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In the HDcctv Gallery shared by Alliance Members at Security China 2014, Dahua and Shany will demonstrate HDCVI 2.0-compliant cameras
The first certified HDcctv 2.0-compliant products will be shown by Dahua and Shany

Surveillance video standards organisation the HDcctv Alliance will host a technology and product Gallery at Security China 2014, in Beijing October 28-31. The first certified HDcctv 2.0-compliant products will be shown by Dahua and Shany. Intersil and Semtech will demonstrate long-reach solutions considered for the HDcctv DT 3.0 standard.

The HDcctv 2.0 standards – ratified in February 2014 – have been developed and agreed for HD surveillance equipment designed to deliver high-fidelity HD video within secured buildings. The specialised HD transport solutions codified by the HDcctv standards deliver significant advantages in surveillance applications, with 100% multi-vendor plug ’n’ play (PnP) capabilities, including control over cable. HDCVI 2.0 (previously known as HDcctv AT 2.0) equipment delivers HDTV signals over any legacy CCTV coaxial cabling, along with PnP remote control capability, while HDcctv DT 2.0 (Digital Technology) equipment adds PnP remote control up-the-coax to the underlying bit-perfect HDcctv 1.0 format.

In the HDcctv Gallery shared by Alliance Members at Security China 2014, Dahua and Shany will demonstrate HDCVI 2.0-compliant cameras plugging and playing with a compliant DVR. Intersil and Semtech will showcase new, HDcctv DT 2.0 and DT 3.0-related technologies and equipment. Telecom & Security will demonstrate its uniquely cost-effective cable termination solutions.

Todd Rockoff, HDcctv Alliance executive director, said: “Support for the HDcctv local-site transport standards has made HD surveillance as reliable, as convenient, and as affordable as sub-HD surveillance. The migration to HD surveillance is taking place practically overnight, thanks to the specialised local-site transport technologies transforming our industry. Security China 2014 is the largest trade show in the history of the surveillance equipment industry and a fitting venue to demonstrate the first-ever 2.0-compliant products.”

"Support for the HDcctv local-site transport standards has made HD surveillance as reliable, as convenient, and as affordable as sub-HD surveillance"

The Alliance has made the decision to adopt “HDCVI 2.0™” as the compliance mark for HDcctv AT 2.0 in order to provide buyers with a simple guide to PnP interoperability.

At its press conference during the show the Alliance will reveal the winners of its awards for innovation and compliance certification leadership, as well as unveiling an important commercial announcement.

The Alliance will further deliver a keynote presentation on ‘The Global Battle for the HD Surveillance Local-Site Transport Market’ as part of the China International Security Forum. The seminar will be held in Room 2F W201 at 10.15am on Wednesday, October 29.

Companies exhibiting on the HDcctv Alliance stand at Security China 2014 include:

  • Dahua - A world-leading advanced video surveillance solution provider and the inventor of HDCVI technology. The company’s product portfolio includes a full system series of front-end, back-end, and display equipment, as well as software and intelligent traffic solutions. Dahua will demonstrate the new HCVR7808S ‘tribrid’ DVR, an 8-channel DVR that supports HDCVI, analogue, or IP video inputs on each channel.
  • Shany – A leading supplier of surveillance cameras. At Security China, Shany will demonstrate PnP with three HDCVI 2.0-compliant camera models on the various ports on an HDCVI 2.0 DVR. Shany will also demonstrate PnP with an HDcctv DT camera on the various ports of an HD-SDI DVR.
  • Intersil - A global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance   semiconductors for HDcctv cameras and DVRs, delivering a variety of high-performance digital HD solutions. Intersil will demonstrate long-distance digital transmission capabilities.
  • Semtech – A leading supplier of high-quality analogue and mixed-signal semiconductor products. At Security China, Semtech will demonstrate their next generation of long reach, low cost DT transmitter and Quad receiver chip sets, with integrated HD-VLC, providing unprecedented levels of cable reach performance, and enabling long-distance transmission of high quality all-digital HD.
  • Telecom & Security – An innovative manufacturer of coaxial connectivity products for the coaxial cable-based installations. T&S will demonstrate unique, easy-to-use cable terminator technology.

The Alliance has made the decision to adopt "HDCVI 2.0™" as the compliance mark for HDcctv AT 2.0 in order to provide buyers with a simple guide to PnP interoperability

Tim Shen, Director of Overseas Marketing at Dahua, said: “We are witnessing a historic transition for our industry. Today is Day One! It may take 6 to 9 months before a full range of 2.0-compliant cameras, DVRs, and accessories is available worldwide through distribution: we must certify each individual product as compliant, implement any adjustments required to achieve compliance in our manufacturing line, re-label the housings and gift boxes, update our websites and collateral, and help customers, as well as our own sales force, to transfer their love of CVI to a love of HDCVI 2.0. There is also an obvious educational process which needs to take place throughout the Industry over the coming months. ”

Gareth Heywood, Market Segment Manager at Semtech, said: “We are proud to have contributed to opening the market for specialised HD transport solutions through our pioneering work with HD-SDI and HDcctv 1.0 and our early support for the HDcctv Alliance. Semtech is committed to delivering innovative technology and solutions for the next generation of all-digital HD surveillance video transmission.”

Raman Sargis, Product Line Director at Intersil, said: “Intersil is committed to providing digital solutions for HD surveillance local-site transport that deliver higher quality video transmission than alternative solutions.  The power of the HDcctv standards lies in the ability of our customers to show that their compliant products meet performance expectations, and interoperate. The video surveillance market has historically relied on equipment from a wide range of suppliers interoperating with one another.  With the rapid growth of HD surveillance, it is imperative for the deployed technologies to also interoperate seamlessly between different equipment suppliers. HDcctv standards are the foundation for interoperability and we’re committed to continued participation and contribution to the Alliance.”

At Security China 2014 the HDcctv Alliance will be exhibiting in the international hall on stand E1Y39, where visitors are encouraged to meet Alliance members, see the latest HDcctv technology in operation, and discover more about the benefits of HDcctv 2.0. Also, Alliance executive director Todd Rockoff will be presenting “The Battle for the HD Local-Site Transport Market” in room 2F W201 at 10:15am – 10:35am on Wednesday, 29th of October. To book a meeting at Security China, or simply to find out more about HDcctv 2.0, email: membership@highdefcctv.org.

Security China 2014 takes place at China International Exhibition Centre, Beijing, October 28-31.

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