BCDVideo announced that all manufactured Access Control and IP Video Recording Servers will feature an embedded recovery module. This technology allows the system to restore the server to the original BCDVideo factory image in cases of disaster recovery. The new feature, called SMARTrecovery, eliminates the customer’s need to search for restore media and allows technicians to easily walk through the recovery process remotely, with no need for an onsite technician. “This is just another reason why we chose to build our systems exclusively on the HP platform. The ability to leverage HP’s Intelligent Provisioning and on-board secure media allowed us to take our systems to that next level of fault tolerance,” states Jeff Burgess, BCDVideo President.

“We continue to strive for ways to give the integrator a decisive edge, while reducing their costs over the five years of a project. By creating the custom image and embedding BCDVideo’s optimisation standards, we have taken a process that used to take hours and turned it into minutes. Thanks to SMARTrecovery, maintaining critical infrastructure uptime has never been easier and more cost-effective for the integrator,” adds Burgess.

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