm.

When Bobrosky is not spending time camping with his wife and two daughters, he enjoys weightlifting, woodworking, and mountain biking with friends and co-workers. Keith Bobrosky is a Los Angeles native and grew up in rural Palmdale, California. He was actively involved in the community through 4-H in his youth and developed his mechanical knowledge from motorsports fabrication with his father.

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