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Bosch Security Systems Overview:

Bosch empowers you to build a safer and more secure world.

Protecting lives, buildings and assets is our aim. The product portfolio includes video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire detection and voice evacuation systems as well as access control and management systems. Professional audio and conference systems for communication of voice, sound and music complete the range.

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Bosch Security Systems news

Belgian police install high-end Full HD Sony 4K surveillance cameras to secure streets and fight crime in Lokeren

Police in the Belgian city of Lokeren can now respond more effectively to criminal incidents – thanks to an upgraded video surveillance solution that features 120 Sony security cameras, including the rugged SNC-VM772R 4K minidome camera. Lokeren video security system Like all urban centers, Lokeren faces the challenges of crime, vandalism and antisocial behavior in its streets, public buildings and open areas. Until recently, the municipal police force relied on analog security cameras to assist with detecting and responding promptly to incidents. However, these cameras’ limited resolution and image quality often prevented efforts to prosecute individuals as they could not be successfully identified. In response to requests from citizens to maximise their safety, Lokeren police chiefs and city politicians pledged to upgrade their video surveillance capabilities. In particular, the urgent need was identified to improve the accurate recognition of suspects caught on camera – an even greater challenge at night or on dull, poorly-lit days. Full HD and 4K network surveillance cameras  Security specialists DS-Consulting therefore recommended upgrading Lokeren’s video security to a combination of Full HD and 4K network surveillance cameras. A competitive comparison by DS-Consulting saw Sony’s outdoor minidome and fixed box-type cameras compare favorably with other brands. The rugged SNC-VM772R 4K minidome camera delivered significantly better images in tough low-light conditions “There was only one choice when we compared the image quality of Sony’s security cameras against other market-leading brands” states Emiel De Smet of security specialist DS-Consulting. “They offer so much more detail and clarity – and that makes all the difference in critical surveillance applications.” SNC-VM772R 4K minidome camera In particular, the rugged SNC-VM772R 4K minidome camera delivered significantly better images in tough low-light conditions. The camera’s large-sized Exmor R CMOS image sensor allows it to capture more light than ordinary sensors. This allows it to ‘see’ suspicious activity clearly in conditions of almost complete darkness, where less sensitive cameras struggle. Installed by Belgian integrator Seris Technology, the complete surveillance solution features a video management platform by Genetec Security Center plus 120 strategically located Sony cameras, providing 24/7 coverage of city center streets as well as public buildings, including Lokeren’s police station, central library and city hall. Crime prevention and 24/7 video monitoring The new cameras give police a clearer picture of criminal activity in the city streets, assisting with the positive identification of suspicious persons even at night and in low light conditions. Round-the-clock video footage is routed via an optical fiber network, where images are monitored in the central dispatch office at police headquarters. Since the cameras’ installation, city police have seen a reduction in crime levels, accompanied by greater peace of mind for residents and visitors.

Daemon and AMG Systems provide video surveillance network for new iPort Rail terminal in the UK

A video surveillance system installed by Daemon Fire & Security, based on an AMG Systems-supplied Ethernet switch network, is helping to protect the UK’s first new inland rail freight hub for over a decade: iPort Rail. The iPort project near Doncaster, South Yorkshire, offers 6 million square feet of space across 337 acres. The massive park is already home to enormous distribution facilities for companies like Amazon, CEVA, Fellowes and Lidl, and its occupancy is set to expand in the coming years. The newly developed iPort Rail terminal, located on its own 30-acre site within iPort, is connected to the electrified East Coast Main Line via the South Yorkshire Joint Line. It offers integrated access to iPort, meaning occupiers can directly approach the rail terminal using their own specialist vehicles on the facility’s private roads. Implementing video surveillance system The cameras we are using are from Bosch, and they are monitored and recorded using the Bosch Video Management System"The terminal can handle up to six trains a day, operating 24-hours, six days a week. Each train can be the maximum UK length of 775m. iPort Rail has an 800m reception siding and two 400m handling sidings, with storage capacity for 1,500 shipping containers. With iPort Rail playing such a crucial role in developer Verdion’s iPort transportation strategy, there was a pressing need to ensure that the terminal has effective ongoing video monitoring. Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd was responsible for the work on iPort Rail, and they worked with CCTV specialist Daemon Fire & Security to implement the video surveillance system for the perimeter of the terminal. Chris Tattersall, Technical Director at Daemon, said the system runs on a redundant fibre optic network. “AMG Systems assisted us with the fibre optic network design.” Tattersall said. “The cameras we are using are from Bosch, and they are monitored and recorded using the Bosch Video Management System. The cameras are on towers from Altron, and the networking is from AMG.” Cameras for intrusion detection The cameras utilise Bosch analytics, monitoring the perimeter fence for people approaching and trying to climb over or cut through"There are 32 cameras mounted on 18 towers around the rail terminal site perimeter. Tattersall explained that the cameras are primarily used as detectors to monitor for trespass or intrusion. “The cameras utilise Bosch analytics, monitoring the perimeter fence for people approaching and trying to climb over or cut through,” he said. “The cameras are monitored live by the 24-hour security team in the site gatehouse. The system is networked using equipment and expertise from AMG Systems. Daemon and AMG designed a failsafe fibre optic ring system together,” Tattersall said. “From the gatehouse there’s a fibre optic cable which goes and loops around every camera tower and goes back to the gatehouse,” he said. “It’s a redundant ring, so if they get a fault or deliberate cut, everything will carry on working. We’re using industrial PoE Ethernet switches in the towers so they can withstand low temperatures, which is particularly important during cold winters in a relatively open site like this.” Operative in extreme temperatures The industrial managed switches are able to operate in temperatures ranging from -40 deg C to 75 deg CThe industrial managed switches, 20 of which were used in this project, are able to operate in temperatures ranging from -40 deg C to 75 deg C and are designed for medium to large network environments to strengthen network connections. AMG Business Development Director Sara Fisher said AMG was thrilled to be involved in this project. “We were delighted to be asked by Daemon to contribute our design and product expertise to help protect this important and growing freight hub,” she said. Daemon’s video surveillance project took around 10 weeks in total, including implementation and commissioning. It was handed over on time and installed on target. Tattersall said the smooth running of the project could be put down to Daemon’s good working relationship with contractor Buckingham, distributor Pro-Vision, networking and transmission expert AMG Systems, and product suppliers Bosch and Altron.

Milestone Systems Device Pack 10.1a offers firmware support for partners and customers using XProtect video solutions

Milestone Systems, the number one global provider of open platform networked video management systems, has released Device Pack 10.1a for partners and customers using Milestone XProtect video solutions. The latest Device Pack offers new firmware support for partners Axis, FLIR Systems, Hanwha Techwin, Honeywell and MOBOTIX. New features include support for SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol), a feature that ensures that camera video streams are received via secure end-to-end encrypted transportation method only by authorised clients, for an increased number of Axis devices. Driver Command with Response Also, Device Pack 10.1a carries implemented support for ‘Driver Command with Response’ on all Axis drivers, as well as bugs-fixing of issues with connecting through HTTPS and appropriate handling of the speaker device of M1065-LW. Device Pack 10.1a has implemented support for thermal events for MOBOTIX M16 Series and new driver support for SonyGenXDevice Pack 10.1a has implemented support for thermal events for MOBOTIX M16 Series and new driver support for SonyGenX, including bug-fixing for failure on Edge retrieval for SNC-VB630 and Multicast Settings issues for Sony G7. The new Device Pack offers support for the ONVIF specification 18.06. This includes a number of major enhancements and minor clarifications for better interoperability among ONVIF conformant clients and devices. Support for the ONVIF specification 18.06 With the release of Device Pack 10.0a in late 2018, Milestone Systems now supports new logic for Inputs/Outputs for Axis audio device driver. The device pack also has implemented support for variable bitrates for Bosch, support for additional analytic events for Vivotek, as well as for Siqura. The Device Pack 10.0a also supports ONVIF-based cameras for partners Mobotix and Arecont Vision, both of whom released their first ONVIF-based cameras in 2018.