ASSA, part of Security Solutions, a division of ASSA ABLOY UK is providing an intelligent electromechanical locking system to the professional market with its innovative CLIQ™ range.

The range is ideal for use in corporate office spaces and headquarters, improving security, despite restrictive budgets without the associated cost and complexity. The range consists of electronic cylinders in various shapes and sizes and intelligent user keys with CLIQ™ Remote solution – an accessible key control access management system.

Easy install

CLIQ™ Remote is easy to install with no need for complicated wiring and in most cases, there is no need to replace existing door hardware, which could prove costly. This causes minimal disruption to day-to-day operations, which ensures there is not a drop in service for businesses and that customer satisfaction targets are met.

CLIQ™ Remote also centralises commercial security systems, through allowing administrators to grant access or block lost or stolen keys through its embedded chip memory and processor that creates its electronic identity. Managing multiple locations from one remote site enables a coherent and immediate response to incidences, allowing for support services to launch coordinated incident response.

Share security information

In addition, this allows businesses to share security information across different sites; the reporting function is a crucial step in protecting businsses against security threats.

Nojmol Islam, Product Manager for ASSA, said: “In recent years businesses been under increasing pressure to improve operational efficiencies, which can prove tough given restrictive budgets.

“The fact that CLIQ products can be quickly installed, helps to ensure that the staff will be able to continue working without disruption. The CLIQ Remote is the latest addition to the range, which is able to reduce administrative requirements, making it a highly cost effective product and saving time within organisations.”

“CLIQ allows different employees various levels of access, something that is prevalent within office situations where certain areas may contain confidential information.”

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