Honeywell recently announced enhancements to its Pro-Watch security management system that allow integrators to cost effectively accommodate virtually any access control need through expanded support for wireless locksets and biometric readers. Pro-Watch 4.2 is now compatible with multiple biometric reader options, along with added support for several brands and types of wireless locks – including options from Allegion (AD-400 Series), Assa Abloy (Aperio Line), and Salto (Sallis and SVN) – that enable the system to protect previously hard-to-reach doors and locations.

“Wireless technologies are naturally easier and less-expensive to install than hardwired systems,” said Robert Blasofsel, director of Honeywell Integrated Security, Honeywell Security Group. “By adding more flexible wireless capabilities to Pro-Watch, integrators will have new opportunities to protect more doors at each customer site.” 

By supporting biometric readers from Suprema Entertech Systems (BioEntry Plus and BioStation T2) and MorphoTrak (Sigma Series), Pro-Watch 4.2 can provide additional security in higher-risk areas where multi-factor authentication is required. Along with the wireless locksets, the biometric options help create a cost-effective, less-complex access control system that is easier for new users to learn.

The system uses an open platform to easily integrate with other disparate building and security systems. Pro-Watch 4.2 is compatible with Honeywell’s Vindicator® Intrusion Detection systems – which are commonly used at high-profile, critical infrastructure sites – and gives users control of intrusion, access control and video surveillance systems via a common interface. By integrating several buildings systems with Pro-Watch 4.2, integrators save time and money previously allocated to repairs and software upgrades while also providing users with a more efficient platform.

The system’s layered security extends to third party solutions and uses embedded software to limit downtime and provide users with instant notification if a security alarm or event occurs. A drop-in board replacement for Mercury-based systems more easily transitions legacy readers and access equipment over to the updated platform without replacing existing hardware.

Pro-Watch 4.2 is available in four editions:

  • Pro-Watch Enterprise Edition is designed for global enterprises and multiple locations with unlimited users and doors.
  • Pro-Watch Corporate Edition accommodates mid-size to large applications, five or more users and over 96 doors. 
  • Pro-Watch Professional Edition provides complete functionality for organizations with up to five users and 64 doors.
  • Pro-Watch Lite Edition offers basic functionality for organizations with up to 32 doors, on Pro-Watch series panels. Badging not included.
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