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Partner Programmes Overview

As the leader in megapixel camera technology, Arecont Vision works with the best companies in the industry to meet the needs of their customers.

Arecont Vision Project registation and special pricing partners

Project Registration & Special Pricing

For opportunities where the reseller has specified products for a project, Arecont Vision will return that loyalty by keeping all project details confidential and improving the reseller’s profitability through deeper discounts. By submitting a project registration request, the reseller partner supplies Arecont Vision with the necessary details to validate the registration request and approve the additional discount.

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Arecont Vision Reseller Partner Programme

Reseller Partner Programme

Arecont Vision’s Reseller Partner Programme is designed to help integrators of all sizes grow their business by leveraging Arecont's products, educational offerings, tools, sales and marketing support, and resources. Arecont Vision provides online project registration, competitive pricing, sales and marketing support, leads, pre- and post-installation assistance, world class support backed by outstanding warranty and RMA capabilities, and Arecont Vision University and its Channel Partner Certification Programme (CPCP), with access to a global network of authorised distributors.

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Arecont Vision Technology Partner Program

Technology Partner Programme

Arecont Vision’s Technology Partner Programme is designed to establish and grow partnerships with elite manufacturers through software and hardware integration, sales collaboration, and joint marketing. The Technology Partner Programme is open to manufacturers that build and sell complimentary products to Arecont Vision’s offerings for the benefit of their customers.

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Arecont Vision A&E Partner Programme

A&E Partner Programme

Arecont Vision’s A&E Partner Programme is designed to ensure the CCTV industry’s leading architects, engineers and consultants are well equipped with all the necessary tools to design a flawless megapixel security system.

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Arecont Vision University partner programme

Arecont Vision University

Arecont Vision University delivers a mix of classroom and online educational programmes to meet the needs of industry professionals who sell, design, deploy, operate, or support megapixel camera technology and supporting infrastructure for the best possible security and surveillance systems. These professionally-led and developed programmes include the Arecont Vision CPCP and many offer continuing education credits.

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Arecont Vision news

Arecont Vision Costar complete a successful year since its launch as a business unit

Arecont Vision Costar, a provider of network-based video surveillance solutions, announces the 1st anniversary of its launch as a business unit of Texas-based Costar Technologies, Inc. The new company has committed itself to the delivery of the surveillance industry’s best customer experience and to fully addressing ongoing customer needs and requirements. 3 pillars of business “It’s been an exciting first year for Arecont Vision Costar,” said Shane Compton, Chief Engin...

Arecont Vision Costar adds Desjardins Technologies to its manufacturer’s representative program

Arecont Vision Costar, the provider of network-based video surveillance solutions, announces the addition of Desjardins Technologies to its Authorised Manufacturer’s Representative Program to increase coverage for customers in Canada. Desjardins Technologies will deliver French and English pre-sales support in much of Eastern Canada, including the National Capital Region and the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick. “Desjardins Technologies brings a wealth of experience in both the...

Arecont Vision Costar adds GT Reps to its Authorized Manufacturer’s Representative Program

Arecont Vision Costar, the pioneer in network-based video surveillance solutions, announces the addition of GT Reps, LLC to its Authorized Manufacturer’s Representative Program. GT Reps will deliver pre-sales support across the US Great Lakes Region, which includes the states of Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Indiana. “We’re excited to add GT Reps to our sales organisation to broaden our coverage with skilled professionals,” said Kyle Parker, Vice President, Americas, Are...

Arecont Vision case studies

Arecont Vision Costar delivers megapixel camera solutions for banking and financial services

Retail banks and financial services companies have a long history of dealing with the risk and potential threat of criminal activity. Arecont Vision Costar understands the unique needs of the retail banking and financial services market and provides customer-proven megapixel camera technology to specifically meet those needs for our customers around the world. Bank crime statistics In a typical year in the United States, according to the FBI cash losses total around $7.5 million, only about...

Arecont Vision video surveillance deployed by Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a rich history of innovation. Since its founding in 1984, the facility has become one of the world’s leading public aquariums and ocean conservation organisations.   Monterey Bay Aquarium has produced significant insights into the life history of sharks, sea otters, and bluefin tuna. The aquarium also was the first to exhibit a living kelp forest, and in 2004 it was the first to successfully exhibit and return to the wild a young great white...

Arecont Vision Costar megapixel cameras slash healthcare video costs & increase quality and coverage

Hospitals, medical centres, university training centres, clinics and other healthcare institutions are exposed to legal liability, ethical concerns and are subject to litigation and lawsuits, as well as changing regulation worldwide. Facilities have drugs and medical equipment onsite, making them a tempting target for crime.  Healthcare industry challenges At the same time, aging populations in developed nations will drive increased demand for patient treatment. Rising populations and eco...