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Running into its 11th edition, this year’s Guangzhou Public Security Technology (GPST) show will officially open its doors from 9 – 12 June at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. Taking place alongside Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology, the two fairs will welcome over 220 manufacturers and solution providers across 15,000 sqm of floor space over the coming four days.

Amidst growing optimism surrounding the prospects for China’s booming smart city sector, the fair provides an ideal platform for security sector stakeholders to deepen their business relationships and enhance their integration across vertical markets. Over 10,000 visitors are expected to descend on the fair, including the most relevant trade, industry, and local government authority representatives.

Smart city, smart transportation, public safety and smart community will be among the vertical markets that fairgoers will have the chance to explore at this year’s show"

Surveillance and biometric recognition

Commenting on the opportunities that the show will deliver for its attendees, Mr Hubert Duh, Chairman, Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd, said: “The security industry is currently enjoying abundant business opportunities, as new technologies in fields such as video surveillance and biometric recognition are adopted and integrated across different sectors. GPST is at the forefront of showcasing these opportunities. Smart city, smart transportation, public safety and smart community will be among the vertical markets that fairgoers will have the chance to explore at this year’s show.”

Co-organised for the first time this year by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt, the fair has attracted many brands from various security sectors. Highlighted technologies and vertical markets include:

Intelligent analytic technology

  • Beijing Sensing Technology – Demonstrating facial recognition technology that can automatically identify facial features and cross reference them with a database. The system is capable of achieving a recognition rate of 3 billion times per second.
  • Dahua Technology – Featuring an advanced video surveillance system that uses high performance facial recognition technology to carry out classification analysis. 
  • Guangdong Ao Zhi Innovation Technology – Exhibiting an enterprise computing system that can carry out high performance back-end video analysis. A range of applications for smart city include surveillance, machine vision and artificial intelligence. 
  • Hikvision Digital Technology – The AR ‘Hawk Eye’ 360 degree surveillance system is widely applicable in airports, transport terminals, stadiums, and other places where large-scale surveillance is necessary.
  • Netposa Technologies – Among other advanced solutions, the company will showcase its high performance video analysis system.
  • Sensetime – An advanced point detection technology that can detect 240 facial points to accurately recognise human faces and expressions will be on display to fairgoers. 
  • Shenzhen IntelliFusion Technology – The Company’s signature ‘DeepEye’ facial recognition and analysis system utilises data mining, cloud intelligence and the largest human face database in the world. Over 10,000 front end systems have already been installed in Chinese cities.

The system allows for the sharing of lead and strategy deployment information

Public security & smart transportation

  • Jinpeng Electronic Information Machine – An integrated public security system that facilitates online cooperation across public security departments through cloud computing and big data. The system allows for the sharing of lead and strategy deployment information.
  • New Orient Electronic Technological Engineering – An integrated surveillance management system can be used for prison security and has numerous functions including: video and audio surveillance, intrusion monitoring, emergency response requests, access control and public announcements. 
  • PCI-Suntek Technology – An advanced traffic monitoring system combines cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. The system is able to assist in decision making, manage congestion and resolve complex traffic issues via traffic light control and resource allocation.

Asset management and security

  • Guangdong Anjubao Digital Technology – Displaying building intercoms that function as access control systems. The systems can be operated remotely using mobile devices as well as through facial recognition, Bluetooth and password.
  • Guangdong Sayee Intelligent Technology – Providing end-users with O2O community services such as property management and building security. Video intercom and access control systems can be operated remotely through mobile phone applications and PC.
  • Shenzhen Cloudy Security Technology – Featuring a cloud based video analysis system that can be utilised for asset management and security. The system allows users to monitor video feeds remotely through an online portal. 

Product Analysis & Machine Vision

The Exemplary Case Study Zone is also one of the most highly anticipated aspects of the 2018 show. Artificial intelligence and IoT technology will feature heavily at the zone, providing fairgoers with key product analysis and industry insights. Applications of the technology stretch into public safety, retail, medical care, building management, transportation and factory.  

Meanwhile, the Live Talk with Industry Experts Zone will give visitors the chance to listen to two-way dialogue between high level representatives of security industry giants. This area will feature live-streamed talks that delve into the future development of security products. Data mining, deep learning and machine vision (an automated image analysis and inspection technology) will be examined. An exploration of user requirements and pain points will also be on the agenda. 

Artificial Intelligence security solutions

These discussions will not only be open to visitors at the show, but they will also be made available through a live internet broadcast. Speakers will include representatives of premier companies such as Dahua Technology, PCI-Suntek Technology and Netposa Technologies.

Speakers will include representatives of premier companies such as Dahua Technology, PCI-Suntek Technology and Netposa Technologies

As the adoption of artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent across many industries, the security sector is also examining how AI can be more broadly implemented. To analyse how AI can be proactively adopted to boost development, the Asia Intelligent Security Technology (AiST) forum will take place from 9 to 11 June. The forum will involve seminars delivered by experts representing government departments and premier companies. 

Public safety associations

With its deep and wide-ranging coverage of the security sector, the fair has drawn support and participation from many notable Chinese industry associations. The Dongguan Public Security Technical Protection Association, the Fujian Safety Technology Protection Industry Association, the Guangxi Security Technology Defense Industry Association, the Guangzhou Security and Protection Industry Association, the Hangzhou Security and Protection Industry Association, the Hubei Province Security Technology Guard Industry Association, the Hunan Security Protection Association, the Jiangxi Public Security Association, the Jilin Social Public Security Protection Industry Association, the Qinghai Public Security Technical Protection Association, the Smart Security Industry Association of Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Security Industry Association, the Zhejiang Safety Technology Protection Industry Association, and the Zhuhai Public Security Technical Protection Association will all be in attendance at the fair. 

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