Communicators distributors in Australia (18 found)

ALNPK Consulting is a global partner in the acquisition, distribution and sale of Quality CCTV companies and equipment.

Cofense serves as a first and last defender against email-based cyber-attacks. The company is proficient at disrupting attacks at the delivery stage, thus preventing any security breaches. Cofense crash tests every email and eliminates any threats, creating a cycle of unparalleled vigilance and response.

Coffeyco Security is a provider of monitored interactive security systems that utilise unique verification software and high speed notifications supported by twenty four hour operators.

Connection Technology Systems (CTS) develops FTTX P2P-supported fibre optic communication solutions for video surveillance and IoT-enabled smart homes and real estate. The product line of the company includes PoE switches, fibre gateways, and media converters.

G-Biz Canada (which is coined from “Global Business”) is a supplier of Cloud Services, IP-Network products and Video Surveillance (VSaaS) which are dedicated to a variety of users, including but not limited to small and medium enterprises, SOHO’s, System Integrators (SI’s), OEM’s, and large corporations. G-Biz supplies products and services to clients around Africa, through a network of Channel Partners.

IPS BODYGUARD is a protection, safety and private security agency specialized in close protection, surveillance and home security and events security. Skills areas : - Risk assessment and security audit as well as analysis of economic markets, - Fight against terrorism, prevention of theft and aggression, anticipation of danger

Developers and Manufacturers for over 25 years of Unique Intercoms, PBX Accessories and Digital Audio Solutions. NATCOMM does not make Multi-Dwelling Intercoms. NATCOMM concentrates on the design, manufacture and support of Top Quality Professional Single Dwelling Intercoms. NATCOMM's Modular Intercom range will suit almost any Home application or Office PBX application.

Radlink Communications is a Western Australian supplier, installer, servicer and maintainer of professional two way radio communication systems and wireless data communication systems.

Safeworld Systems is a one stop solution for fire protection, safety and security since 1972. The company offers CCTV systems, time attendance and payroll system, access control system, baggage scanning system, burglar alarm system and metal detectors from elading security companies.

Secnetco are security alarm specialists that are 100% dedicated to credibility and reliability with the best security systems from around the world.

Shoghi Communications Ltd. has been recognised as one of the fastest growing defense technology company globally holding leading market position with reliability and responsiveness in Communication Intelligence and Information Processing Systems, Jamming Systems for Radio Operated IED, Signal Processing and Data Acquisition Systems, High Resolution Processed Satellite Imagery, Military Grade Encryption, Cyber Security and Warfare Systems.

Witura Corporation is involved in the design, manufacturing and distribution of comprehensive 3G, GSM, GPRS, SMS, CDMA and EDGE products for businesses in telecommunication, security, automotive, telemetry and technology related industries.

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