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Bosch Security Systems GmbH Overview:

Bosch empowers you to build a safer and more secure world.

Protecting lives, buildings and assets is our aim. The product portfolio includes video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire detection and voice evacuation systems as well as access control and management systems. Professional audio and conference systems for communication of voice, sound and music complete the range.

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Bosch Security Systems GmbH news

Bosch announces INTEOX camera platform designed to modernise the security and safety industry

Bosch announces the launch of INTEOX, a new camera platform designed to modernise the security and safety industry. The first fully-open platform of its kind, INTEOX gives users, system integrators, and application developers’ unlimited freedom for innovation and customisation. As the world becomes increasingly connected, the Internet of Things (IoT) presents new opportunities for individuals and businesses. However, to take full advantage of the opportunities that the IoT brings, the safety and security industry must embrace change. Bosch is demonstrating the vast potential of the IoT with INTEOX. Developing unlimited software apps The INTEOX open camera platform combines built-in Intelligent Video Analytics from Bosch with superb performance, a commonly used open OS, and the ability to add software apps securely. The new powerful platform supports the latest technologies, such as neural network based analytics, the next step in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. INTEOX enables app developers and integration partners to take advantage of its built-in intelligence and capabilities to easily develop unlimited software apps based on a common language. At the same time, system integrators can customise their security solutions to meet specific and changing customer requirements by adding apps and deploying them into INTEOX cameras. Intelligent video analytics Bosch supports the platform with the highest levels of data security and privacy protection" “As sophisticated sensors with Intelligent Video Analytics built-in as standard, INTEOX cameras can provide valuable data that can be analysed and used in a wide variety of new and beneficial ways, many of which the industry can only imagine. Bosch supports the platform with the highest levels of data security and privacy protection, and the quality and simplicity that comes with working with Bosch”, says Michael Seiter, Senior Vice President, responsible for the Bosch Video Systems & Solutions business. An open platform approach has already proven successful in the computer and mobile phone market, where software and apps have become an integral part of daily life. For example, apps provide immediate information, instant communication and connection, improved work productivity, and simplified daily tasks. These benefits extend to security cameras. By having an open platform, developers can work with integrators to address their customer’s business challenges. Device management portal The INTEOX camera platform will power an entirely new line of MIC, AUTODOME, FLEXIDOME, and DINION fixed and moving cameras supported by an open IoT infrastructure. Developed by Security and Safety Things GmbH, a Bosch start-up company, this IoT infrastructure is based on four pillars: An open OS based on Android Open Source Project and strengthened for increased security An application store to access relevant app information, browse the public store and purchase ready-to-use apps for all INTEOX cameras A web portal for app developers and designers that offers information and tools to develop and test apps A device management portal that shows app and device health statistics and enables easy management of apps The INTEOX cameras, together with the IoT infrastructure, enable app developers, system integrators, integration partners, and other market players to create customer-specific apps and insert them easily into INTEOX cameras. “INTEOX will fuel innovation that is beyond the scope of any single company today. The introduction of this open camera platform will accelerate the future growth of the entire security and safety industry,” Seiter says.

Genetec’s Firmware Vault helps organisations stay up-to-date with latest camera firmware and enhance cybersecurity

Genetec Inc., a globally-renowned technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, has announced that Firmware Vault, the industry’s first camera firmware update service developed by an open architecture VMS vendor, now supports cameras from Axis, Bosch, and Panasonic, in addition to existing support for Hanwha Techwin cameras. Firmware Vault Designed to help IT administrators and systems integrators stay up to date with the latest camera firmware, Firmware Vault helps organisations ensure they have the latest protection from the manufacturer against cyber threats. Outdated camera firmware presents one of the biggest weaknesses in cybersecurity defense. But for many security administrators, keeping pace with the latest updates can be very time-consuming. According to recent research conducted by Genetec, 68.4% or almost 7 out of 10 cameras are currently running out-of-date firmware. Enhancing cybersecurity protection  Ensuring that you are running the latest version of your cameras’ firmware can be tricky and time-consuming Firmware Vault streamlines the camera firmware update process so that customers can implement the latest cybersecurity protection measures as soon as they become available, a crucial step in ensuring their organisation’s resilience against cyber-attacks. Firmware Vault is available free of charge with Security Centre Version 5.8 and above. “Ensuring that you are running the latest version of your cameras’ firmware can be tricky and time-consuming. Yet, when the firmware on a single video surveillance camera is out of date, your entire IT network can be at risk of a cyber-attack. Firmware Vault makes it easy to keep on top of the firmware update process,” explains Mathieu Chevalier, Lead Security Architect, at Genetec. Cloud-based locker The Firmware Vault feature relies on the same highly-secure cloud-based locker used by the Genetec Update Service to provide access to Windows and Security Centre updates. When new camera firmware is available, system administrators are notified in the Security Centre Configuration Tool. This allows them to track and download new firmware packages and the latest manufacturer cybersecurity protection measures for the connected cameras in a matter of minutes. The Firmware Vault allows users to have a unified view of all cameras and their update status so that they can take corrective action more quickly and efficiently.

Security and Safety Things GmbH organises app-challenge for security developers to win and display app at GSX 2020

Security and Safety Things GmbH launches its App-Challenge, a contest offering developers the chance to present their solutions to industry players and compete for 3 x 10 000€ in prize money as well as the opportunity to present their winning application on the Security and Safety Things booth at GSX 2020 in September or a similar event depending on the COVID-19 situation. All developed applications will be listed on the company’s open Application Store where they can be purchased by integrators and end users to be deployed in live projects. Participating developers must hand in a proposal for an app solution by May 6th, 2020 that solves one of several use cases in the retail, transportation or manufacturing sector. Suspicious behaviour detection Developers can submit multiple proposals if they’d like to participate in more than one vertical. Use cases include: Retail: Dynamic privacy masking for cashiers Shopping cart analytics Spill detection Shoplifting detection Transportation & Smart Cities: Social distancing and protective equipment (identify groups, presence of masks and gloves) Suspicious behaviour detection Train platform analysis Manufacturing & Logistics: Digitising analogue industrial gauges, water levels and meters Barcode reader (1d/2d) Smoke & Fire Detection Most innovative proposals A jury of experts including Securitas, G4S, Kings Secure Technologies, Bosch, Ateksis, Convergint Technologies, Vision Technologies and Security and Safety Things will review the proposals and select the best and most innovative proposals for each category to enter the App Challenge. The chosen Developers will then receive a reference camera and will have time until the end of July to develop the proposed applications and upload them to the Application Store of Security and Safety Things. The jury will then test all uploaded applications and choose the best three applications and therefore winners of the App Challenge, who will be announced later in August and win prize money of 10 000€. Throughout the whole duration of the challenge, participating developers will be able to benefit from various co-marketing opportunities with Security and Safety Things.