A global UK department store, with a commitment to offering quality products and outstanding service, has ensured the protection of its customer service mobile equipment with Traka’s intelligent locker solutions.

Traka’s specialist locker systems

The high street favourite has integrated Traka’s specialist locker systems throughout its branch network and top ranking online operations, to store, charge and manage dedicated mobile devices, enabling instant availability for customer service teams across the UK. The high street favourite has integrated Traka’s specialist locker systems throughout its branch network

The move was part of a key store investment strategy, which introduced the mobile devices to enable authorised users to take web orders and respond to customer enquiries and stock checks, instantly and efficiently.

Digital key management

Speaking about the use of digital key management and its impact on the department store processes, a representative for the store said, “We are devoted to working on every aspect of our operations, to continue our pledge of delivering quality products and outstanding service. We believe this, put together with our continued commitment to price matching is what is resonating with our customers.

We want to streamline our stores and online services to be equally enjoyable places to shop. We are aware we need to respond to personalised customer queries quickly and efficiently, with the right information on any product or service.

Intelligent tracking technology

To achieve this, we need our customer-facing teams to be equipped with fast working intelligent technology. Here, Traka excelled at providing a branch solution that allows us to not only store dedicated devices securely, but also integrates into our daily operational systems. We can track where each device is and provide staff with peace of mind that every device is fully charged and up to date with our latest exclusive offers.Traka’s intelligent lockers were fully networked into existing systems, using its latest generation TrakaWEB software

Traka’s intelligent lockers were fully networked into existing systems, using its latest generation TrakaWEB software. This offered in-locker charging facilities, full audit control capability, dedicated fault reporting on any issues with a piece of equipment, and capability to exchange an item with minimal time or resource disruption.

Intelligent locker systems

Steve Bumphrey, Traka UK Sales Director added, “Any department store’s success is dependent on providing a high level of service, deep knowledge of what it is they’re selling, and a willingness to ensure customers receive the right item. Being able to do so quickly and efficiently, is where the introduction of mobile devices have proven invaluable.

Steve adds, “Traka’s involvement was to understand the unique requirements of the customer services teams and create and network our intelligent locker systems, to make a significant operational difference. Staff no longer need to hunt for working devices to respond to customer enquiries, safe in the knowledge they are ready to use with very latest cross brand and department product and service information and pricing.

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