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As I reflect on the recent Red Dot awards that Ava Security won for high design quality and innovation in video security, I’m reminded of the power of simplicity. I’m not sure if Steve Jobs called his approach to design, design thinking, but I believe he would agree with the philosophy.

Ava Security takes a similar, simplistic, and human-centric approach to the design of its video security cameras.

Human-centric approach to the design

Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving with the end-user at its core

Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving with the end-user at its core. Ava Security follows this approach with all of its products, focusing on the people that they are creating for, which ultimately leads to better products, services, and outcomes.

Steve Jobs meticulously designed Apple's products, interfaces, and marketing to first and foremost meet the needs and wants of the end-user. One of my favourite Jobs quotes is ‘Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.’

Ava’s video security cameras recognised

The Red Dot award recognised Ava’s video security cameras for both how they look and how they work, offering a perfect mix of elegance and power. The award recognised the Ava video security camera line for several critical differentiators, such as:

  • Aesthetics: Featuring precise shapes and softened surfaces that blend into any décor, the camera's split line enhances the cameras’ curved profile.
  • Design: Built using robust, vandal-resistant materials, the cameras can withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

Physical Security, an essential for businesses

So why am I so excited about design? Because it matters. Physical security for businesses is no longer an option. It is a must-have essential. This said it doesn’t have to be intrusive or obvious. It can be aesthetically appealing, blending into the decor.

This is why we partnered with Scandinavian consultancy, Eggs Design to develop and engineer the sleek, high-quality product identity and new look of our video surveillance cameras and hardware.

Aware Cloud video management system

We’ve accompanied this elegance with Ava’s powerful VaaS software and appliances

We’ve accompanied this elegance with Ava’s powerful VaaS software and appliances, which are also easy to install, easy to use, and manage. For example, security operators simply scan the unique QR codes on the Ava Cameras, to onboard them to the Aware Cloud video management system (VMS).

Adding to the appeal of the Ava Aware design is that it allows security teams to analyse video surveillance feeds from both Ava and third-party security cameras in a unified dashboard, and in real-time.

Simple web-based interface

In addition, Aware’s open API connects to existing sensors, access control systems, dashboards, external viewers, and communication systems to get a 360-degree overview of an environment. Plus, a simple web-based interface means physical security across sites can be managed with a smartphone from anywhere without additional plugins or configurations.

The design of Ava Cameras is excellent in terms of both the aesthetic and the functionality,” said Red Dot’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Peter Zec.

Blending creativity with technology innovation

It is an exciting time to be a part of the Ava Security team, as we help organisations of all sizes rethink the way they approach security. Like other Red Dot award winners - Apple, Google, Ferrari, and Sonos - we transform an industry through an innovative blending of form and function.

Just as Steve Jobs built Apple to be a company, where leaps of the imagination were combined with remarkable feats of engineering, Ava Security understands the best way to create sustained value for our customers is to blend creativity with technology innovation.

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