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Bosch empowers you to build a safer and more secure world.

Protecting lives, buildings and assets is our aim. The product portfolio includes video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire detection and voice evacuation systems as well as access control and management systems. Professional audio and conference systems for communication of voice, sound and music complete the range.

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Bosch Security Systems GmbH news

Belgian police install high-end Full HD Sony 4K surveillance cameras to secure streets and fight crime in Lokeren

Police in the Belgian city of Lokeren can now respond more effectively to criminal incidents – thanks to an upgraded video surveillance solution that features 120 Sony security cameras, including the rugged SNC-VM772R 4K minidome camera. Lokeren video security system Like all urban centers, Lokeren faces the challenges of crime, vandalism and antisocial behavior in its streets, public buildings and open areas. Until recently, the municipal police force relied on analog security cameras to assist with detecting and responding promptly to incidents. However, these cameras’ limited resolution and image quality often prevented efforts to prosecute individuals as they could not be successfully identified. In response to requests from citizens to maximise their safety, Lokeren police chiefs and city politicians pledged to upgrade their video surveillance capabilities. In particular, the urgent need was identified to improve the accurate recognition of suspects caught on camera – an even greater challenge at night or on dull, poorly-lit days. Full HD and 4K network surveillance cameras  Security specialists DS-Consulting therefore recommended upgrading Lokeren’s video security to a combination of Full HD and 4K network surveillance cameras. A competitive comparison by DS-Consulting saw Sony’s outdoor minidome and fixed box-type cameras compare favorably with other brands. The rugged SNC-VM772R 4K minidome camera delivered significantly better images in tough low-light conditions “There was only one choice when we compared the image quality of Sony’s security cameras against other market-leading brands” states Emiel De Smet of security specialist DS-Consulting. “They offer so much more detail and clarity – and that makes all the difference in critical surveillance applications.” SNC-VM772R 4K minidome camera In particular, the rugged SNC-VM772R 4K minidome camera delivered significantly better images in tough low-light conditions. The camera’s large-sized Exmor R CMOS image sensor allows it to capture more light than ordinary sensors. This allows it to ‘see’ suspicious activity clearly in conditions of almost complete darkness, where less sensitive cameras struggle. Installed by Belgian integrator Seris Technology, the complete surveillance solution features a video management platform by Genetec Security Center plus 120 strategically located Sony cameras, providing 24/7 coverage of city center streets as well as public buildings, including Lokeren’s police station, central library and city hall. Crime prevention and 24/7 video monitoring The new cameras give police a clearer picture of criminal activity in the city streets, assisting with the positive identification of suspicious persons even at night and in low light conditions. Round-the-clock video footage is routed via an optical fiber network, where images are monitored in the central dispatch office at police headquarters. Since the cameras’ installation, city police have seen a reduction in crime levels, accompanied by greater peace of mind for residents and visitors.

Security and Safety Things to showcase innovative uses of surveillance cameras at CES 2019

Security and Safety Things GmbH (SAST) will be presenting innovative use cases for security cameras at CES 2019 from January 8 to 11, 2019. These are the first to be developed on the basis of SAST’s open IoT ecosystem for the security industry. The use cases show the potential of the ecosystem for restaurants, airports and events. Within the food services sector, restaurateurs can run multiple apps and solutions on the same camera, which allows the system to count visitors and personalise solutions for customers simultaneously. High-resolution cameras Amongst the applications for airports, facility operators can set up device-independent networks with different cameras Amongst the applications for airports, facility operators can set up device-independent networks with different cameras. For example, high-resolution cameras from the entrance hall can be connected to simple devices from supply corridors which enable security teams to detect and track left behind objects, find the owner and alert security. Meanwhile, entertainment and event organisers can install and continuously update the most innovative solutions from around the world on their cameras with a simple plug-and-play process, ensuring they always have the latest algorithms for predictive control of visitor flow. Accelerates innovation SAST will present these use cases at CES with the help of an AR animation. “I am excited that we can demonstrate the potential of SAST at CES with the first tangible use cases. We are working closely with the Open Security and Safety Alliance to establish our open system as an industry standard. Open standards enable vendor-independent solutions and this accelerates innovation similar to what open app stores did for smartphones. It’s new for the security industry,” says Hartmut Schaper, CEO of SAST. The SAST IoT ecosystem consists of: an open operating system that serves as the common basis for all components; a portal for developers with tools for development and testing; a community section for help and inspiration; an app store with ready-to-use apps that can be flexibly combined, and a portal for integrators that provides knowledge about innovative solutions. Higher transmission rates These components make it possible to develop completely new solutions and implement them in use cases These components make it possible to develop completely new solutions and implement them in use cases. SAST shows first examples at CES 2019. The SAST ecosystem connects three trends of modern security cameras: firstly, stronger computing power enables analyses to be performed directly on the devices; secondly, the connection to the Internet is carried out at ever higher transmission rates with decreasing costs, and finally, algorithms from AI and Machine Learning form the basis for completely new applications. In addition to these trends, SAST’s open ecosystem allows flexible linking of apps. Digital growth markets This opens up a wide range of possibilities, so that the security industry is on the threshold of a new era of innovation, AI and growth. At CES 2019, developers and integrators will learn how to develop and deploy their own apps based on the ecosystem. SAST experts will be available for background discussions. The first partners are already developing on the basis of the SAST ecosystem. SAST is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH and is part of Bosch’s strategic development of new digital growth markets. In the future, SAST wants to attract further investors and accelerate the expansion of its global ecosystem through external partners.

Bosch integrated security solution secures IKEA mall in Portugal

Bosch experts for building safety are networking the IKEA MAR Shopping mall in the Algarve, Portugal with trendsetting solutions. They make sure everybody can feel at ease and safe during their shopping experience. Scores of tourists are attracted every year to the Algarve, Portugal’s most southerly region where vacationers enjoy the sun and beaches and descend on popular seaside resorts like Lagos or Albufeira. However, whenever people have had enough of sunbathing, the Algarve also offers a multitude of other things to do – whether it is hiking or shopping, there is something for everybody. Those fancying a spot of the last mentioned have every opportunity to do just that in “IKEA MAR Shopping” – an IKEA-run mall in the Algarve that is home to about 100 other brand shops. Every day numerous visitors frequent the mall and they not only present a challenge to the staff at the checkouts. The safety technology in such a mall also has to work smoothly and on the dot. It is why the architects and planners of the IKEA MAR Shopping mall decided to use a connected, smart safety solution from Bosch Building Technologies. Intuitive and fully-integrated security solution “Our customer wanted a fully-integrated solution whose systems could be controlled via a single management system,” is how Luis Gomes, Bosch Building Technologies Sales Manager Iberia, describes the remit. Networked systems that communicate with each other have to facilitate quick and precise measures in emergencies. The customer also requested a means by which they could schedule the deployment of security personnel more efficiently plus intuitive-to-operate and clearly-structured systems to make their jobs easier. The Bosch Intelligent Video Analytics software which is installed in each and every camera processes the image data in real time  Together with the customer and partners, Bosch has created a harmonious overall picture consisting of a video and public address system, a fire and intrusion detection system and access control within the space of two years. It includes 1,100 loudspeakers inserted in the ceiling and 390 video cameras. The mall is equipped with a total of 4,000 fire detectors and 520 sensors for both intrusion alert and controlling access to IKEA MAR Shopping. Bosch Intelligent Video Analytics The Bosch Intelligent Video Analytics software which is installed in each and every camera processes the image data in real time and recognises suspicious activities by means of an algorithm. Whenever there is danger, it can make all the information available to the staff who need it as quickly as possible to initiate appropriate measures. For a person, it is virtually impossible to continuously retain an overview of the images provided by 390 cameras. “Intelligent Video Analytics and the complete solution make the security personnel’s everyday jobs significantly easier,” says Luis Gomes. “At the same time, the customer has lower costs – and every shopaholic can feel safe.”