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Bosch Security Systems GmbH Overview:

We are committed to being an innovative, customer-oriented, and global supplier of security and communications products and systems, offering high quality solutions and excellent service to customers.

Bosch Security offers CCTV, Intrusion systems, Congress, Public Address, Social Alarm, Paging and IP Network Video to meet the dynamic needs of the security industry.

Bosch Security Systems also offers application support for architects and engineers specifying our products.  Our helpful technical support experts are always available to provide assistance should there be a need.   We offer Training in our demonstration suite covering the entire product range and offer Short ½ day courses for staff in sales and support including help desk personnel, project team, consultants etc.  Longer 1-day courses give more in-depth product training for specifiers, installers, project management teams and other specialists needing to know how to design, install, configure and support systems. 

At Bosch Security Systems, we proudly offer security you can rely on.

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Bosch Security Systems GmbH news

Connected Buildings 2018 will showcase Bosch networked solutions for safe, comfortable and efficient buildings

Tomorrow’s commercial buildings will be safe, comfortable, efficient and smart. But how do ordinary buildings turn into smart buildings? And how will we live and work in a smart city? What possibilities and opportunities for optimally protecting people, property and the environment will holistic solutions deliver? Inspiration, dialog & networking These and other fascinating questions will be illuminated by building experts from Bosch, joined by futurologists and customers, in a unique event series titled “Connected Buildings – turning ideas into reality”. It will take place on five dates in the fall of 2018 at an equal number of venues across Europe. Milan will lead the way, followed by Zurich, Amsterdam, Vienna and Berlin. Each top-class event will address technical and commercial decision-makers from various industries who wish to derive inspiration from solutions for enhancing the safety, comfort and efficiency of commercial buildings and seek an opportunity to network and share information and ideas with other leaders and experts. The interconnectivity of technical devices via the Internet of Things (IoT) will result in greater interlinking of various aspects of technical infrastructure Opportunities & possibilities through IoT The growing interconnectivity of technical devices via the Internet of Things (IoT) will result in greater interlinking of various aspects of technical infrastructure than is still the case today. New functions and services will appear for improving, accelerating or automating processes. Integrated, networked solutions that merge state-of-the-art technology with services will enhance processes across domains and generate benefits for owners, operators, personnel and users. As an enabler of networked building solutions, Bosch is already tapping the potential of the IoT and leveraging its many years of experience as a system integrator to make people’s everyday lives safer, more comfortable and more efficient and ultimately protect both property and the environment more effectively. Participants in the “Connected Buildings” events can therefore look forward to thought-provoking topics, presentations and discussions in an exclusive setting. Bosch expert insights The speed with which digitisation is driving change and the importance of taking action now will be insightfully described by prominent futurologists at all of the events. They include Michael Carl, Director, Research & Consulting of 2bAhead ThinkTanks, the Dutch trend researcher Richard Van Hooijdonk and the world renowned futurist Vito Di Bari. Bosch experts will also talk about smart cities and pragmatically explain how the Internet of Things is already transforming life in cities. Together with customers, Bosch will provide exclusive glimpses of regional lighthouse projects where networked building solutions are becoming reality. Among them: the Nove project in Munich and Prime Tower in Zurich. Apart from the events themselves, attendees can look forward to exciting and inspiring locations that provide very appropriate backdrops for the topics addressed.

Bosch installs AVIOTEC video-based fire detection devices at three Mouka Limited factories

Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, manufacturing company Mouka Limited has built a position on the country’s household and industrial markets since its founding in 1959. With 800 employees and production facilities in Lagos, Benin and Kaduna, Mouka is now Nigeria’s foremost supplier of branded mattresses and foam-based products for sleep solutions. Products such as foam blocks, beddings and duvets, and polyurethane blocks are widely available throughout retail and wholesale channels in Nigeria. Due to the highly flammable nature of foam and polyurethane materials, fire safety at manufacturing facilities is a prime concern. However, when Mouka Limited was looking for a solution that detects fire and smoke in less than 30 seconds – before fire can spread and potentially harm employees – the market had nothing to offer. The reason: Common point-type detectors, detecting smoke particles in the air, rely on smoke particles to rise, which can take several minutes – especially when detectors are mounted on high warehouse ceilings. Provides additional information Fortunately, Bosch offers an innovative product sensitive enough: AVIOTEC, a VdS-certified solution for visual fire monitoring detecting smoke and flames at the source, which is much faster than common point-type detectors. Software inside each device analyzes the video images for visual patterns associated with fires like specific motion and shape characteristics or color changes. When connected to IP-based video management solutions the video images provide additional information e.g. for alarm verification or localization of the fire. AVIOTEC was much closer to the insurance’s requirements than any other solution on the market. Working closely with the teams at the three Mouka Limited factories in Lagos, Benin and Kaduna, Bosch provided 34 AVIOTEC devices for video-based fire detection, alarm sounders, strobes and a third-party sprinkler system, all connected to a Bosch addressable Fire Panel 1200 Series. Ability to detect flame and smoke at a very early stage, Bosch video-based fire detection system is a real assetShorten alarm response times With its ability to detect flame and smoke at a very early stage, the Bosch video-based fire detection system is a real asset at all three facilities. First, it significantly raises the safety of hundreds of employees at Mouka Limited factories. Second, it shortens alarm response times and thereby minimizes the risk of potential damage to equipment and product inventories. And third, analysis of video images of a fire allows for root cause analysis after an incident. In addition, the fact that the system offers fire detection at industry-leading speeds has been appreciated by the insurance provider responsible for setting the insurance premium for Mouka Limited’s facilities. Meanwhile, word about the new state of the art in early fire detection at industrial manufacturing sites is spreading throughout Nigeria – and beyond.

Bosch releases Access Professional Edition 3.7 with new features for easy operation of its access control software

Bosch has further enhanced the convenience and ease of operation of its access control software Access Professional Edition (APE) in the just released version 3.7. The update adds new features such as assembly points for emergency situations, personalized permanent open and output signals, plus easier management of user access rights and data supporting companies to meet the requirements of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Companies can easily set up assembly points where employees can show their card to register as safe during emergencies. Set-up only requires installing a Bosch access control reader in a safe area (assembly point) outside of the building, but significantly improves employee safety during evacuations. Easily programmable features The APE provides a real-time view of evacuation status so operators can take immediate action when employees still remain inside the building. Given the hectic nature of evacuations, this feature provides invaluable data to improve employee safety and peace of mind for facility managers or operators during emergencies and can be installed without the need to invest in a separate system. This new functionality provides important visitors and company CEOs with a special welcome treatment via easily programmable features. With APE 3.7, operators can assign a personalized output signal to individual users to trigger specific functions. For instance, when the president of a company opens a door via the card reader, the system displays a specific welcome message, automatically calls an elevator or plays an audio signal; among many possible configurations for VIP treatments. APE 3.7 supports companies in being compliant with the GDPR requirements relating to data privacy Safeguard user data While APE provides users the highest level of access control, some cases call for assigning certain doors to a permanent open status. This includes events, where guests are permitted to enter without presenting a badge. The new version of APE makes it easy: authorized users can conveniently activate or deactivate permanent open mode right at the reader by presenting their card and entering a PIN code. In order to help system operators ensure that only authorized individuals have certain access rights, APE 3.7 allows for accessing groups of users by specific criteria. For instance, searching for users by date of last access enables system administrators to easily remove access rights of multiple users at once. To avoid removing administrators on accident, their names do not show in list view. APE 3.7 supports companies in being compliant with the GDPR requirements relating to data privacy. APE helps safeguard user data by limiting access to certain persons, who need to be defined by the system administrator. Moreover, operators can print all stored user data upon request and user data including personal images are erased automatically upon user account deletion.