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Avigilon's HD surveillance systems offer a breakthrough in imaging performance, which is required for the protection of the public, critical assets, and infrastructure. Avigilon's strong commitment to research and development ensures that it will continue to be the leader in supplying high definition surveillance systems on which demanding security professionals rely.

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Avigilon Corporation news

Protecting patients with Avigilon AI and analytics technology at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

It was over a century ago that Charlotte Hungerford Hospital (CHH) was founded, as a gift by industrialist Uri T. Hungerford. The vision was to create a community hospital that would serve as a beacon of hope and a place of comfort for the ill and injured. 100 years later, that same community spirit has helped CHH evolve into a vibrant, independent, affordable healthcare network that delivers a comprehensive range of healthcare programs and services for over 100,000 lives in Northwestern Connecticut. A challenging safety diagnosis Avigilon has made us more efficient as we don’t have to spend much time sifting through large amounts of video” Charlotte Hungerford Hospital prides itself on supporting patient and staff safety in all hospital areas and locations. Several years ago, they found themselves with an outdated security system that lacked quality video coverage and recording capabilities. CHH struggled with reliable video playback and faced frequent system crashes. As a result, the hospital’s security operators were often unable to provide accurate evidence during forensic investigations and many liability claims and hospital incidents went unresolved. CHH needed a cost-effective, comprehensive security solution that could protect patients and staff across multiple locations while still being flexible enough to scale with the hospital’s growing needs.  Avigilon AI & analytics technology With a desire to improve its legacy security system, CHH looked to Avigilon’s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology and video analytics to meet their security needs. CHH began a multi-phase upgrade that included installing over 100 Avigilon cameras with self-learning video analytics, deploying AI-based Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology and using impulse radar technology with the Avigilon Presence Detector (APD) sensor. Avigilon Appearance Search technology – a sophisticated deep learning AI search engine – helps CHH quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across all cameras both inside the hospital and care centres as well as outside parking lots. This technology provides CHH’s operators with enhanced situational awareness, enabling fast event response and helping to save time and effort during critical investigations. To protect areas of the hospital where cameras cannot be installed, CHH installed the APD sensor, a discreet impulse radar device with self-learning radar analytics that scans, learns, and continuously adapts to its environment. Avigilon Presence Detector sensors Our Security Department’s mission at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital is the safety of our patients, visitors, and employees” Capable of detecting persons who aren’t moving or are hidden, the APD sensors help improve situational awareness for CHH staff, and are used in areas where cameras are not permitted, such as restrooms or change rooms. When integrated with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software, APD sensors alert CHH operators of human presence while still maintaining privacy. Avigilon H4 cameras were used throughout the hospital to provide exceptional image quality and built-in self-learning video analytics, which provides accurate detection and notification of movement of people and vehicles. CHH also deployed HD Multisensor cameras which provide up to four camera views per camera installation, using only one camera license and network drop. This allows CHH’s staff to efficiently cover all angles in order to detect, verify, and act on potential security events across the hospital’s premises. Avigilon H4 and HD Multisensor cameras At the core of CHH is a desire to help the community and still serve as the beacon of compassion it was founded to be 100 years ago. With these values in mind, the hospital’s mission when it comes to security is the safety of patients, visitors, and employees. Avigilon’s AI solutions have helped achieve this by moving the CHH system from legacy to advanced and providing effective monitoring around the clock while also helping to create operational efficiencies. Since deploying ACC™ software, CHH’s operators spend significantly less time reviewing recorded video, allowing them to focus on proactive event response. Working with Avigilon, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital has a roadmap for continued growth and exceptional patient safety.

Avigilon aids Saudi Arabian security compliance with full equipping of security solutions

Recent times have seen Saudi Arabia experience development at a remarkable rate, but key industry sectors have not always been able to keep pace. While certain industries grew by leaps and bounds (architecture, technology), others took longer to find their stride. Take, for instance, the retail industry; up until the early 2000s, Saudi Arabia was still new to the idea of North American shopping malls—most people still preferred shopping at traditional neighbourhood convenience stores. Arabian Centres: developer and operator One company single-handedly changed that: Arabian Centres. Founded in 2002 as a subsidiary of the Fawaz Alhokair Group, it is the developer and operator of 19 shopping centres in highly-populated cities, with over 1 million square metres of gross leasable area (GLA) under its management. This makes Arabian Centres the largest mall operator in the Kingdom. It has been an unprecedented change in the retail landscape of Saudi Arabia, and it shows no signs of stopping, with an additional 12 malls currently in development to help Arabian Centres reach its goal of 2 million GLA in the next 3 years. But just a few years prior, Arabian Centres was facing a significant challenge to its future operations: security compliance. Upgrading security systems In 2015, changes in local security laws required Arabian Centres to upgrade their security systems across all 19 shopping centres. Local security standards for video security in retail establishments increased, requiring higher image quality and performance. Arabian Centres needed to meet those new requirements quickly to ensure their centres were up to code in order to continue operations.Local security standards for video security increased, requiring higher image quality and performance Arabian Centres needed a partner that would not only help them satisfy applicable legal requirements, but also provide them with the hardware and software to meet their own personal standards of quality as a top-ranked market entity. Moreover, with 19 centres currently operational and more coming in the future, any security solutions they adopted would have to be scalable and versatile enough to meet a wide variety of unique scenarios. Upgrading to Avigilon Beginning in 2015, and continuing to the present day, the overall video security system of Arabian Centres has been upgraded to the Avigilon security solution. In the first phase of upgrades, Avigilon security solutions were installed in 12 of the 19 shopping centres; for phase two, the remaining seven centres will be upgraded with Avigilon solutions, with all areas expected to contain Avigilon solutions by 2018. Avigilon solutions that have been implemented: HD Dome Cameras – superior image resolution, self-learning video analytics and excellent low-light performance HD Pro Cameras – with up to 7K (30 MP) resolution, this camera line captures detailed images over vast areas and provides wide area coverage options Avigilon Control Center (ACC) Enterprise video management software – enhances the way security professionals interpret, manage and interact with high-definition security video Network Video Recorders (NVRs) – Avigilon NVRs include pre-installed ACC™ software, high-performance recording technology, and a three-year Avigilon warranty with dedicated support The Avigilon security solution provides higher image quality and performance at a lower cost of ownership As the new video security standard, each Arabian Centres mall features an average of 350 Avigilon cameras, including HD Dome and award-winning HD Pro cameras, network video recorders, and Avigilon Control Center™ video management software. The Avigilon security solution provides higher image quality and performance at a lower cost of ownership than previously installed systems. By utilising Avigilon 5K (16 MP) HD Pro cameras in their parking areas, it allows operators to cover the same area in greater detail with fewer cameras installed. With the adoption of Avigilon security solutions, Arabian Centres met all security compliance laws across Saudi Arabia. Avigilon cameras provide the image detail and quality that police required, and Arabian Centres passed their inspections without issue.

Motorola Solutions’ Safe Hospitals solution offers a unified technology ecosystem to help hospitals proactively manage threats

The global COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the health care systems and brought new challenges to the safety and security operations of hospitals. On top of this, hospitals still have to manage a variety of pre-pandemic concerns, such as attempted patient elopement, prescription drug theft, unruly visitors and trespassing. Safe Hospitals solution Motorola Solutions has announced its Safe Hospitals solution, a unified technology ecosystem that combines video, data, analytics and voice technologies, to help hospitals proactively manage threats, drive operational efficiencies and create the environment of safety needed to provide the highest level of patient care. With 23 hospitals, nearly 11,000 clinical employees and more than 2 million outpatients seen every year, across the US states of Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma and Wisconsin, SSM Health has deployed a Safe Hospitals solution from Motorola Solutions to mitigate complex safety and security risks. Unified technology ecosystem “What sets our security solution apart is the simplicity and speed that comes from using technologies that work together,” said Todd Miller, SSM Health Regional Director of Security, adding “We can move quickly from detection to action to mitigate disruptions to our operations and patient care.” Todd Miller adds, “The benefits of this are felt across the organisation - it gives our security officers more confidence, because they have the right resources in place to do their jobs in a truly professional manner, clinical staff feel more comfortable and safe in the workplace, which leads to greater retention and patient care, and we save time and money by deploying hospital resources efficiently.” Combining video and analytics Safe Hospitals solution combines video, analytics and command centre software  The Safe Hospitals solution combines video and analytics, command centre software and critical communications solutions, in order to help hospitals detect and analyse events, seamlessly communicate and respond appropriately in any situation. For example, Avigilon cameras with analytics can detect a vehicle belonging to a banned individual on hospital grounds, triggering an automated alert to MOTOTRBO two-way radios, allowing security officers to assess the scene via camera feeds and dispatch personnel to the right location with details about the incident. Simple cloud-based platform This kind of intelligent workflow is created by the hospital in a simple cloud-based platform, which allows the hospital to tailor how the technologies work together, in order to meet their specific needs. The automation and integration of security technology in this new and meaningful way can be critical in saving minutes and seconds, in every incident response. “Facing complex daily challenges, health care workers can only provide the highest level of care when an environment of safety is certain,” said Sharon Hong, Vice President of Enterprise Technologies at Motorola Solutions. Enhanced incident detection and analysis Sharon Hong adds, “By creating one connected ecosystem of technologies, our Safe Hospitals solution allows for quick and clear detection and analysis of what is happening on hospital premises, bringing the speed and awareness needed to address concerns and resolve incidents appropriately, helping staff get back to what they do best, taking care of their patients.”