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We are committed to being an innovative, customer-oriented, and global supplier of security and communications products and systems, offering high quality solutions and excellent service to customers.

Bosch Security offers CCTV, Intrusion systems, Congress, Public Address, Social Alarm, Paging and IP Network Video to meet the dynamic needs of the security industry.

Bosch Security Systems also offers application support for architects and engineers specifying our products.  Our helpful technical support experts are always available to provide assistance should there be a need.   We offer Training in our demonstration suite covering the entire product range and offer Short ½ day courses for staff in sales and support including help desk personnel, project team, consultants etc.  Longer 1-day courses give more in-depth product training for specifiers, installers, project management teams and other specialists needing to know how to design, install, configure and support systems. 

At Bosch Security Systems, we proudly offer security you can rely on.

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Bosch Security Systems GmbH news

Bosch secures hydropower substations with high-end integrated security system from CELPE, a Brazilian energy provider

Brazilian infrastructure company Companhia Energética de Pernambuco (CELPE) is the main supplier of electricity in the country’s Northeastern state of Pernambuco. Headquartered in the state capital Recife, one of the most important economic and urban hubs in the country, CELPE serves a population of more than 8,8 million inhabitants in the 184 municipalities of Pernambuco. As part of the Brazilian government’s commitment to clean energy, the CELPE grid also contains several hydropower plants at rivers across the state. Detecting and deterring power thefts Providing electricity to private customers and industrial clients in the expansive region requires a 136,762 kilometers distribution network and 4,386 kilometers of transmission lines. As critical parts of the power infrastructure, CELPE operates 240 substations across Pernambuco. But as most of these stations are located in remote areas, the last few years saw an alarming increase of vandalism and theft of expensive power cables. Looking to safeguard its vital infrastructure, CELPE needed an integrated security solution that achieved three goals: firstly, keep out criminals and alert police upon security breaches. Secondly, provide seamless access control for the 300 maintenance teams in the field. And thirdly, connect fire alarm, communications, and voice evacuation on an integrated system that allows for remote management from CELPE headquarters. Bosch video security and intrusion detection systems  For video security, Bosch installed its AUTODOME IP starlight 7000 HD cameras, integrated via the Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) As a one-stop solutions provider, Bosch won the contract for equipping sixteen substations with video security systems, access control, communications, fire alarm and voice evacuation as well as intrusion alarm connected on the Building Integration System (BIS). For video security, Bosch installed its AUTODOME IP starlight 7000 HD cameras, integrated via the Bosch Video Management System (BVMS). The fire alarm revolves around smoke and heat detectors, while for voice alarm and evacuation, Plena Mixer Amplifiers are connected to driver loudspeakers. All systems and cameras are monitored by security personnel at the company’s control center in Recife. IP cameras with built-in video analytics For added security, selected cameras feature built-in video analytics to automatically set off intruder alarms and alert authorities. The system also fulfills the key customer requirement for remote management via the management system BIS (Building Integration System), including administration of user credentials and access rights for the 300 maintenance teams serving various substation sites. Successfully installed at sixteen stations in Pernambuco, the Bosch solution has proven to be an asset for CELPE and its personnel. Aside from safeguarding valuable infrastructure against criminals, the system has also streamlined communications among the service teams in the region by including elements such as conferencing and automatic alerts for fires and intrusions through a messenger system. The remote management of user access rights at the substations has enhanced the overall service level and prevented security breaches. Satisfied with the end-to-end solution, CELPE has now commissioned Bosch to equip approximately 240 electrical substations over the next years.

Security and Safety Things (SAST) announces a revolutionary IoT platform for security camera segment

Security and Safety Things GmbH (SAST) announced their vision for a revolutionary IoT platform in the security camera segment. SAST is currently building a global ecosystem for the development of innovative security camera applications. Although the open and secure IoT platform is initially for the security camera industry, the platform will be extended to support additional IoT domains in the future. The platform will be launched in mid-2019. “SAST introduces a new standard for the development of innovative business applications in the security and safety segment. SAST is creating a free operating system and a secure and scalable global marketplace to deploy and manage software solutions. SAST is closely cooperating with the recently announced Open Security and Safety Alliance to ensure an innovative and compatible platform for its members,” said Hartmut Schaper, CEO of SAST. Platform for next generation of security cameras Increasing internet connectivity and computing power at the edge is fostering the rise of edge-based video analytics The founding of SAST is in direct response to current innovative trends for IP security cameras. Increasing internet connectivity and computing power at the edge is fostering the rise of edge-based video analytics. Within this global market, SAST anticipates specialised software applications to emerge as a significant growth segment during the next five years. A specific growth driver for these software applications are next-generation microprocessors, including so-called neuron chip sets. Benefits include among others: High-value analytics applications Artificial Intelligence unlocking new security camera functionality, e.g. facial recognition Possibility to install apps via updates or new app uploads, without changing the camera Applications include building and airport security SAST will provide a unique B2B-software ecosystem within the security camera market. The SAST-related App Store will allow developers to build applications on an open software standard, and to market them via the SAST App Store, similar to today’s app stores for smartphone applications. Focus applications currently include: Building security. Vertical specific applications for airports (e.g. face recognition, perimeter control) and retail (e.g. queue management, flow analysis) based on Artificial Intelligence Applications beyond security, such as business intelligence and lifecycle monitoring (e.g. predictive maintenance and condition monitoring) Implementing strict guidelines and security checks SAST will implement strict quality guidelines and security checks for new apps, as well as a stringent approval process. As a further commitment to innovation, SAST plans to hire additional employees during the first half of 2019, with a high focus on software developers and IT skills. SAST is set up as a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH and is part of the group’s strategic move into new, digital growth areas. Going forward, SAST plans to onboard additional investors to further open up to external stakeholders, and to accelerate the success of its ecosystem.

Bosch Systems equips Biblioteca Beghi library with interfaced fire detection, safety and evacuation solution

Located in the Northern Italian town of La Spezia, the Biblioteca Civica Pietro Mario Beghi is a state-of-the-art public library with an extensive collection of books and media across three floors. The 1,560-square meter facility with its bright, modern interior architecture was completed in April 2017 in a historic building remodeled by the architect’s firm 5+1AA. It continues the region’s long literary tradition: The harbor town is situated on the “Golfo dei Poeti” (meaning “Poet’s Golf”), named for the many writers and poets who have lauded the coastal area throughout history.   EN 54 fire detection and alarm system standard Aside from a self-service book lending station, a child reading room and a 72-seat auditorium, the Beghi library is also home to the La Spezia Institute for the History of the Resistance and the Contemporary Age. With so many valuable books and original documents under one roof, end-to-end fire protection according to the high demands of the European Union’s EN 54 fire detection and fire alarm system standard – plus demands by the local fire brigade – was a prime requisite from the start. Choosing a fire alarm and evacuation solution for the library in an open tender, the municipality of La Spezia had an open ear when local system integrator Bagnone SNC proposed a comprehensive solution: An interface between a high-end fire alarm system and evacuation system delivered by Bosch as the single provider. Convincing the officials, the Bosch system could be installed discretely without disturbing the library’s upscale interior design. Addressable Fire Panel 1200 Series The comprehensive solution enables automated alarm messages and public addresses over wall-mounted speakers After receiving the contract, Bagnone SNC installed the Addressable Fire Panel 1200 Series from Bosch interfaced via a serial connection with the Plena Voice Alarm System, supporting also multi-stage evacuation. The comprehensive solution enables automated alarm messages and public addresses over wall-mounted speakers from Bosch that match the library’s color palette. The system accurately detects fires via automatic optical fire detectors and three beam smoke detectors strategically placed across the building. Alarms can also be triggered via manual call points, while in the case of an emergency, pre-recorded messages, sounders and strobes direct building occupants to safety. As a result of the interfaced solution, the Biblioteca Civica Pietro Mario Beghi benefits from highly accurate fire detection and efficient evacuation in an aesthetically pleasing package from Bosch as the single provider. “Our expectations have been exceeded in a major way. Everything went as planned from both a technical and a management point of view,” said Claudio Canneti, Technical Public Works Manager, La Spezia Municipality.