Covert video distributors in Canada (51 found)

For more than 75 years, ABC has been balancing traditional skills with up-to-the-minute knowledge of industry technology and practices to provide the best physical security and access control solution for each customer. ABC offers a full range of security products and services in a number of sectors such as retail, commercial, government, institutional and residential.

ALNPK Consulting is a global partner in the acquisition, distribution and sale of Quality CCTV companies and equipment.

Aquiline Drones is a Hartford based company that provides complete drone solutions powered by an IoT driven, AI-enabled technology. They provide autonomous drones with real-time control and analytics to reduce costs, maximise ROI and create new business value.

AVESTECH was founded in 2013 with the aim of bringing modern and innovative technologies to the global market, taking into account current trends. Their beginnings were challenging and they had to convince their clients of a change in thinking in the field of security and the need to change common and outdated approaches and solutions. Nevertheless, they are known worldwide today and their services are used globally.

Azco Technologies was founded in 1998, starting to manufacture electrical & dataCom products. Today Azco Technologies Inc. strives to provide security, CCTV, A/V, dataCom and accessory products.

CCTVMICRO is a CCTV installer and distributor based in Southern California. CCTVMICRO professionally install the latest ‘Commercial-Grade’ High Definition security camera systems for home or business, featuring remote access via smartphone, tablet or computer, which can be viewed from anywhere, any place, at any time.

DWG is the United States' leading custom electronics, alarm and security wholesale distributor, offering a full line of video surveillance, access control, intrusion, sound, fire, home automation, and data connectivity products. The company supplies full line of quality products strictly to security, information technology (IT), fire, audio-video (AV) and electrical professionals throughout the United States.

EasternCCTV is a company that specialises in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of surveillance products. The company’s full line of innovative CCTV products, include all types of cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and related accessories. EasternCCTV is also a registered distributor for brand name alarm and intercom products.

Eclipse CCTV Corp. offers an extensive range of products for the commercial surveillance market. With years of distribution and manufacturing experience, Eclipse CCTV is well-known for offering product with the best price/performance, and reliability in the industry.

HD Protech is a technology innovator with 30+ years of industry expertise delivering high quality products. HD Protech focuses on centralised management and control of physical security assets. HD Protech's unique software provides solutions for in-car DVR, License Plate Recognition Systems, and video data management.

HiSilicon is a renowned China-based IP surveillance systems and equipment provider with headquarters located in Shenzhen, China. The company provides surveillance cameras, mobile cams, display monitors and IoT devices for a wide range of applications.

IPS BODYGUARD is a protection, safety and private security agency specialized in close protection, surveillance and home security and events security. Skills areas : - Risk assessment and security audit as well as analysis of economic markets, - Fight against terrorism, prevention of theft and aggression, anticipation of danger