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Dahua Technology, a video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, showcases a wide range of competitive product portfolios and smart solutions to top security professionals during the International Security Conference and Expo (ISC West) at booth #14039 from April 10th to 12th. Dahua will also celebrate the fifth anniversary of its USA subsidiary on Wednesday evening, showing strong commitment to the local markets.

Running with the theme ‘Empowering through Technology’, the Dahua products and technologies exhibited during ISC West are comprehensive from every aspect covering major surveillance market demands with the most advanced technologies.

Competitive product portfolios

  • Facial Recognition - Dahua Facial Recognition technology integrates face recognition, blacklist alarm, stranger alarm, VIP recognition, face tracking, face search, metadata search and other functions to offer a series of smart products including the exhibited AI Smart Capture Camera, 4MP Starlight Face Recognition IR Dome AI Network Camera and IVSS series for various scenarios and customer demands.
  • Low - light Technology - Featuring advanced Starlight technology, Dahua starlight+ products are able to provide excellent colourful image and rich details even at night, solving the problem of poor colour reproduction of images under low illumination environment with image colour reproduction, large aperture, ultra-high sensor, white light and other technologies.
  • Dahua Smart Thermal Series Cameras can be widely used for security monitoring, fire prevention and temperature measurementThermal Technology - Through a new integration of visible-light and thermal-light and a variety of AI-enabled intelligent functions, Dahua Smart Thermal Series Cameras can be widely used for security monitoring, fire prevention and temperature measurement. Combined with the back-end storage NVR and DSS PRO, Dahua Technology can provide an all-in-one system with front-ends, storages, and intelligent analytics to meet the requirements of customers.
  • Smart Tracking - Dahua radar system consists of radar and speed dome camera (PTZ). On the basis of traditional CCTV security system, it combines the accurate target tracking performance of the radar products to provide a complete solution with front-end data acquisition, edge computing and back-end storage for a wide range of applications such as prison perimeter, airport runway, industrial park, energy pipeline and other important protection areas.
  • Wide Area Security - The Dahua Multi-sensor Series Cameras can be used for large scene monitoring, target tracking, simple management and multi-service convergence. The Dahua 4x2MP Multi-sensor Cameras possess ground-breaking flexibility that can simultaneously move each sensor module around the internal track for a 180-, 270-, or 360-degree panorama, minimising blind spots for an improved situational awareness, which is ideal for parking lots, supermarkets and intersections, etc.
  • HDCVI 5.0 - The recently launched Dahua HDCVI 5.0 brings five core values: Perimeter Protection, Face Recognition, Metadata Search, Active Deterrence and Starlight & Full Colour. Perimeter protection can identify humans and vehicles while filtering less important objects, face recognition let authorised persons to pass freely and can do immediate action to strangers, with the latest AI technology we make video surveillance more efficient and easy to use.

AI-enabled Intelligent Solutions

Featuring the above technologies, Dahua Technology also presented integrated solutions for a variety of vertical markets at the Expo.

  • Intelligent Retail Solution - Dahua Smart Retail Solution applies video intelligence technology to specific retail business scenarios. According to the scenarios of large chain supermarkets, we have developed five smart application scenarios including smart entrance and exit, shelf advertising, cashier loss prevention, operation analysis and remote shop patrol to help retailers optimise store layout and product display, improve storage efficiency as well as attract traffic flow.
  • Intelligent Logistics Solution - Dahua Intelligent Logistics Solution takes Dahua video technology as the cornerstone, combine intelligent analysis technology, machine vision technology, big data technology, etc. to further divide into five sub-solutions including machine vision DWS solution, video tracking solution, vehicle entrance solution, park surveillance solution and logistics vehicle solution for different application scenarios.
  • Intelligent Residential Solution - Dahua Intelligent Residential Solution provides an integrated and economic solution with multi-level protection including personal entrance, vehicle entrance, public area, unit security, home protection and control center to make people’s life more convenient, safer and smarter while improving operation efficient and saving energy for property owners.
  • Intelligent Critical Infrastructure Solution - Dahua Intelligent Critical Infrastructure Solution offers an end-to-end solution featuring perimeter protection, thermal measurement, access control, video surveillance and auto-tracking system for electric power stations, oil and gas industries to ensure the safety of their daily operations, timely detection of terrorist threats and fire, quickly and easily viewing station status.
  • Intelligent Education Solution - Dahua Intelligent Education Solution brings a new concept of pre-warning for campus administrators. The solution incorporates important scenario applications empowered by AI technology such as perimeter, entrance, public area, building and classroom to realise threat prediction, effective management of people and vehicles, establishing a secured and smart system for students and teachers while improving operation efficiency.

Reliable security solutions

Dahua Technology empowers our dealers and integrators to stay at the top of their field by providing the latest security solutions to their end-users"

Empowering signifies Dahua Technology’s dedication to promoting customer satisfaction and partner development. While market demands are constantly evolving, Dahua Technology’s offering is also evolving to meet current and future needs, giving partners and end-users the assurance that they’ve selected competitive and reliable security solutions on the market.

Dahua Technology empowers our dealers and integrators to stay at the top of their field by providing the latest security solutions to their end-users,” Tim Shen, Director of Marketing at Dahua Technology USA, explained. “In addition, the resources we make available to our dealers ensure that they are up-to-speed on their knowledge of our technology and fully trained on the products.”

To further address Dahua Technology’s social commitment locally, a group of the staff from Dahua Technology USA will participate in The Security 5KRun / 2K Walk organised by charity group Mission 500 on the morning of April 11th. With a mission of ‘Enabling a Safer Society and Smarter Living’, Dahua Technology will continue to focus on ‘Innovation, Quality, and Service’, to serve partners and customers around the world.

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