BCDVideo announced the BCD228 video server as the newest edition to its SuperNova Series. Capable of supporting up to 224TB in a mere 2U of rack space, the BCD228 is the highest-density video storage server in the world. But this is so much more than how many drives bays can fit in a chassis. This is a superior-performing machine, capable of supporting hundreds of camera streams, with built-in intelligent power management capabilities at both the CPU and chassis level. The BCD228 is built with expansion in mind. As government guidelines for video storage continue to lengthen mandatory retention times, the BCD228's maximum scalability can make these requirements as simple and cost-effective as adding hard drives to existing sites needing a future upgrade.

Big Data for video

The BCD228 is really all about density in relation to cameras and video storage. Capitalising on the enterprise-class multi core Intel processors, SAS Hard Drives, and RAID Controllers built for Video Streaming, each system is capable of recording up to 1,000 high-definition cameras. All covered by a worldwide five-year on-site warranty.

Imagine housing one petabyte of RAID5 usable storage, with only five video servers using a total of 10U rack space. All this storage comes at a fraction of the cost, rack space, and power consumption of traditional storage. No need to imagine it anymore - this is the new reality.

For casinos, airports, arenas, or any site with over 1,000 cameras, this changes the landscape. Keeping the storage within the main server eliminates the need for costlier, less-efficient external storage. Correspondingly, the maximum throughput and video rendering quality is maintained by load balancing the cameras throughout the servers.

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