By connecting via ASSA ABLOY Access Control’s IP hub technology, the system has been directly integrated to operate network security solution
Netgenium has integrated Aperio L100 and PINPad wireless locks with its PolicyServer Network Solution

Netgenium Systems has become the first access control specialist to integrate with ASSA ABLOY Access Control’s Aperio locking solutions using latest IP hub technology to directly connect and deliver a complete building security system.

ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio is designed to upgrade mechanically locked doors and wirelessly connect them online or offline to new or existing access control systems, with minimal modification to doors and premises, offering a cost effective and simple security upgrade.

Netgenium has integrated the revolutionary Aperio L100 and PINPad wireless locks with its PolicyServer Network Solution that is designed as a central management platform to act as a communication point between the security end points (lock controllers and readers).

By connecting via ASSA ABLOY Access Control’s IP hub technology, the system has been directly integrated, removing additional cost of connectors to operate the network security solution.

Nick Plumb, Sales and Marketing Managerof Netgenium said: “The PolicyServer software receives event notifications from Netgenium hardware and searches the policy rule base for programmed responses. This is where Aperio’s IP technology and truly innovative wire free locking solutions can work seamlessly together to bring to life Netgenium’s promise of a connected building.”

"The partnership will
provide customers with IP
Access Control, IP PA
Systems, IP Intercoms and IP
Power Management"

“By offering this complete solution, the cost and complexity of installing and integrating with existing systems is significantly reduced. Together, the partnership will provide customers with IP Access Control, IP PA Systems, IP Intercoms and IP Power Management.”“The combined solution will also integrate with Milestone Systems CCTV software and Cisco/SIP Telephony solutions, so that both installers and end users will benefit from offering or using a cost effective, IP converged and future proof solution.”

The new Aperio L100 offers the world’s first wireless lock range for security doors, with capability to transmit comprehensive information on door status to the access control system. 

Aperio PINpad escutcheon presents an extra level of access control for doors requiring multiple authentication, offering users the opportunity to enter a PIN of four to eight characters, or utilise a high security card reader, or a combination of both.

Damian Marsh, Managing Director of ASSA ABLOY Access Control UK added: “The flexible architecture of PolicyServer makes it the ideal platform to support our very latest Aperio technologies and facilitate a directly integrated solution.”

“The result is a high end,wire free solution, which offers flexible access control with the extra benefits of monitoring capability that operates in real time.  Overall, this integration provides end users with an impressive building solution in one offering, with the ultimate in safety, security and convenience guaranteed.”

Netgenium are a UK based manufacturer of Power over Ethernet (PoE) products and solutions. Inventors of the award winning pure PoE Lock Controller, Netgenium continue to develop a range of IP enabled products to control many elements of the building including security, telephony, access and lighting.  For more information, please visit

"The combined solution will also
integrate with Milestone Systems
CCTV software and Cisco/SIP
Technologu solutions"

ASSA ABLOY Access Control is a division of ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience.  In the UK Portobello Headquarters in Willenhall, ASSA ABLOY manufactures and sells mechanical, electromechanical and electronic locks, cylinders, security doors and fittings.  For further details on the Aperio product portfolio, please visit

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