Security companies in Western Europe (21 found)

Antron Security Ltd is a reputable security specialist who has been providing expert security solutions to organisations since 1990. They are suppliers and installers of quality digital CCTV and remote monitoring security products in London and the Home counties.

AVESTECH was founded in 2013 with the aim of bringing modern and innovative technologies to the global market, taking into account current trends. Their beginnings were challenging and they had to convince their clients of a change in thinking in the field of security and the need to change common and outdated approaches and solutions. Nevertheless, they are known worldwide today and their services are used globally.

Crisma Security is an Italian company that has dedicated itself to physical and logical security. Thanks to the expertise of qualified electrical engineers, the company designs and constructs perimeter security and anti-intrusion systems, CCTV, access control, RTLS systems, wireless networks and road safety systems.

Databac installs new HP Indigo 5000 series digital printing line to enable personalization of cards on demand. They manufacture and supply cards in a variety of sizes and materials depending on the needs. These can incorporate a variety of reading technologies such as: Magnetic stripe (HiCo/LoCo/Watermark Magnetics®) Contact chip – such as SLE5542, SmartCafe,ID Prime; GemClub Memo RFID – all types Barcode (2D,QR and Infrared)

Gowell group technology Co.,limited is a hi-tech enterprise specialising in developing, manufacturing and marketing CCTV products including Standalone DVR, DVR Kits, IP Camera, Analogue Camera, etc.

Industrial Security and Communication Systems Ltd.(Indsecom) is a multinational integrator and product distributor headquartered in the United Kingdom. Indsecom provide security and communication requirements for oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Mainly serving clients at Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, UK and African Countries

Industrial Security and Communication Systems Ltd.(Indsecom) is a multinational engineering company headquartered in the UK. Indsecom provide security and communication requirements for oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Theirr dedicated engineers in project and product divisions provide the perfect solution for highly complicated engineering requirements quickly and efficiently.

Integra Fire & Security Ltd are a North West based company, covering the NorthWest and surrounding areas. Integra can design and advise on all aspects of the electronic security industry with the knowledge of providing the most up to date systems on the market.

Jomos Rauchschutz offers products for fire protection, smoke protection, and water protection as well its maintenance and service. The company's main concern is the sustainable improvement of passenger and property protection.

Lorenz Technology is specialised in delivering software solutions for drones and mobile robots by the implementation of AI, edge-computing, and automation. They also integrate flight, mapping, and analysis on their platform: Lorenz AI-Link and Lorenz Hive. They are largely a software company on a mission to make all drones autonomous by developing AI-based drone software.

MyTAG based in the UK with offices in Europe offers asset tracking products and services to clients and individuals. The company offers lost & found recovery service, cloud based lone worker & key management integrated NFC solution and asset tracking management systems etc.

Newpark is a UK based company with offices in Bristol and Northern Ireland. We manufacture Pay on Foot Systems and are the UK’s Exclusive Distributor for the ATB range of products including the ATB 1256 Pay and Display machine, one of the most reliable and robust machines.

Polimex Holding Ltd. is a production company which designs, imports, distributes and installs security systems. The main direction in which Polimex Holding develops his own know-how is the working out of complete technical solutions for security and access control, adequate to the profile of each client and adapted to their specific needs and requirements. Polimex Holding works with reliable and high-grade technics of leading world companies.

Retainagroup is a market leading supplier of security marking & registration systems for deterring theft of vehicles & other valuable assets, aiding recovery, helping to identify criminals & combating fraudulent activity. The company has tailored unique security system to suit customers' specific requirements in Europe and other parts of world. Retainagroup has developed marking technologies and secure register & verification service.

Safeture is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company based in Sweden. They offer a complete cloud-based platform designed to manage employee safety and risk/crisis management. Through their pioneer technology and innovative solutions, they help companies and organizations to protect what matters most – their employees.

Telemetricor Limited build/integrate sensors to extract critical live data from remote or hostile environments. The company has developed a range of products, with their major focus being remote area asset protection and loss prevention. They have two main products for doing this: TelemetriCop and TelemetriTrace. TelemetriCop is a remote area sentry system, while TelemetriTrace is a WiFi harvesting web.

Trace-in-Metal was created in 2012. The company infuses nickel microdots into existing lead roofs fall pipes and flashings. The microdots carry a code that links straight back to the site of installation. The dots survive melting, and are very difficult to remove. To protect buildings and other assets from metal theft, Trace-in-Metal can trace metal back to its source using technology that survives melting.

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