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Bosch Security Systems Overview:

We are committed to being an innovative, customer-oriented, and global supplier of security and communications products and systems, offering high quality solutions and excellent service to customers.

Bosch Security offers CCTV, Intrusion systems, Congress, Public Address, Social Alarm, Paging and IP Network Video to meet the dynamic needs of the security industry.

Bosch Security Systems also offers application support for architects and engineers specifying our products.  Our helpful technical support experts are always available to provide assistance should there be a need.   We offer Training in our demonstration suite covering the entire product range and offer Short ½ day courses for staff in sales and support including help desk personnel, project team, consultants etc.  Longer 1-day courses give more in-depth product training for specifiers, installers, project management teams and other specialists needing to know how to design, install, configure and support systems. 

At Bosch Security Systems, we proudly offer security you can rely on.

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Bosch Security Systems news

Bosch focuses on data and IoT-enabled integrated security solutions at ISC West 2018

At ISC West 2018, Bosch Security and Safety Systems will showcase new hardware and software products and tools to make installations and upgrades easier and more attractive for integrators, integrated security systems that deliver significant business benefits for end users, and solutions to further increase data security in video surveillance. Visitors to the Bosch booth will see a new app that makes planning and pre-configuration of video systems more efficient, an enhanced communicator for upgrading fire and intrusion control panel communications, and a video surveillance solution from Bosch and Genetec offering high level end-to-end data security. “Bosch continues to introduce new ways to help integrators be more efficient in their installations and more creative in the way they solve their customers’ issues, resulting in higher profitability for them as well as improved satisfaction for their end users,” said Brian Wiser, President of Sales – North America, Bosch Security and Safety Systems. “Whether in the form of technology to ease configuration and programming or systems that work seamlessly together to drive IoT-enabled smart solutions, Bosch empowers integrators to implement systems that address the security needs of their customers and deliver additional value to their business which might go beyond security functionality. These are powerful tools to help integrators differentiate themselves in this competitive market.” Bosch will introduce the Project Assistant app that makes reporting for video systems projects more efficient Easier installations and higher profits At ISC West, Bosch will introduce the Project Assistant app that makes planning, pre-configuration, commissioning and reporting for video systems projects more efficient – by up to 30% – and more profitable. With the free app, project set-up and pre-configuration can start in the office without the physical camera. With only the project plans and a set of IP addresses and passwords from the end user, integrators can enter all details into the app or upload them via a Microsoft Excel-compatible file format. Additional information like camera name and location can also be added without having the cameras present. Creating a virtual set of cameras within the app eliminates the need for unboxing and re-boxing of products or pre-configuration and labelling, providing significant time savings. Once on site, installers use the app to scan the Bosch cameras’ QR codes to match the virtual cameras to the real ones. Project Assistant will automatically connect the corresponding camera to the virtual camera within the app via Wi-Fi or cable and allow the integrator to write the pre-defined settings to the camera. After connecting to the camera, the integrator can also use the app to setup the field of view, adjust image sharpness and change additional settings if needed. Bosch will showcase the B465 Universal Dual Path Communicator, now featuring connectivity and programming enhancements B465 Universal Dual Path Communicator For upgrading intrusion and fire detection systems to keep pace with changing alarm communications technology, Bosch will showcase the B465 Universal Dual Path Communicator, now featuring connectivity and programming enhancements. The B465 communicator links a control panel’s digital dialer to an Ethernet connection and/or to a cellular module to send reports to the receiver at the monitoring station. This allows end users to eliminate expenses associated with up to two dedicated phone line connections per control panel, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership for fire or intrusion alarm systems. At the same time, integrators can create a new recurring revenue stream for cellular data service plans to increase their profits while still reducing monthly costs for the end user. Remote Connect Cloud service With the new enhancements, integrators can remotely program the B465 communicator via Bosch’s Remote Programming Software and use the Bosch Remote Connect Cloud Service to connect to it. Cloud connectivity to the B465 communicator eliminates the need to change customer router settings, firewall rules, or to use Domain Name Service (DNS) to access the device remotely. Bosch will also highlight its Installer Services to help customers reduce costs and build recurring revenue. These include cellular data plans for control panel communications, services for home or business automation, and the Remote Connect Cloud service for remote programming and end user app connectivity. The Remote Connect Cloud service is now free for installers when used only for Remote Programming Software connections. This makes panel installation easier, reduces the need to send technicians to job sites for firmware updates or user changes, and enables remote diagnostics for increased efficiency. Bosch IP cameras also feature a built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to safely store certificates and cryptographic keys High level end-to-end data security Bosch will also focus on educating attendees about the importance of data security and introduce a video solution with even higher end-to-end data security. The data security measures built into Bosch IP cameras are now fully integrated with Genetec systems, including Genetec Archiver and Security Center. The integration ensures that all communications between Bosch cameras and Genetec Archiver and Security Center are assigned a certificate including keys for authentication. This electronic signature enables the system to verify the legitimacy of network components, like cameras, storage units, and viewing clients, before network-wide communications start. Bosch IP cameras also feature a built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to safely store certificates and cryptographic keys used for authentication and encryption. All operations for authentication and encryption are only executed inside the TPM. Encrypted video data is then sent from the camera to the Genetec Archiver using SRTP (Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol). Genetec Archiver and Security Center management software and clients use a certificate to authenticate to the Bosch IP camera for further protection against hacking. Stored data stays encrypted and data is transmitted via SRTP, so confidentiality and data protection are guaranteed. Together, Bosch and Genetec provide one of the world’s best secured data security solutions. The addition of the new “i” Series to Bosch’s lineup of cameras creates a robust portfolio of intelligent devices Intelligent devices Bosch’s new portfolio of intelligent “i” Series cameras featuring built-in video analytics as standard will also be on display in the Bosch booth. The addition of the new “i” Series to Bosch’s existing lineup of analytic-enabled cameras creates a robust portfolio of intelligent devices. Video analytics is an important enabler to substantially improve levels of security and to deliver significant business advantages also beyond security functionalities. For example, in addition to alerting operators to any potential threats, video analytics can be used for enforcing health and safety regulations – such as no-parking zones – or for monitoring presence to reduce utility bills, identifying patterns in customer activity in a retail store, and much more. Sony: imaging the future The video security business continues to benefit from Sony’s uncompromising focus on advancing imaging technologies well beyond market trends while defining paths to growth and innovation for the future. A private technology suite will provide a partner only preview of what is coming in the mid-term, proving a continued focus and investment of Sony’s security solutions. At the booth, Sony will be introducing the new SNC-HMX70 360-degree Hemispheric-view Camera for 24/7 situational awareness without any blind spots. Thanks to its 12-megapixel CMOS sensor, SNC-HMX70 provides excellent image quality as well as high-resolution video at 30 fps, offering value beyond security-related applications for retail stores, banks, office buildings, casinos and more. It is also the first Sony camera to include powerful on-board video analytics capabilities. Other highlights from Sony include additional lens kit options for Sony’s industry leading 4K SNC-VB770 camera as well as a full lineup of industry-leading low light cameras. Bosch will simulate a retail store within its booth where visitors can experience how integrated solutions improve overall safety and security IoT-enabled integrated solutions ISC West attendees will also learn how Bosch security control panels, video surveillance and analytics, access control, and communications technology work together to deliver increased security, efficient monitoring and control, automated audio announcements, and more. To demonstrate the full power of these solutions, Bosch will simulate a retail store within its booth where visitors can experience how integrated solutions improve overall safety and security, reduce shrink, and help retailers improve merchandising and operations. For example, visitors can see how pressing a cashier station panic button that is connected to the Bosch G Series Control Panel will display an alarm and video in the Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) as well as trigger the Telex Radio Dispatch system (IP-224) to issue an announcement on store personnel’s two-way radios. In addition, attendees can simulate a blocked emergency exit door to experience how Bosch IP cameras with video analytics will trigger a warning message to play in the area using the store’s Bosch public address system. Bosch loudspeakers – including pendant, ceiling, wall mount, and horn models – installed throughout the store and booth can be used for both announcements and background music. Also, using a keyfob at an access reader that is securing the door to the store’s back office will trigger an image to display on BVMS to allow the operator to verify the identification of the person requesting access. With Bosch In-Store Analytics, the cameras send position data of shoppers’ movements to the cloud Simplified security data In the store’s back office, visitors will see how monitoring all security data is simplified with BVMS as well as how Bosch IP cameras with built-in analytics can provide retailers with valuable insights on store traffic for improving operations, customer engagement and sales. With Bosch In-Store Analytics, the cameras send position data of shoppers’ movements to the cloud where it is processed without video streams ever leaving the retailer’s premise. Data is mined into performance results that are shared with the retailer through customised web interfaces for merchandisers and operations managers. This helps merchandisers evaluate the performance of displays and assists operations managers in assessing department and store traffic to ensure sufficient staffing. Bosch systems are designed to work together, making it easier for integrators to implement customised, IoT-enabled solutions that provide significant benefits for their customers. Integrated systems are possible whether customers choose a complete Bosch solution or use software from other providers. Bosch IP cameras and intrusion panels are compatible with solutions from a range of industry partners.

Altronix showcases Trove Access and Power Integration Solutions at ISC West 2018

Altronix, a manufacturer of power and data transmission products for the professional security industry, is showcasing a host of new Trove Access and Power Integration Solutions here at ISC West 2018 (booth #11073). Trove easily combines Altronix power with access controllers from the industry’s leading manufacturers. DMP, ProdataKey (PDK), Sielox, and ZKTeco USA now join Altronix’s extensive list of access control manufacturers to capitalise on the benefits that Trove solutions deliver. “Trove is engineered to help system designers easily layout power supplies, access controllers and accessories in an organised streamlined manner, which saves time, reduces costs and conserves valuable space,” said Alan Forman, President, Altronix Corporation. “We are pleased to collaborate with the industry’s leading access manufacturers, increasing ROI and providing value-added features for our mutual customers.”Removable backplanes designed for specific access control brands allow installers to easily configure and test system configurations Simplifying security deployments Trove Access and Power Integration Solutions simplify board layout and wire management, while providing extreme flexibility and scalability when designing and deploying access systems. Removable backplanes designed for specific access control brands allow installers to easily configure and test system configurations prior to on-site installation, reducing time and labour and increasing profitability. In addition to the Trove1 and Trove2 Series, Altronix introduced Trove3 for the largest access control deployments. Altronix Trove now supports over 40 brands, including: AMAG, Bosch, CDVI, DMP, Genetec, HID, Honeywell, Kantech, Keyscan, Lenel, Mercury, ProdataKey (PDK), Sielox, Software House and ZKTeco USA with more to come. Trove enclosures include a cam lock, tamper switch, mounting hardware, and provide ample room to accommodate back-up batteries. Altronix also offers a free Trove System Design Tool to further simplify the product selection and design process.

Milestone to present ‘Building an Intelligent, High Performance and Secure Network for Video Management’ session at ISC West 2018

Milestone Systems, the global provider of open platform company in IP video management software (VMS), will present one of the 85 education sessions scheduled for this year’s ISC West trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mike Sherwood, Director of Technical Operations for Milestone Americas, will address cybersecurity risks in network video implementations, with co-presenter Moses Anderson, CTO for GC&E Systems Group. “Network design considerations for video management are important to ensure system performance, data integrity, availability and threat mitigation. The challenge is that system Integrators are confronted with a multitude of existing premise situations which often do not meet industry or manufacturer best-practice standards in today’s dynamic cybersecurity-centric world,” says Mike Sherwood. Scalable and interoperable solutions The session called Building an Intelligent, High-Performance and Secure Network for Video Management will focus on network design best practices and the policies that support these practices - with an eye toward ensuring solutions that are available, scalable and interoperable. Attendees of the session will learn: - how to identify problem networks - how to implement design measures to ensure performance and integrity Mike studied at Wichita State University before starting at a Cisco-certified IT integrator where he spent 8 years in sales, engineering and management capacities Presenters sharing valuable expertise Since joining Milestone in 2009 Mike Sherwood has progressed from Solutions Engineer to Director of Technical Operations, currently managing all aspects of Technical Support, Pre-sales Engineering, Professional Services, Training Delivery and Alliances. He relocated from Wichita, Kansas, to Portland, Oregon, in 2014 to further his leadership development at Milestone’s U.S. headquarters. Mike studied at Wichita State University before starting at a Cisco-certified IT integrator where he spent 8 years in sales, engineering and management capacities. Moses Anderson has served as Chief Technology Officer for GC&E Systems Group and its subsidiary, Shield IS, where he pioneered a suite of IoT services and applications, including supporting infrastructure and appliances. He is an avid information technologist who began his career in the late 90’s as a computer programmer and instructor, with further training and education as a Microsoft systems engineer, Linux/UNIX network administrator and CISCO network professional. The Milestone education session will take place April 12 from 12:30 - 2:30 PM in the Sands room 101/102, in the Sands Expo in Las Vegas Education session and demonstration at ISC West 2018 Sponsored by the Security Industry Association (SIA) and ISC West to support comprehensive security for a safer, connected world, the Milestone education session will take place April 12 from 12:30 - 2:30 PM in the Sands room 101/102, in the Sands Expo in Las Vegas. April 11-13 in the Exhibit Hall, meet Milestone in booth 18053 to see the latest video management software in action. Interact with top community partners exhibiting their integrated solutions with XProtect: Bosch Security Systems, BriefCam video synopsis and deep learning, Digital Barriers bodyworns and vehicle video, edesix body worn cameras, Habtech integrated systems including building automation and industrial control, iCetana AI-assisted video analyses, Lenel access control, LIVE EARTH real-time visual operations with IoT sensors and spatio-temporal data in interactive maps, NetApp optmized fast and reliable video storage, Razberi Camera Defense cybersecurity hardening, VideoLAtitude public and private security solutions, and Vingtor-Stentofon by Zenitel IP intercoms and communication offerings.