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Dahua Technology signed an agreement with Laser 2000, independent European supplier of innovative laser and photonics solutions headquartered in Germany, authorising Laser 2000 to be the distributor of Dahua Machine Vision Products. Customers can now buy Dahua Machine Vision products at Laser 2000.

At present, Dahua’s machine vision product portfolio includes area scan cameras, line scan cameras, smart cameras, code reading cameras, 3D measurement cameras, and industrial lenses covering a wide range of resolutions from 0.3MP to 50MP. With camera interface supporting Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, CoaXPress, and Camera Link, those products are widely used in many industry and manufacturing applications, such as OCR recognition, industrial defect inspection, target identification, traffic control solutions, medical and life science, and other applications.

Developing products for local customers

Working with Laser2000 will help us get closer to the local customers and develop new products specified for their needs"

For Dahua Technology, cooperation with Laser 2000 is an important step for both product innovation and business development. “Germany is not only a birthplace of machine vision technology, but also an important global market. Working with Laser2000 will help us get closer to the local customers and develop new products specified for their needs.” Jiaqi Gao, Overseas Marketing Director at Dahua Technology said.

Laser2000 is also very proud to be a party of the agreement. “Dahua Technology has around 20 years’ experience of image acquisition and is believed to be the reliable supplier of designing and manufacturing various high-performance industrial cameras. We will launch the products in German, French and Iberian markets and we are sure that Dahua Technology can offer these markets high-quality product solutions. Together let us make vision into productivity.” Armin Luft, CEO of Laser 2000 commented.

With the distribution agreement set up, Dahua Technology and Laser 2000 will be anticipating a great success in the future as both sides are ready to take more effort. For Dahua Technology, the further steps into enabling a Safer Society and Smarter Living keeps on, and Innovation, Quality, and Service will continue to be the key to success.

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