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The world is experiencing unprecedented times. The current crisis continues to impact people and organisations like never before. With most employees working from home, others are on leave or have been laid off. This means that multiple buildings such as offices, warehouses, malls, stores, gyms, and salons have closed their doors. Most governments have delivered guidance to professionals who provide vital services and operations during this time of crisis, and security workers are part of them.

As a security specialist, security service providers left trying to figure out how to protect buildings, structures, and campuses that have been shuttered with no clear open date in mind. Vaion knows that the people have been inundated by articles that promise to fix all their problems during this crisis. The company aims to give the people tangible and specific guidance to help them to efficiently use their existing video security infrastructure to keep their organisation protected.

Video security capabilities

One of the safest ways to continue operations is to allow for remote access to the security system

If a business is considered essential and it remains open, the employees are facing a very different challenge of enforcing social distancing rules while continuing to serve the public. If that’s the current situation, the company has specifically published an article to address the issue. A good example would be the consider that a person’s building has been closed.

If they deployed a video security solution similar to that offered by Vaion - which includes third-party cameras from a variety of vendors – the following are seven tips to help them leverage their existing video security capabilities during the current reality.

  • Tip 1: Use remote access to the security system to achieve remote monitoring

One of the safest ways to continue operations is to allow for remote access to the security system. Make sure that the user has configured their networks and firewalls, and that remote users have the necessary software and licences required to connect to the system. With the vcore video management system (VMS), all remote access is done via vcloud. This provides secure access with encryption of all data. Access to the system is via a browser, with no additional software or licensing required for any users.

Fire escape staircase

  • Tip 2: Integrate the video security system with communication tools

Security and operations teams must stay connected especially during this challenging time. It is key to ensure that information about unusual events and alarms is shared among stakeholders instantly. With remote working this may involve additional communication channels that the teams haven’t used before. The users can look at what is available in terms of integrating their VMS with the other tools that they currently use.

With vcore, it is possible to leverage webhooks to send messages to Slack or any other communication tool of their user’s choice to ensure team members are aware of everything relevant happening inside (or outside) their shuttered building. The webhooks send notifications on unusual events, like a suspicious person climbing up a fire escape staircase, to Slack. Users can see the live video of the incident and respond immediately.

Create and document schedule

  • Tip 3: Identify the presence of people and vehicles quickly and accurately

As a security professional, the user needs to be able to identify the presence of people and vehicles inside or outside their shuttered buildings fast and accurately. They might be in a situation where they still need to receive deliveries or allow staff to visit their office briefly for an urgent matter. To make sure that they have complete visibility to who is entering the facilities, they should create and document a schedule of who is allowed to come and go.

Next, they can use rules to determine when someone has crossed a line, for example, at access points. Vaion achieves it using object counting rules in vcore. Users can trigger smart notifications when a certain predetermined number of people and vehicles is detected.

Directional audio detection

  • Tip 4: Understand and respond to incidents using directional audio detection

The current global state of lockdown makes it easier for intruders to exploit isolated doors and windows to enter the vacant facilities. For example, when an intruder breaks a window, cameras with built-in audio analytics can be used to notify operators. They can watch live video or recordings, determine the cause, and take immediate action.

If they have installed smart security cameras with integrated audio detection like vcam, they can get alerted on sounds that seem out of the ordinary (loud noises and glass breaking) to react quickly before additional damage is done. They don’t need to buy other equipment or use software plug-ins to enable audio analytics if they use the Vaion security cameras and video management system.

Real-time notifications 

  • Tip 5: Stay alert with notifications in real-time to deter looting and vandalism

Businesses that have closed their doors only have minimal staff to secure their assets. That’s precisely why it’s critical to have operators focus only on those feeds where something interesting or unusual is happening. Operators who use systems with rules and alarms to determine which video streams are more interesting have their attention drawn to unexpected events.

What’s more, security systems that use machine learning can determine if unusual or anomalous behaviour is happening without operators manually creating rules. These capabilities have two distinct benefits: first, they eliminate the operator fatigue, and second, they make operators efficient when an unexpected event has occurred.

The goal is for the team to be alerted immediately to prevent an intruder bent on damaging the property

The company can’t overemphasise enough the need for an agile solution with the ability to truly configure for the user’s needs - from rules for appearance, loitering and line crossing to counts and sound detection. The goal is for the team to be alerted immediately to prevent an intruder bent on damaging the property.

Configure access password

  • Tip 6: Share clips securely to increase collaboration among various teams

Post-incident, it’s necessary to review relevant clips with anyone who can bring a swift resolution to a user’s case. It’s critical to be able to securely share links to footage with people who don’t usually have access to their security system, for example, the organisation’s Human Resources, Operational, or Logistics teams, and even the Police.

It is important to make sure any configuration is required to enable this access has been done before it is needed, and test that these external users will be able to access the system as required as well as checking that this access meets the organisation's security requirements. Vaion’s vcore software has the ability to securely share relevant video links internally and externally.

Allow the administrator to configure an access password and determine the duration the clip remains accessible. Once created, the shared links can be viewed from anywhere in the world via the cloud.

Enhanced situational awareness

  • Tip 7: Enhance the user’s situational awareness using maps and live tracking

Additionally, it can identify and track vehicles showing the operator where they are at any time

It’s essential to have a complete picture of the people and vehicles on the site at all times. Maps allow for a simple overview of an area across multiple cameras. Being able to see indications of where people and vehicles are can assist the operator in determining where to focus their attention. By creating maps of all the locations and placing cameras on those maps, it is possible to easily track people or cars as they move around the site.

A VMS like vcore can help the user leverage intelligent maps and computer vision to identify the presence and location of people accurately. Additionally, it can identify and track vehicles showing the operator where they are at any time. This allows for enhanced situational awareness across multiple cameras.

The users must get the help they need now. In addition to these tips on how to secure the shuttered building, the company is offering a no-obligation proof of concept so the public can start using vcore immediately during this challenging period.

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