CLIQ® – Locking system at a glance

CLIQ® cylinders and keys are designed to withstand the elementsCLIQ® is a key-based ASSA ABLOY Group locking technology in which electronic access rights complement mechanical access rights. CLIQ® has several advantages over old-fashioned locks. It combines highly encrypted electronic identification and mechanical security in a wide range of cylinder-type applications. The lock’s power is provided by a battery inside the programmable CLIQ® key.

Why do so many leading energy providers rely on CLIQ® to deliver a dedicated security solution to manage the security and access of their complex infrastructure across multiple sites?

Because the robust CLIQ® locking system addresses the specific needs and security issues surrounding their critical energy infrastructure, guarding against sabotage, theft and trespass, while guaranteeing access to those who need it. 

The benefits at a glance:

  • Minimise the risks associated with lost keys

  • Improved security due to flexible access and key management

  • Freedom to easily administer the system anytime and anywhere

  • Total audit trail of who accessed when and which lock

  • One key can access doors, cabinets, cupboards, elevators, machines, gates and many outdoor areas

  • Cost effective solutions by eliminating the need to return to the administrator to update keys or replace batteries

  • Reduced operational costs due to easy wire free installation, power supply by battery in the key as standard

  • Reduced IT infrastructure costs due to software as a service solution from ASSA ABLOY

  • System devices are certified to meet requirements of local markets

  • Key with audiovisual indication and fast opening for enhanced user experience

  • Customised software integration possibilities to third party solutions

ASSA ABLOY offers CLIQ® locking technology worldwide under several brands, including ABLOY, Mul-T-Lock, ASSA, IKON, Vachette, Ruko, and Trioving.


ASSA ABLOY’s CLIQ® Connect wins APS 2017 security award, France

CLIQ® Connect has been declared winner of the Gold Trophy at France’s high-profile APS 2017 awards. ASSA ABLOY’s new, cost-effective way for facility managers to administer mobile workers’ access control rights was judged on four main criteria: innovation and new technology; meeting end-user needs; interconnectivity; and ROI. CLIQ® Connect Online “CLIQ® Connect Online is the only electronic key solution on the market which offers real-time access control,&rd...

CLIQ Systems’ Pip Courcoux highlights current access control issues and risk mitigation for supply chain data security

Pip Courcoux, Sales and Product Manager - CLIQ Systems at Abloy UK, discusses the current issues around cyber security and explains why organisations must assess the resilience of their suppliers to minimise the risk of attack. The landscape of security and access control has changed over the last decade, with the introduction of technology that allows for traceability and time management within mechanical keys. This has meant the conversation has changed - Passkeys, Cryptographic keys, Encrypt...

Abloy celebrates 110 years of unrivalled product development in access control market

Security expert Abloy is celebrating 110 years since the Finnish invention that sparked a revolution in the lock industry – founder Emil Henriksson’s disc cylinder operated lock. With its unrivalled levels of product development, for over a century, Abloy has been at the forefront of the ever-changing global security market. Offering highly advanced and unique solutions, the Abloy name has become synonymous with quality and innovation. Innovative beginnings This spirit of innovati...

CLIQ - ASSA ABLOY case studies

Case studies
CLIQ combines mechanical and electronic locking systems for enhanced physical security

Lock and key security has come a long way since Ancient Egypt. Over the centuries, Romans, the lever tumbler and Linus Yale’s pin tumbler all took the technology forward. Each was a significant milestone. But in truth, your average pharaoh would still recognise his clever gadget. The latest advances in key-based electronic access control, on the other hand, would send Rameses into a tailspin. A mechatronic locking system like CLIQ combines high-end mechanical and electronic protection. A...

Case studies
CLIQ® electromechanical locking system improves staff access at QE Hospital, Birmingham

Complicated key management systems can detrimentally affect nursing care. Staff using older, mechanical key systems find it difficult to keep track of who has the keys. Searching for that person to gain access to controlled drugs can waste much of a nurse’s valuable time. Pharmacy managers at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham (QE Birmingham), identified a better solution for secure, quick and convenient staff access to controlled medicines: the PROTEC2 CLIQ® electromechanical lockin...

Case studies
ABLOY UK enhances key management systems at Spire Manchester hospital with PROTEC2 CLIQ and Traka21

The system allows for remote key management. substantially increasing nursing efficiency and security of controlled drugs Security expert Abloy UK has supplied Spire Manchester Hospital with PROTEC2 CLIQ and Traka 21 advanced key management systems to improve the security of medicines and increase nursing efficiency. Spire Manchester Hospital is part of Spire Healthcare, a leading independent hospital group, offering in-patient and out-patient procedures in a wide range of ar...