SMARTair® i-gate Electronic Padlock

Product Profile

With resistance to attack and extreme weather, wire-free installation and battery-powered operation, the new SMARTair i-gate Electronic Padlock is built for use almost anywhere. This new device in the SMARTair wireless access control range enables facility managers to add real-time control to non-electrified gates, cupboards, cabinets, closets, crates and more — wherever they are and whatever the climate.

Security and access needs do not stop at the perimeter door. Yet finding reliable locking devices which are easy to operate with an electronic access system can be difficult. Gates and outbuildings are hard to reach with cabling. Access devices may not have the resilience required for operation outdoors. The i-gate meets all these challenges.

The SMARTair i-gate padlock is robust enough for almost any climate. It has a watertight cover (IP68 rating) and an internal cylinder with Durability EN 15684 Class 6 Certification. It is battery powered and works with all standard proximity credential technologies, including MIFARE®, DESFire and iCLASS®, as well as Bluetooth Low Energy.

Upgrading an existing padlocked closure involves simply swapping the devices and integrating the i-gate Padlock into an existing or new SMARTair wireless access control system. No drilling or wiring is required. Exterior and interior openings previously unsuited to electronic access control can now be controlled and monitored from the SMARTair TS1000 or Web Manager. An i-gate is compatible with any SMARTair system management option, including mobile management via the Openowä app.

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Technical Specification

Manufacturer ASSA ABLOY
Model code SMARTair i-gate
Lock Type Electric Locks
Monitoring Status Monitored
Door Type Exterior / Interior
Environmental Specifications Protection: IP68
Additional info

Real-time control and monitoring
Managed by any of the SMARTair systems, the new SMARTair i-gate padlock can be integrated, controlled and monitored, in real time, from the TS1000 software.

Compatible with all forms of intelligence
The SMARTair i-gate padlock offers a new way to open up — using a smartphone and the Openow mobile app as well as RFID credentials. RFID reader with LED (blue/red) shows different warning signals.

IP rating of 68: dust and liquid resistance
The SMARTair i-gate padlock is a device improved in every way. Its stainless steel shackle makes it more resistant to attack. The external black cover is completely watertight and protects against any weather.

Easy, drilling-free installation and maintenance
Quickly swap any existing padlock with the easy to install, battery powered (60.000 cycles) i-gate padlock.

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