Installing an ENTR™ lock requires no wiring or drilling
ASSA ABLOY's Yale ENTR lock combines a patented high-security mechanical cylinder with smart technology

One of Germany’s home automation platforms has integrated the ENTR™ Smart Door Lock, bringing genuinely smart security to its smart home system. RWE SmartHome now includes the ENTR™ lock from ASSA ABLOY brand YALE, alongside smart lighting, heating and CCTV control functions.

Door security with smart technology

The new ENTR™ lock combines a patented high-security mechanical cylinder with smart technology that enables users to open their front door via phone, PIN, remote control or even fingerprint reader — and without the need for a physical key. Users can schedule visitor authorisations, distribute digital keys and more, with just a few taps of a paired app.

Installing an ENTR™ lock requires no wiring or drilling. It simply replaces the existing locking cylinder, making retrofitting almost any house or apartment front door easy. It runs on standard, energy-efficient rechargeable batteries, and its automatic locking boosts house security and peace of mind. And because ENTR™ is designed using an open architecture, integration into the RWE platform is seamless. As a modular, radio-based and mobile home control system, RWE SmartHome offers an easy introduction into the intelligent networking of home technology, lighting and appliances. The ENTR™ integration is demonstrated live throughout IFSEC 2016, as part of the ASSA ABLOY showcase in Hall 7, Stand E1100.

Enhanced safety and control

“The new lock solution ENTR™ adds even more safety and comfort to every household — without keys and with many modern access control functions,” says Dr. Norbert Verweyen, division manager at RWE. “RWE has won another high-level partner.”

“RWE SmartHome customers can now open the door to their smart home with one of the most advanced domestic locks on the market,” adds Omer Sagi, Business Development Director Smart Door Locks at ASSA ABLOY EMEA. “Smart locks are often the missing piece in the smart home system jigsaw. We designed ENTR™ and our Yale smart locks to complete the smart home offering for companies currently selling integrated smart lighting, heating and monitoring systems.”

IFSEC 2016 stand E1100

The ENTR™ lock is part of the ASSA ABLOY residential smart lock showcase at IFSEC 2016, on display in Hall 7, Stand E1100. Also on show are Yale Keyless and Keyfree Connected locks; the Yale Doorman smart lock, currently on sale in Sweden; and the Yale Digital Monoblock

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