Global contact list for Aperio®

Available on the global market place, ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio® Technology now enables a wide range of access control providers to cost-effectively integrate non-wired doors with mechanical locks into access control systems.

ASSA ABLOY is pleased to launch a version of the Global Contact List for Aperio®. The PDF document is a comprehensive list of the key contacts for Aperio® in each division, region, country and most importantly globally.

ASSA ABLOY Global contact list Aperio® Wireless Lock Technology - WorldWide Accessibility  - Global sales contact list - Feb 2014

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ASSA ABLOY initiates opening of simplified public tender offer for remaining outstanding shares of agta record

The simplified public tender offer launched by ASSA ABLOY on the remaining shares of agta record ag (“agta record”) at the price of 70.58 EUR per share (the “Offer”) opens for a period of ten trading days. The Offer will be followed by the delisting of the agta record shares from Euronext Paris. The French Financial Market Authority (Autorité des marchés financiers (“AMF”)) has announced that the simplified public tender offer initiated by ASSA...

ASSA ABLOY IP-enabled IN Series access control locks simplify access to spaces via the LenelS2 BlueDiamond mobile app

ASSA ABLOY, the globally renowned provider of door opening solutions, has collaborated with long-time security partner, LenelS2 to enable mobile access to IP-enabled IN Series access control locks via the LenelS2 BlueDiamond app. Through the app, users can pre-load their most frequented pathways to enjoy streamlined access to doorways, use their phone as a badge even while it remains in a pocket or bag, and utilise voice commands on their smart phone or other connected device to conveniently un...

ASSA ABLOY launches egress calculator to proper code compliant doors and hardware

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions, a provider of access solutions, introduced the ASSA ABLOY egress calculator, an interactive tool that helps select the proper code compliant doors and hardware for various openings based on individual states’ adopted version of the International Building Codes®. Originally developed as a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet for customers, a more interactive tool to make the tedious process of finding code compliant hardware requirements simpler seemed like a...

ASSA ABLOY EMEA case studies

CLIQ® access control solution from ASSA ABLOY helps secure museums, shopping and indoor leisure sites

Places of leisure, where one spends one’s downtime, are public by design. Unlike a bank vault or power plant, they actively invite visitors. One can’t just lock them down and hope no one turns up. Equally, to ensure user and property safety, access must not be a free for all. Managing risk - separating authorised from unauthorised people and locations - is part of every site manager’s daily routine. Intelligent locking makes this workload a whole lot easier. Intelligent keys...

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEA launches Incedo™ Business access management solution

The world is constantly changing, with people, data and goods moving more fluidly than ever before. The security solution needs to move with it. New Incedo Business connects all security software and hardware within one platform. One can easily scale it up or down, based on one’s needs, to keep people moving and business growing. Together. People need different access times and entry points, and the access and security requirements change day to day – so, a static solution is no lon...

CLIQ combines electronic and mechanical security with electronic cylinders and padlocks

Resilience and efficiency have become watchwords for the public institutions, before, during and after the ongoing health crisis. In delivering services fit for the modern world, these institutions need more than just innovation and accountability. They require flexibility and agility, too, including in how they approach security. The lock and key have enjoyed public trust for a long time. Keys were used in Ancient Egypt and Assyria, and warrant a mention in the Christian Old Testament. As a te...