CLIQ® Connect has been declared winner of the Gold Trophy at France’s high-profile APS 2017 awards. ASSA ABLOY’s new, cost-effective way for facility managers to administer mobile workers’ access control rights was judged on four main criteria: innovation and new technology; meeting end-user needs; interconnectivity; and ROI.

CLIQ® Connect Online

“CLIQ® Connect Online is the only electronic key solution on the market which offers real-time access control,” explains Mélanie Dubus, Director of Marketing and Development at ASSA ABLOY France.

When a user inserts their programmable CLIQ® Connect key into a cylinder, the key can contact the server to obtain real-time authorisation to unlock. With this Online functionality enabled access is not stored inside the key, making CLIQ® Connect a much more secure solution for sensitive premises.

CLIQ® Connect also makes it easy to amend any time- or location-limited access rights issued to remote workers,” adds Mélanie Dubus. This saves the time and expense of returning to base or using mobile programming devices. We are thrilled our breakthrough access control technology has been recognized by such an esteemed group of industry experts.”

Making mobile workflows smoother

The APS jury consisted of eight high-profile security managers from multiple industries including retail, distribution, health care and public services. They awarded CLIQ® Connect the Gold Trophy at the inaugural APS Awards. The diploma was presented in Paris at September’s APS Salon, a leading security and safety trade fair.

The new CLIQ® Connect app, part of the trusted CLIQ® ecosystem, makes mobile workflows smoother. A key-holder no longer needs to update access rights physically in person, carry additional updating devices, or even return to base. All they need is a smartphone, the CLIQ® Connect app and a secure Bluetooth connection.

CLIQ® Web Manager

The app pairs any programmable CLIQ® Connect key, via an encrypted cloud connection, with the CLIQ® Web Manager. To change a key-holder’s access rights, a system administrator simply accesses the CLIQ® Web Manager software — from anywhere — and updates it. A key-holder makes a secure Bluetooth connection between their programmable CLIQ® Connect key and the app to instantly update access permissions.

CLIQ® Connect was also previously a winner at the Detektor International Awards, recognizing outstanding innovation in security alarms, access control and CCTV.

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