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Ava, a unified security company, announces the launch of Ava Aware Cloud. This video security solution offers the simplicity and flexibility of a cloud platform while providing the same intelligent, proactive security, and AI capabilities of Ava’s on-premises and hybrid solutions. For the first time, organisations of any size can leverage Ava’s powerful machine learning and advanced analytics to achieve proactive security.

Despite the industry’s promise of simple, intelligent video security, most organisations and companies still struggle with data overload, operational ineffectiveness, and the complexity of deployment and use. Ava Aware Cloud changes all of this. Now, organisations of any size can reap all of the benefits of our on-premises solution, such as improved operator efficiency and reduced investigation time while also getting the cloud’s game-changing advantages.”, Tormod Ree, CEO, Ava.

Smart video security

Ava Aware Cloud can be up and running in 10 minutes. One can simply plug in the cameras and go since there is no on-premise infrastructure and all settings are automatically configured. The cloud solution enables web and mobile access from anywhere by extending access from the browser to the Ava Aware mobile app on Android and iOS.

Ava Cloud Cameras have built-in video/audio analytics and on-device storage. The solution is secure from the ground up with end-to-end encryption, factory-installed certificates, and automatic updates. Without the need for on-premise hardware, the licensing model is straightforward; simply choose camera type, resolution, and days of retention. Scaling the deployment from a few cameras to a fleet of devices is also effortless, without the need for servers.

Regardless of industry, efficiency is such an important part of keeping organisations and companies secure and protected. Ava Aware Cloud is a perfect path to simplicity and scalability, while smaller organisations with fewer resources and smaller deployments can still enjoy a full, proven security solution”, commented Kohler Brandon, VP Sales & Marketing, USA Security.

Ava Aware VMS

Ava Aware Cloud’s camera analytics enables security pros to find events and objects faster

It offers the same security and operational benefits as the Ava Aware video management system on-premise solution.

Ava Aware Cloud’s camera analytics enables security pros to find events and objects faster and security organisations to be more proactive, keeping threats from becoming incidents. On-camera analytics include object detection for people and vehicles, colour and gender classification, activity level, and sound analytics for events such as glass breaking or other loud noises.

Harnessing these powerful analytics also provides business-relevant data. Organisations can do more with video security, such as real-time counting of people and vehicles, usage statistics, or social distancing measures, with APIs and webhooks for integrations.

The Ava cloud video surveillance solution allows organisations to:

  • Get started in minutes, stay up to date, and always secure.
  • Be proactive and prevent incidents from happening with AI-powered solutions.
  • Gain advanced insights and intelligence for their business.

To learn more about Ava Aware Cloud and book a demo, attend GSX+2020 Online between September 21-25.

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