The system technology combines high-end microelectronics with programmable keys and cylinders, to minimise the risks associated with lost keys
Among the technologies on show is CLIQ, key-based access control with programmable cylinders and battery-powered keys

ASSA ABLOY showcase additions to their core range of card- and key-based access control solutions at IFSEC 2016, in Hall 7, Stand E1100.

Among the technologies on show is CLIQ, key-based access control with programmable cylinders and battery-powered keys. Hardware and software enhancements to Aperio and SMARTair wireless access control product lines are also exhibited.

Access control innovations

ASSA ABLOY innovations in electronic access control on show at IFSEC include:

  • Aperio: ASSA ABLOY showcases the latest Aperio technology, battery-powered locks which integrate seamlessly with third-party systems from several leading access control manufacturers. On the stand is the Aperio KS100 Server Cabinet Lock. This new device brings server cabinet doors and racks into an access control system, so facility managers can identify exactly who has accessed their servers, and when — critical for incident investigation and regulatory compliance, especially for companies using co-located servers. Further live integrations of wireless Aperio technology are demonstrated on OEM partner stands around IFSEC.

  • SMARTair: The wireless system for small to medium-sized businesses brings keyless access control to any building quickly and affordably — and without any need to change existing mechanical locks. The next generation of real-time access management is exhibited.

  • CLIQ: The system technology combines high-end microelectronics with programmable keys and cylinders, to minimise the risks associated with lost keys. With CLIQ, companies can bring electronic access control much deeper into their premises: electronic cylinders can be fitted to doors and a range of other openings without making alterations.

Pioneering locking technology

"Our CLIQ mechatronic locking technology has already proven its credentials securing office buildings, schools, hospitals and critical infrastructure all over the world,” says Kevin Hoare, CLIQ Business Development Manager at ASSA ABLOY EMEA. ”Built around a pioneering fast chip and 128-bit AES encryption, these cylinder-based electronic locks allow facility managers to bring secure, flexible access control to many more access points at a site.”

Also available at the stand (Hall 7, Stand E1100) is a new market report researched by ASSA ABLOY and, packed with unique data covering 2016 trends in commercial electronic access control. Findings point to significant continued growth for wireless locking solutions, with still more potential waiting to be tapped — including in securing openings other than traditional doors, from cabinets to server racks.

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