Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and BCDVideo, a provider of innovative, purpose-built IP video storage solutions, announces they are working together to address the growing demand of businesses to enhance public security and safety via video surveillance and networking.

Advances in video surveillance are helping cities, hospitals, hotels, sporting and entertainment venues focus on improving public safety, deterring crime and helping police solve crimes, and providing first responders with situational awareness during emergencies. These enterprises recognise accessing video surveillance systems, files, analytics and applications requires a stable network with reduced network downtime and increased network reliability.

Massive data transfer

ALE’s unique offering in the surveillance market delivers built-in, easy provisioning and integration of surveillance equipment for more flexibility

The two companies are aligning to offer customers and integrators best in breed technology via a simplified infrastructure and an award-winning surveillance system. Leveraging Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) technology offered on the Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch family of products, the joint offer creates a highly available network that exceeds speed and management requirements to support the massive data transfer and file volume of a surveillance system.

ALE’s unique offering in the surveillance market delivers built-in, easy provisioning and integration of surveillance equipment for more flexibility, while reducing the cost of implementing and maintaining the network. Video surveillance networks often suffer high latency issues from legacy switching solutions. SPB reduces the latency time to deliver data packets and enables high network availability for maximum use of all physical connections and routed services resulting in greater network stability.

Resilient surveillance network

ALE and BCDVideo worked closely to ensure each piece of the solution was tested for high availability leveraging SPB technology. Businesses and integrators gain a resilient surveillance network with a simplified infrastructure, which optimises the surveillance system performance and results. ALE switches provide high system resiliency with redundant hot-swappable power supplies and virtual chassis capability. With support for SPB-M, ALE switches offer a scalable network architecture, with fast convergence, resilient and easy to manage IP multicast network for video surveillance.

Darren Giacomini, Director of Advanced Systems Architecture at BCDVideo commented, “Improper network configurations are the root of most technical issues with surveillance systems. As technology advances, BCDVideo recognises video content is only as good as the ability for the viewer to attain access to the files over the network.

Highly reliable system

Surveillance solutions have changed immensely over the last decade and, in many ways, networking for these solutions has not changed with them"

It has become imperative for various government bodies and business owners to deploy video surveillance systems to effectively monitor and record activities within and around the premises. Aligning our systems to build a best of breed network with a switch vendor like Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, enables us to jointly deliver a highly reliable system to customers in a range of specialised environments.”

Matt Overstreet, Channel Lead at ALE, North America – “Surveillance solutions have changed immensely over the last decade and, in many ways, networking for these solutions has not changed with them. Many businesses are now recognising the need to upgrade their underlying network to achieve the performance needed to utilise their surveillance solution appropriately.”

This new joint offering from ALE and BCDVideo transcends what surveillance networks were capable of in the past by taking our companies’ two most reliable solutions and providing reliability and optimisation that neither can deliver alone. Our OmniSwitch core and edge switches are optimised to move traffic over SPB and provide critical connectivity between servers and network devices.”

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