BCDVideo announced the hiring of Chris Haun, a fifteen-year veteran of Pelco by Schneider Electric, to manage the Titan Series product line. Titan Networking gains Haun’s full technical expertise. An expert in quality assurance and product management, Haun adds a proven record of ensuring the customer has the right network backbone to negate any issues with their video management systems.

Industry expertise

As Senior Technical Account Manager, Haun will have full responsibility for the Titan product line, including all sales and service strategies, as well as coordinating with executive management, procurement, and marketing. After releasing Titan Networking in June, demand for both the product and technical services grew quickly.

"Chris’ strong history of
product leadership and
commitment to customer
service will certainly
accelerate this already
rapid growth."

Our ability to bring in someone of Chris’ talent is a major addition for the company. His history at Pelco was one of continuing advancement while building tremendous relationships in and out the networking world,” states Jeff Burgess, BCDVideo CEO. “We had already seen immediate market impact with the Titan line and Chris’ strong history of product leadership and commitment to customer service will certainly accelerate this already rapid growth.”

Titan Networking

BCDVideo’s Titan Series, powered by Avaya, utilises IP Fabric Connect to deliver superior levels of performance, scalability, and resiliency for both unicast and multicast video networks. Without the proper support, however, poor network configuration and deployment can cut into security integrator’s margins. Haun’s hiring reinforces BCDVideo’s commitment to getting networking projects done right the first time. Repeat site visits to simply address network issues caused by human error will no longer affect integrators ability to free up resources to engage on additional projects.

According to Darren Giacomini, Avaya’s Director of Video Networking, “Automating the network configuration process reduces human error, and helps scale resources within an integration company. Both BCDVideo and Avaya are committed to making that happen.”



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