Security consultants in Quebec (10 found)

BST Security provides integrated software solutions detailed for everyday needs. They manufacture CCTV cameras, servers, NVRs, VMS/CMS video solutions, and also provide cloud managed services. Intelligent object detection, detection with thermal cameras, BST-PEHD MMS software for monitoring, PTZ tracking are also some of the solutions provided by the company.

Central Security offers a range of security solutions like alarm & burglar systems, access control, digital video recording (DVR), intercom systems, guard services, 24 hour ULC monitoring for burglar & fire, vehicle tracking / fleet management systems as well as helping retail loss prevention with EAS Systems (Electronic Article Surveillance), RFID, Tags, gates, Customer tracking solutions.

GoSecure provides technology and services that enable organisations to manage risks with regard to cybersecurity and implement balanced security controls. The company’s security operations and advanced response centers provide managed cybersecurity services that help in the optimal operation of an organisation’s perimeter and core infrastructure, such as advanced firewalls and malware, intrusion prevention, and threat defence.

Mega PC is a wholesaler, distributor and retail outlet of CCTV products and services. Mega PC carries a large inventory of cameras, recording, installation and computer equipment. Located in Montreal, Mega PC is proud to be one of the main suppliers of the Quebec CCTV market.

NetAccess Controls provides software & hardware for access control solutions.

Nodaccess distributes all HID products, iClass, iClass SE, Proximity, Indala, Fargo card printers, NaviGo logical access, cards. The company also carries AWID, Suprema biometric solutions, Jolly Technologies, Visitor Pass, visitor management solutions, a full line of accessories i.e. lanyards, badge holders etc.

Since 2009, S.I.C. Biometrics has developed innovative Fingerprint Biometric technologies for commercial Mobile devices to help organisations monitoring personnel’s movement, enabling easy and secure data access and facilitating personnel’s identification. The company designs, manufactures and commercialises mobile fingerprint biometric security solutions to enhance identity management and access control.

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