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PAC has produced an integration guide to Dahua’s Thermal Monitoring Access Control Terminal (TMAC) to allow easy checking of a person’s temperature as well as confirmation a face mask is being worn when entering a building or any area secured by PAC access control. This integration guide is for use in Europe, UK and APAC.

Enhance the safety of occupants

As businesses adapt to current COVID-19 measures, building managers need technology to help them continue to enhance the safety of their occupants.

In conjunction with other measures and procedures, and as part of an overall strategy, thermal monitoring and automated face mask detection present an additional method to control security and adherence to safety measures by visitors to the building.


PAC’s long-standing tradition of security integration with Time and Attendance, CCTV monitoring, and other building and occupancy control services is now extended to the Dahua Temperature Monitoring Terminal, which has the functionality to check a person’s temperature and determine if a face mask is being worn when entering a building or area.

This integration with Dahua’s TMAC allows access rights for individuals to be dynamically managed.

So, by taking the output from the Dahua TMAC into the PAC access control system, access rights can be withdrawn for anyone that does not meet the safety standards required to gain entrance.

Set-up and management

Multifactor authentication supports the Dahua temperature and masks checking functionality

Integrators will find set-up simple, with only some basic wiring and a few configuration settings within the Dahua TMAC required in order for the system to be ready and active.

For users, access control list set-up and management are also easy and provide a single access control system for the management of all secured areas and entrances.

Multifactor authentication & single keyholder database

Multifactor authentication supports the Dahua temperature and masks checking functionality before being able to use the PAC access control ID Device to unlock the secured entrance.

A single keyholder database enables clear demarcation of building controls as the PAC access control system is used for all access control and the Dahua Thermal Monitoring Terminal is effectively used as an added check for temperature and mask-wearing.

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