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CEM Systems Ltd Overview:

CEM Systems, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, is a leading provider of access control and integrated security management systems. With over 25 years’ experience in the security and IT industry, CEM uniquely manufactures both hardware and software, offering one of the most comprehensive, resilient and reliable systems available.

CEM is continuously developing next generation technologies to meet the changing needs of its customers. The CEM product range boasts many industry firsts including:

  • High power over Ethernet (PoE+) access control
  • Portable ‘hand-held' card readers
  • Ethernet based IP card readers (with LCD display and on-board database for offline card validation)
  • Fully integrated biometric enrolment with the access control system (Uniquely offering one operational and enrolment process)

CEM solutions are accessible to a range of industries and different sized sites, and have been successfully installed throughout the world at airports, ports, petrochemical plants, universities, corporate premises and more. Continuously developed to meet the most complex of security needs, CEM Systems provides a highly stable, proven security solution for installations where security is of paramount importance.

From a small building to a large multi-site facility, CEM has an innovative access solution to meet your needs.

System ranges

CEM Systems offers a full complement of products, including hardware and software, for a complete security management solution.


CEM’s AC2000 access control and security management system is a highly stable and proven solution for installations where security is of paramount importance. AC2000 offers a powerful suite of client and browser based applications including central alarm monitoring, integrated command and control, sophisticated ID badging, visitor management, web reports and much more.

AC2000 Lite

AC2000 Lite is a feature rich, yet cost effective access control system. Encompassing the core software features of the AC2000 system and supporting CEM’s range of leading hardware products, AC2000 Lite is one of the most accomplished security management solutions available for the small to mid-range markets.

AC2000 Airport

Used by many of the world’s leading airports for over 25 years, AC2000 Airport is an aviation specific security management system that has a proven record as one of the most reliable and

resilient security solutions available. The flexibility and high quality offered by AC2000 Airport is a key factor in its suitability for the aviation environment.


CEM’s AC2000 software solution is supported by a range of industry leading hardware products including the intelligent S610 IP reader range, the emerald touchscreen terminal, portable access control readers, PoE+ devices and more.


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CEM Systems Ltd news

Johnson Controls secures Oman Airports with CEM Systems AC2000 Airport access control system

Johnson Controls announces that the aviation specific CEM Systems AC2000 Airport access control system has been selected to secure Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport, Oman. AC2000 Airport access control solution with intelligent CEM Systems, IP card readers and CEM Systems S3040 portable hand-held readers will ensure the highest levels of integrated security, and provide a solution that goes beyond security by helping in airport operations. Oman Airports Management Company (OAMC) is the government company responsible for the management and operation of Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport. Muscat International Airport is the largest airport in Oman. Currently undergoing an expansion phase, Muscat International Airport will have the capacity to handle 12 million passengers annually. Salalah International Airport currently handles more than one million passengers annually. Aviation specific access control “Johnson Controls is delighted to be supplying the CEM Systems AC2000 Airport access control system for these two important projects in Oman’s infrastructure development,” said Philip Verner, regional sales director, Building Technologies & Solutions, Johnson Controls. “The team behind the CEM Systems AC2000 Airport system has a proven history of understanding the dynamics and needs of airports, and the industry leading AC2000 Airport system has been used to secure airports around the world for over 25 years. This contract to secure Muscat and Salalah Airports represents another significant win for Johnson Controls in the growing aviation sector in the Middle East region.” The powerful AC2000 Airport system has a proven record as one of the most reliable and resilient aviation specific access control and security management solutions available. It not only provides the airports with advanced access control throughout terminal buildings, airside and landside boundaries, but it also provides a range of software applications to enhance the airport’s onsite operations and increase business efficiency. Using the CEM Systems AC2000 VIPPS (Visual Imaging Pass Production) application, ID cards can then be personalised and printed allowing the airport to produce card passes that include logos, staff signatures, and images. Integrated passenger control system AC2000 Airport paired with CEM Systems intelligent IP card readers and integrated controllers also provide the airports with aviation specific modes such as ‘Passenger mode’ which allow efficient management of gate rooms for departing and arriving passengers. Passenger mode controls door open times, and via interlocking, ensures Gate Room doors are opened or closed depending on the configuration set for the specific flight on the stand. The user-friendly LCD display on the CEM Systems intelligent card readers also allow staff to easily manage the process and see current status of the door mode at the gate. Additionally the CEM Systems S610f fully integrated intelligent fingerprint card reader and controller combined can be used in high security areas where there are requirements for three stage verification (card, PIN, and fingerprint). The CEM Systems S3040 lightweight and rugged hand-held portable card reader will provide Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport security staff with the ability to conduct random checks on airside and landside personnel as well as providing ID card validation at temporary entrances or remote sites which have no power.

Johnson Controls’ CEM Systems access control equipment now compliant with EU’s new Radio Equipment Directive

Johnson Controls has confirmed that their powerful range of CEM Systems access control hardware is compliant with the European Union’s new Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU, which came into full effect on 13 June 2017. CEM Systems intelligent card readers, including the CEM S610 (iCLASS SE, DESFire and Prox) reader, CEM S700 reader, CEM emerald reader and their biometric equivalents are all RED compliant and continue to be available for distribution within the EU. The CEM sPass reader and CEM S3040 portable reader are also confirmed as being RED compliant. R&TTE Directive repealed On June 13, 2016, the former Directive on Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (also known as the R&TTE Directive, 1999/5/EC) was repealed and the new requirements came into law. Manufacturers who were compliant with the existing legislation (R&TTED and LVD/EMCD) had until 13 June 2017 to comply with the new ‘RED’ requirements. The Radio Equipment Directive applies to radio equipment being sold in the EU market and applies to all manner of products, including web enabled appliances, home monitoring medical devices, navigation or tracking systems and mobile phones to name just a few. Anything that uses the radio spectrum to communicate (apart from those items specifically excluded in the Directive) falls within the scope of the legislation and must comply. Equipment that does not comply with RED cannot be imported, distributed or represented in EU member states. Radio products must be RED compliant In the age of the Internet of Things, more and more devices are transmitting and receiving data and, in effect, are behaving like radio equipment. It is important that radio products are “RED” compliant to ensure the visibility of devices entering the market and to ensure that they do not present an interference risk to other electrical devices or a health and safety risk. CEM Systems access hardware has a legacy of innovation, with industry firsts including portable handheld card readers, Power over Ethernet plus (PoE+) door controls and intelligent card readers with in-built memory.

CEM Systems releases version 8 of AC2000 security management system

AC2000 v8 includes data partitioning and offers enhancements for multi-site customers Tyco Security Products, part of Johnson Controls, announces the release of AC2000 v8, which offers new features that increase the performance, simplicity, and scope of the AC2000 access control system suite from CEM Systems. These include AC2000 Data Partitioning and enhancements to AC2000 Security Hub command and control application. CEM Systems has also released enhancements to the emerald Intelligent Access Terminal range with the emerald TS100f and TS200f fingerprint terminals. Data partitioning “The latest release of AC2000, which includes data partitioning, offers enhancements for multi-site and multi-tenanted customers,” said Richard Fletcher, Product Manager, CEM Systems. “AC2000 Database Partitioning is a powerful feature for scenarios where multiple companies utilise a single security management system. It empowers each company by giving them control over their own private access areas while still allowing them access to common areas within the building or campus.” Enhancements within AC2000 Security Hub centralised command and control application include map zones, reports, and a seamless video integration interface which enables live video footage for specific configured alarms to be displayed. “AC2000 Database Partitioning is a powerful feature for scenarios where multiple companies utilise a single security management system" Boarding and Deplaning Route Management mode This release also offers enhanced functionality of emerald, CEM Systems’ award winning intelligent access terminal. Designed for use with the CEM Systems AC2000 security management system, emerald terminals not only control access to restricted areas but also open up a world of infinite possibilities by bringing AC2000 intelligence directly to the edge. emerald now supports a configurable Boarding and Deplaning Route Management (BDRM) mode which provides a sophisticated touch screen-based passenger routing system for airports. emerald BDRM can be pre-programmed to activate a variety of functions from a single selection on the device including enabling relevant signage, interlocking a series of doors to form a route, enabling air bridges, fixed ground power units and much more. Building on the existing range of video, perimeter, fire, and intrusion integrations, AC2000 now offers new integrations including interfaces to DSC PowerSeries Neo intrusion panel and Milestone XProtect Professional video management system.