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Dahua Technology, worldwide leader and professional manufacturer of CCTV products, proudly introduces high resolution cameras in 720TVL range, including DH-CA-FW181G, DH-CA-FW181J & DH-CA-FW181D (Waterproof IR Camera), DH-CA-D180C (Mini Dome Camera), DH-CA-DW181E & DH-CA-DW181H (IR Mini Dome Camera), in India.

Under 720TVL range, DH-CA-FW181G, DH-CA-FW181J & DH-CA-FW181D (Waterproof IR Camera), DH-CA-DW181E & DH-CA-DW181H (IR Mini Dome Camera), is specially developed and compatible for day or night tough outdoor surveillance environments including parking lots, streets and many more. DH-CA-D180C, Mini Dome Camera, is compact and stylish surveillance camera that offer excellent resolution in variable lighting conditions.

The new range provides users with an invaluable day/night surveillance tool for securing premises and delivering solid evidence of events that occur especially in darkness or low light. By featuring 1/3" HDIS for superior colour performance, the range offers up to 720 TV lines of resolution, enabling to produce quality images in any lighting condition.

The new Dahua DH-CA-FW181G, DH-CA-FW181J, DH-CA-FW181D & DH-CA-DW181E cameras are furnished with weatherproof housing, capable to function in extreme climate conditions without compromising quality and performance. These cameras are shipped with IP-66-rated housing, hence, these cameras can transmit footage during sandstorms, blizzards, torrential rain or even vandalism.

Featuring 6mm fixed lens in DH-CA-FW181G & DH-CA-FW181D, 8mm fixed lens in DH-CA-FW181J, 3.6mm fixed lens in DH-CA-D180C, DH-CA-DW181E & DH-CA-DW181H, enabling to cover a wide range of viewing angles.

The in-built IR DH-CA-FW181G and DH-CA-DW181E are shipped with Smart IR range of 20mtr, DH-CA-FW181D and DH-CA-FW181J comes with Smart IR range of 30mtr and 50mtr respectively, allowing the user to set the camera for any outdoor location.

Features of Dahua 720TVL cameras:-

  • 1/3 HDIS
  • High resolution of 720TVL(Colour)
  • Day/Night (ICR), AWB, AGC, BLC
  • 3.6mm fixed lens (2.8mm, 6mm, 8mm optional) (DH-CA-D180C, DH-CA-DW181H, DH-CA-DW181E)
  • 6mm fixed lens (2.8 mm, 3.6mm, 8mm optional) (DH-CA-FW181D, DH-CA-FW181G
  • 8mm fixed lens (3.6mm, 6mm,12mm,16mm optional) (DH-CA-FW181J)
  • Max. IR LEDs length 20m, Smart IR (DH-CA-DW181H, DH-CA-FW181G, DH-CA-DW181E)
  • Max. IR LEDs length 30m, Smart IR (DH-CA-FW181D)
  • Max. IR LEDs length 50m (DH-CA-FW181J)
  • DC12V
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